Michael Cremo – Human Devolution & The Yuga Cycle

Ancient Science / Wednesday, April 24th, 2013


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Michael Cremo is the author of “Forbidden Archeology – The Hidden History of the Human Race” and “Human Devolution: A Vedic Alternative to Darwin’s Theory”. He joins us to talk about the Yuga cycle, Vedic cosmology, his theory of Human Devolution, reincarnation and if humanity is under quarantine. If we are in a cycle, then are we evolving or are we devolving? Topics Discussed: Reincarnation, Human Devolution, Cosmic Hierarchy or Beings, Stephen Hawkins, Sanskrit Calendar, Vedic Systems, 2012, Kali Yuga, How Long is one Yuga, Spiritual Beings, Oils Spill, Economic Collapse, Greed, Materialism, Control, Domination, Cooperation, Gold, OBE, Remote Viewing, NDE, Technology, Telepathy, Progress, Parapsychology, Stephan A Schwartz, Internet, Military Exploring Remote Viewing, Science & Matter, Video Games and more. Don’t miss hour two with Michael Cremo for more on Human Devolution and the connection to his work on Forbidden Archeology. We talk about human origins, signs of intelligent life on this planet millions of years ago. Is our human experience a punishment? Are we in a prison or are we under quarantine? We talk about spiritual rehabilitation, reincarnation and how to be released from the cycle. We tie these ideas together with aspects of control and the conspiracy of the withholding information about humanities origin – and how we’re programmed by evolution. Are we biological robots? We talk about governments, education, the cradle of human civilization in Sterkfontein in South Africa. We also discuss a few of Michael’s favorite archeological anomalies from around the world like the Hematite spheres, billions of years old and human footprints also millions of years old.

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