Mass Consciousness Grids Accessing the Higher Realms through the Earth

Ascension, Spiritual Perspectives / Sunday, July 5th, 2015


Grids are actually fractal and holographic, and they span all of creation including its many dimensional levels. They are not just on Earth, but correspond to the physical universe. The physical universe does not exist without these grids. They are needed to ensure the appropriate distribution of life-force energy, provide the templates needed for material creation, and much more. Not only that, but they are a physicalized expression of the sacred code of creation itself. They are not inanimate “objects” – they are a blueprint of consciousness itself, expressed in a harmonic form.”
~Ron Holt, Director of Flower of Life research

Grids are expressions of energy and consciousness that follow proportions defined by principles of sacred geometry that span the entire multidimensional universe. There exists a stratification of grid templates from spirit to matter: Spirit down steps to the etheric, to the electrical, to the gaseous, fluid and the denser material. Consciousness travels through these gradations of fabric density in order to affect each level from the very sublime to the dense.

Grids serve as a guide or blueprint for organization that ensures proper distribution and alignment of the needed elemental components, which are the building blocks for creation-a template for its construction and purpose of existence. The blueprint for organization insures the proper distribution and alignment of life-force energy and the many frequencies needed to maintain an effective energetic phase relationship of the planets frequency spectrum.

At this time there are several consciousness grids around the planet: The planetary grid is a blueprint or template of actual geometric and energetic expression of the principles of creation with its nodal points laid out upon the surface of the Earth. These nodal points correspond to natural energy power spots, which serves as a bridge between our planet’s physical and energetic manifestations; human-created focal points using sacred geometry to create a portal for incoming Spiritual energies to descend on Earth, i.e. the Gates of Grace; to the mass consciousness polarity grid we are plugged into that tunes into the third, fourth, and up to mid-level fifth dimension; and the Christ Grid that is also known by several names such as the Heart grid, God/Goddess grid or the Shambhalla/Shangri-La Grid. It begins at the mid-fifth dimension and expands into higher dimensions as it is anchored by its axis at Cairo and Moorea.

The Christ Consciousness Grid of pure compassion holds the template of all the preceding templates (expressed as geometric forms) which surrounds planet Earth. As a stellated dodecahedron geometrical form it is associated with “Christ consciousness” Due to the holographic and fractal nature of the grid, it appears at different levels but, in truth, it is everywhere. It is an expression and model of “integrated completion” and “coherent unity” of all the foundational templates. Through the Law of Harmonics (528 frequency) the Christ Consciousness Grid is to lift the whole Earth to raise her frequency to match this vibrational frequency. This lifting of Earth frequency must be a collective effort (a minimum of 144,00 conduits of force).

Essentially, we are all connected to a mass consciousness polarity grid. This is how we have a shared experience on the planet. This lower vibrational grid anchored in the third dimension provides the channel way to spread divisiveness through fear, pain, stagnation, war, poverty, hunger, disease and victimhood. I call this current grid that mass consciousness is plugged into, the Patrix template (patriarchal matrix) because it misuses spiritual masculine force for power and control. However, this is not the only consciousness grid. There is another grid–a spiritual template of light vibrating high on a 5-D level called the Christ Grid. The Christ grid of feminine overlight is not of a particular being, but an example of feminine spiritual heart energy or compassion held within one who completely embodied his soul, his higher self in the physicality and lived as that light essence. Lord Buddha and many other adepts are examples of living the Light. Functioning from heart consciousness (Feeling with the head and thinking with the heart) is what is meant by Christed or Unity Consciousness.

The experience of the Christ Grid is growing on this planet as more light is fed into it. Love is Light and light illuminates. As people wake up and their hearts open to a new alternative reality that is grounded in peace, joy and love for the planet, the stronger the Christ grid gets. This template once empowered, enables humanity to set free from collective bondage functioning at the lower vibrational levels without having to struggle as hard. As more and more people choose to connect to the Christ Consciousness grid it changes by illuminating more light and increasing its frequency causing an entrainment effect or assimilation through resonance. The 528 frequency is an alive and breathing force of collective spiritual energies. The Heart Grid works like this: release all density and raise our frequency to at least the upper fifth dimension to disconnect our bodies from the polarity grid and reconnect with the Christ Grid. Therein we channel the high vibrational love frequency overlighted from Spirit and direct that energy into the body of humanity to produce a global shift in consciousness. Inevitably, this is how we will lift the Earth to the ninth dimensional frequency.

The Patrix
To better understand mass consciousness grids let’s start from the beginning. We each were born into human consciousness on this planet entering a preconstructed paradigm (Patrix) in a particular era in time. We attached to grid of mass consciousness by default and its common belief structure (matrix) without question and acted from it as truth. There are myriad belief structures or programmes, but it does not mean that they are true or that they are the only alternative to the way things are. We all have the same potential within us to live our higher Self—to embody a new awareness. To be fully aware in the body as indwelling souls that operates at a higher reality of ideals rather than standards. Embodying the awareness, this knowing as that, is the journey of our existence.

The biggest illusion that we need to disengage from–to make the break from the mass conscious survivalist grid to the Heart Grid of Christed consciousness–is the illusion of separation. Death in reality does not exist, but rather is a continual stream of consciousness presented as a different dimensional expression. If we move into a higher state we recognize that the physical body is what we exist in and that we are not the body. With there being a continual stream of consciousness there is also no separation, as time is also an illusion. Both are manufactured. There is only the now, no past or present only the ever-present power of NOW. There are many programs of false realties that cause us to think divisively. Separation does not exist, only in the dualistic conflicted mind. All of life, every organism, is interconnected on this planet with a grid supporting that life form’s existence to maintain self organization. Ultimate reality is unified as we are all part of the One Life.

Essential to know about the mass consciousness grid is that it seeks to de-spirit humanity, to disempower us from connecting with the authentic Self and instead to identify with the ego structure and the five senses that machinates the physical body. This programming theme of divisiveness courses through all the veins of culture. We are indoctrinated into it, but there is a way out and the only way out is through and upliftment.

The Christ Grid~ Opening the Hearts Portal

“Love is the vibration that causes the cells to sustain their life and sweetens the music of the entire field, from the cellular chakras to the chakras in the meridians; to the chakras around the etheric body, to the grid work of the etheric body, to the subtle bodies and dream time self. Without love there is only sour music, aging, disease and death.”

The Christ Consciousness grid holds the memory of cosmic interconnectedness, thus stimulating self-actualization for those who attune to its creation. It exists as a reminder of our true nature and encourages us to attain it. Living in alignment with the Christ grid keeps us connected to our origins and stimulates us to evolve forward into reunification. How do we do so?

A trinity of personal commitments lends internal support in order to transcend into the Christ grid. A commitment to the higher qualities of being such as integrity, impeccability, self-responsibility, honest self-observation or mindfulness to remain active and aware shows us where we are out of alignment with ourselves—where we are struggling in 3-D. Mindfulness-the practice of observing habits, patterns, and choices is essential to our evolution. We must clearly see ourselves and our level of responsibility, integrity, and impeccability in order for our individual unfoldment process to unfurl.

Intention projected, meditation focused, and living in example of this reality at the 5-D level empowers the Christ grid. The more light fed into the grid the more peace, joy, and love on the planet. The gateway from the mass consciousness grid to the Christ Grid is compassion.

Cultivating compassion in everyday life and abiding Universal Law transmutes denser physical vibration to the subtler higher 528 love frequency. As we empty ourselves from emotional baggage and limiting beliefs we increase more space within to fill with light. We anchor our energies bit by bit so that our mentality consciousness can handle it, as we begin to operate in the world from that plane of higher consciousness.

We know that a closed heart chakra blocks the portal through which the Divine Love of the Feminine face of God 528 frequency enters the Earth and causes the feminine aspect of our Divinity, the germinating power, to withdraw. We also know that a closed heart consumes the love of the consensus. So, how do we open to a heart that loves?

The heart is ever the corridor for conscious living and with sincere discipline, and a practical and attainable level of personal refinement, vibrations rise and begin to operate within the fifth dimensional reality. We find that we no can longer function well or tolerate the limiting lower vibrational energies and short circuit or disconnect from the mass consciousness grid.

NOTE: “Christ” can be substituted for presence–a discontinuity in the temporal dimension. Our Christed Self is our God seed essence that refers to our indwelling essence that is a vehicle for pure consciousness.


Alisa Battaglia © 2008



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