Melchizedek ~ The real world of Being which you Are and you Create ~ channeled by Méline Lafont

Ascension / Thursday, March 7th, 2013

As channeled by Méline Lafont on March 7, 2013

Beloved ones, it will be my pleasure to step forward today to deliver a special message of Love and appreciation given to all those precious souls and beautiful hearts in human incarnation. A most breathtakingly magnificent time awaits you all in which loving intentions are being created by your current state of Being and your current state of consciousness.

Many souls have made their transition into the timeless dimension in which renewal, freedom and Love are the norm of Being and of living. Actually they already dwell in that dimension but their brain and their human thought patterns do not allow this reality to unfold properly. It has not been accepted yet. They are still enclined to look outside of themselves and that’s not where this is to be found, beloved ones; this beautiful new and timeless dimension can only be found within yourselves.

It is an obvious sign that renewal is now the order of the day and this can only exist or emerge in your reality when you yourself are dwelling in that reality. What you feel and what your state of being full of Love is, that will turn out to be your reality. You definitely resonate with your own creations and actions. So when you are loving and feel Love you will only attract Love and be a loving person in this current reality. Everything attracts everything else and creates something new, something entirely different. Everything is constantly moving energy that can take on forms or release them; so too are you moving energy presently taking on the form of a physical body.
So when you decide to release this form, you being that form of moving energy, you will return to the timeless energy whence you came from before taking on this physical form. The choice is entirely up to you; it has always been that way. This also applies to forming and creating your own new reality. It is your choice whether this world changes or not. Do you prefer to remain in your old familiar prison reality/duality? Or do you wish to dwell in a world of freedom and of Love, a world where everyone is equal and where all are one?

No matter what you choose or do, no matter who you are and what you give… really ponder this issue and decide from your heart the moment your choice will be made. See through each pattern and notice the essence in everything even in those patterns pertaining to the illusion and in the dark world which placed their pawns to enable you your experiences and lessons. Nothing is as it seems, everything just is! There are no lessons in duality without experiencing the separation just because this is the world of separation and of duality. They are all formed through your own Being and I again refer to the fact that it is your own choice whether you want to experience this or not.

Now that the separation has been duly felt and experienced a choice has been made on a collective as well as on an individual level to return to the unity whence you originated from and the subsequent evolution and the road is all but easy. It has never been an easy road to follow as it was chosen in order to experience it, fully knowing in the back of your mind that everything would eventually lead back to unity as duality is not the nature of our Being. Separation is unnatural and uncomfortable because deep down you know and feel that this is not your true state of Being. It doesn’t make you who you really are, your true Self.

Many roads are now splitting off fully depending on your own heart choices and creations. One heart will duly opt for full enlightenment and for a whole new world, while another heart may opt for separation and duality. Beloved ones, no matter how hard it will be, refrain from judging the heart choices of another. One can never know why a particular soul chooses something else, something unpleasant or something unreal. Everything has its purpose and reason, nothing is ill formed.

You are your own creators, hence everything is created by you and this is fully respected by us. No questions are asked as to why a soul creates something because we know and assume that it is necessary for that soul to experience this to then evolve back to its true self and joyful state.  You will always be placed at a point from where evolution is enabled over and over again so there can be no going back but only moving forward. When situations occur in which a soul is apparently deteriorating instead of evolving forward than inevitably some tangible lessons occur to bring this soul back to the starting point from where a forward evolution is possible. So be confident in everything, nothing is what it seems, everything just is!

With much gratitude and Love I now return all of you to your current point of evolution from where we left just before this message and I so long to see the energies of this message impart a small enlightenment as it is representative of my Love for all of you. Have faith, beloved ones, everything will duly land on its legs as the road leading up to this point has started a long while ago. There is nothing to worry about, give your concerns in the hands of  the Archangels and the messengers of the Light and accept our Love, faith and knowledge with which you will see and know that everything unfolding now in your present world is of enormous proportions and it will represent a major shift to the new world in your reality, provided you keep granting your cooperation and your creations from the heart.

From a loving temple of the Light, I greet you all. Namaste.

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