Merging with the Consciousness of Water

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dearest hearts,

Been immersed and submersed lately in the consciousness of water. The sacred geometry of water and snowflakes has been forefront in thought and focus. It has been such an amazing experience to see the messages, light, sacred texts and truths that has unfolded from merging with the consciousness of water. It has given me tremendous joy and fulfillment relating to the clean clear love and light of water. This is also the same with the stars, rocks, trees, flowers, fish, birds, animals, and everything that are all a part of this dance of life, dance of light, sound, and sacred geometry.

There is a sense of  “home” when I am  immersed and resonating with this dance, this vibration of life…felt this once again so profoundly during my latest trip to the Azores.  On this trip I received an extraordinary gift and realization, a gift that I have been savoring and deepening within me….. that no matter where I am, as long as I am in resonance with this dance of life I AM “home”.

The structure of the water in the Azores is pure crystalline, there is a vortex in this location on the planet that keeps the water circulating moving and structuring in very unique and beautiful patterns.  These patterns are based on sacred geometry, these patterns are inherent to all coherent frequencies/vibrations of life force.

These patterns morph into more intricate patterns as the frequencies increase.

The structure of water molecules changes like a neural system they react to their environment.  I felt this profoundly as the waters reacted to my presence.

Consciousness is simply vibration….and everything is vibration, all with its own set of octaves that it resonates to. Thought and intent are used to tune vibration, fearful thoughts are lower vibrationally, while loving thoughts are high vibrationally..this video was created while merging and tuning water with LOVEing thoughts and intentions…




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