Middle East Transmissions ~~ Children of the Sun Foundation

Earth Changes / Saturday, September 13th, 2014

Calling all Ambassadors of Love to the Middle East

We are serving as a group vaccine stabilizer
to help eradicate the virus called hate.

Begins at the Equinox
September 23, 28, October 5, 12, 2014
8 pm across all world time zones

Children of the Sun Foundation launches a most penetrating campaign to greatly assist in transmuting the hate virus and its entire energy hologram that has kept the Middle East locked in a barbaric loop of prejudice, war, violence and killing.

Our immediate priority is to empower the land and the people to rebuild their life force so that the entire energetic system can be re-trained to reject the dis-ease of conflict that has plagued this entire area for centuries.

This missive is to help clear blockages, repair and reconnect the energy grid system. We will purify elemental matter and transmit highly alkalizing healing light. Our group forcefield will deliver a transference, likened to a walloping love vaccine, purposed to trigger eradication of a most deadly, hate empowered virus and its contagious influence.

We begin in the Middle East due to the current level of turmoil. We head next to Africa. If participation numbers are high, we will keep going strong.

We are one Group Avatar in transforming action… NOW!

Description of service roles

High Levels of Contagious Toxicity is Releasing


It is undeniable that the escalating tumultuous events in our world are the direct result of the increasing frequencies of light purposed to lift the illusory veils of matter. The planet is deeply purifying to shed its density and birth a new form.

Releasing toxicity is causing heightened tension at every level of the e-motion barometer. Viral outbreaks are some of the worst cases seen in many years.

There is a potentially catastrophic virus that is now rearing its head, instigating mass recruitment by its very nature. This one is more deadly than any other known to human kind.

It is the infection that has kept our planet in the clenches of elitist domination, scores of wars and inhumane acts of gross proportion.

This is the virus called “hate”. As acts of rebellion accelerate in our world, this contagious infliction is replicating in greater numbers, with the capability to cause a global pandemic to the likes of which the world has never experienced.

With all humanity now connected through technology, this surfacing energy of extreme separation is revealing through every crack and cranny to be cleansed. It is a hateful deluge that is even blatantly promoted to coerce instability, especially inflaming through mainstream and social media.

It is shocking to witness the levels of negativity, judgment and condemning gossip that is happening and “tweeting” out to the whole world. To whatever degree, all nations are infected, as is the general mass of un-awakened humanity.

The Middle East and African continents seem to be amongst the key battlefields from where the extremely polarized nature of global hatred continues to be played out, due in part, to soul vulnerabilities and a devastated Earth energy grid.

The planet’s immunity in these war torn regions is so traumatized that is has little to no ability to rise above suffering and stave off invasive substance. A greatly weakened life force is one of the reasons why these lands cannot retain any type of new programming for peace.

From Unity Consciousness, we have the ability to bring a dramatic shift to any and all outplay not aligned to love. This assistance cannot wait a moment longer. We are marching now, into the Middle East as an invincible Army of Light.

Let’s review, in very simple terms, a highly creative approach…

Understanding the Viral Patterning of Hate

A “virus” is essentially an infectious agent that replicates inside the living cells of other organisms, attempting to corrupt the system.

If the immune system is not strong enough to destroy it, the virus latches on to a cell host and infection ensues.

Once inside the cell, the virus hijacks the cell’s replication functions and makes copies of itself. These viruses burst out of the host cell, destroy it, and then go on to infect many more cells.

In other words, viruses invade, attach on and then reproduce, like wildfire. They then spread to recruit from other areas. This is exactly what the infection of hate does. It forces entry, instigates others to join… and then spreads its viral tentacles as far and wide as possible.

All viruses that use humans as their host are highly contagious.

For those of you who are watching world outplay, you can apply these ideas to what is happening now with all of these rising conflicts and the energy BEHIND them.

Vaccines can Eradicate Viruses

You stop a virus by rendering it non-infective. Some of the most important health advances in history have been vaccinations, preventing wide scale suffering and death from numerous infectious diseases.

In today’s world, vaccinations have become highly controversial due to many more options now available for medical treatment. For some fun, though, let’s review the idea.

A vaccine is a biological preparation that improves immunity to a particular dis-ease. Generally speaking, a vaccine typically contains antigenic material that resembles the disease-causing microorganism. In other words, a vaccine is often made from a weakened form of the toxin.

We are the Vaccine for Hate!

The majority of us in this network have spent years undergoing deep purification to heal all of our hates, conflicts and separated natures. Likened to a vaccine, we are the weakened (healed) biological form of the toxin called “hate”.

We are transformed and have re-membered unity. Our entire field of energy carries the unity code and the healing solution for anything not aligned to love.

We are PRIMED to serve as a potent vaccine for the virus of hate!!!

This is exactly what we are going to do as a GROUP VACCINE STABILIZER to bring transforming love into the region and trigger eradication of this destructive program.

From the empowered frequency of Unity Consciousness, we will administer a “love vaccine” to the body of all souls who are destined and choosing to evolve.

The Middle East Transmissions


Primary Strategies:

1. We will build and retrain elemental immunity

The Middle East region is so infected by the viral patterns of hate that the immune response of Earth’s elemental nature is sorely wiped out.

From our strong collective body, we will give a great boost to the region’s immunity so that it can begin to rebuild itself. This is likened to us serving as a giant vaccine injection. Our love vaccine will permeate through cell membranes intended to dramatically weaken impassioned causes of conflict and the desire to kill other humans.

As the weakened (transformed) agents of the “hate” infection, Earth’s immune system will instantly recognize and respond to our higher frequency as the desired evolved pattern. It then will learn to identify the un-transformed version of “hate” as foreign substance and start transforming it, to the energy of “good”.

This will help all of the elemental substance to rebuild its required level of immunity so that it can more easily transform future encounters with the hate particles. This includes the land, the people, the water, the atmosphere and the oil.

2. We will improve energetic flows

We will help release blockages and inflammation in the physical matter so that vital energy can move freely and in its natural course. This includes the removal of contaminants within the energetic pathways such as the ley-lines, gas belts, the plates and structural joints.

We will focus extensively on repairing and reconnecting the crystalline Earth grid in this region so that galactic light and its solar encodement can fully penetrate.

While numerous lightworker groups have done this before, there have been great obstacles, making it extremely difficult for efforts to fully effectuate. The difference now, is that the Earth is purging with a lot more matter substance that is shifting. This is a perfect time for us to get into the trenches and simultaneously assist.

3. We will repolarize traumatic imprints

We will transmute the traumatic imprints of violence, conflict and killing. This is motivated through our high-spirited command for Divine Intervention to repolarize the memory fields including the Akashic Records, morphogenetic template and the entire holographic insert of separation.

4. We will quarantine and shield the entire region

Viruses also have to be isolated to help bring its germ spreading, highly contagious effect under control. Even though some countries in the Middle East are not currently at war, the infection has still spread. Therefore, we will secure the entire region in a giant quarantined container.

Free Registration

Everyone can serve in these pivotal transmissions!

If you do not have in-depth experience in energy transference, an audio will be provided that expertly guides you through the steps.


1. Country Sponsor – land & people
2. Water Purifier – liquid matter
3. Matrix Stabilizer – air & ether
4. Matrix Stabilizer – Earth interior

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