Multi-Dimensional Earth and Bringing in The New Earth ∞ Teri Wade

Earth Changes, Spiritual Perspectives / Monday, November 4th, 2019

By: Teri Wade


As of 2012 when we entered the deepest part of the Photon Belt Earth became a multi-dimensional plane we are not a single dimensional plane anymore. We are in transition of the Precession of the Equinox. The Age of Aquarius will be unlike any reality we’ve known.

Our veiled consciousness that we have only known is beginning to expand. 3D minds need the physical to provide proof but this is beginning to change. Our 3D reality is incredibly limiting this is because of assumptions, societal and religious programming and personal beliefs due to the fixed limited human experience and experiment here.

Most cannot grasp this reality in it’s entirety with their minds quite yet due to their limited consciousness and sadly it’s all on them. I call them the resistors. So this binds them to the linear, fixed , old reality of this Matrix and they are oblivious to it.

Physical realities are realities that vibrate materialistically. But, we are beginning to experience realities that vibrate higher and faster which brings in incredible amounts of information and awareness that we were not privy to before. Meaning, your reality on a fifth dimensional level will be very, very different than the reality that you are experiencing here in the 3rd and even the 4th dimensional experience.

The Earth looks different in every dimension. Colors are different, interactions are different, thought manifestation, abundance is different. There’s nothing in this 3D reality that you could compare to this new higher reality. Our physical bodies are dictating the physical plane that we are experiencing.

So, what I’m saying is these higher frequencies that are penetrating our bodies and DNA due to Aquarius are making our bodies lighter which in turn is changing our reality to a higher, lighter reality not so dense, not so heavy. Living in such a cut-throat, survival existence will eventually fall away.

This higher reality is bringing in immense amounts of knowledge and insight because in this higher reality manifestation of your thoughts happen much quicker. Makes sense? Sometimes I get on a ramble and I don’t want to confuse anyone.  So, the ones that are becoming awakened to this reality are the ones changing our reality on this plane. The population that remains asleep will change nothing.

Really, we’ve been doing this for quite some time now we just haven’t had the ability or the capability to anchor this higher frequency reality to this planet yet which is what we’re doing right now. Many of you need to let go of the assumption that everybody is in the same place as you are cause that’s not going to happen. Meaning, stop assuming and just remember this is all vibrational. We can all transcend this 3D reality but not so much in the physical. We are meeting, communicating and having experiences that are inconceivable to 3d minds in our sleep state. Because in our sleep state you can experience all dimensions across all space-time because there are no restrictions.

We are in the process of dissolving those old 3D codes and are in the process of building an entirely new foundation to a whole new higher reality. We are galactically collapsing the old timeline. We have been through years of forming matter through our lower consciousness now we are forming a reality that not everybody can access yet. So, all those people that call you insane just chuckle at them because they’re a little late to the gate and they have some catching up to do.
Meaning, many of them still hold the 3D human grid system. Remember, thoughts and emotions change due to the vibration that is present at that time.

Again, Old Earth is a programmed survival reality that has fear, death, scarcity, manipulation and is in need of physical proof to believe. There is disease, chaos and an incredible amount of confusion and suffering in this reality. This reality is about surviving to exist. The New Earth is vibrant, abundant, pristine, blissful and magical to say the least. The difference between Old Earth and the New Earth is that the Old Earth is an unconscious choice and a New Earth is a conscious one. The Old Earth is about proving everything, the New Earth it’s not necessary because experiences will do that for each and every one of you.


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