Lumanity~ We are Becoming Homo Luminous Beings

Ascension, Spiritual Perspectives / Saturday, November 11th, 2017




We are unity consciousness waiting to know its true self in unison. In unity there is only oneness.

Years ago I received a beautiful statement in my awareness: You are what you are before you get there.

We are being driven toward who we already are. Our future self awaits us. This is a day to be in the presence of our rising up. We say up, because we have always related to a place way above and beyond us. Perhaps up means we our rising up into our super consciousness future self embodiment.. Maybe it looks like the image above.

What if you looked into the mirror each day and saw the image above. What then? What if you knew you were a reflection of a luminous imprint of Creation. What then.? How would you live in your daily life? What would it be like to know you are a Quantum Soul living in a human body? Ponder this for a moment. We identify with our physicality, our earth self, our human form. Most do not know of their divine origin and who they truly are. We are about to have it both ways. We are approaching a time when we will actively engage with our Quantum Soul. It is our Quantum Soul that over lights our physical body and it is the voice of our Quantum Soul that guides us and escorts us from this place to the next.

When the Quantum Soul is nudging us here and there, it is according to our Cosmic Destiny. Sometimes we make choices that cannot be figured out by those in our lives. We are scrutinized by those who may see us through their eyes.

Perhaps we are venturing into our future self which requires us to live every version of ourselves.When we rise above our simple human form we are more apt to understand why we go where we go, do what we do and why we show up where we do. Imagine a huge object that has millions of etchings on it. These etchings are codes. They hold our every aspect from our birth to our exit transition point.

In the many diverse choices we make we are in continual motion propelling ourselves towards our future self.. We move here and we move there. Often it is in the way of a geographical move. When we view this image of our Quantum Soul we know that we must be more than our limited human form. We can see this luminous aspect of ourself and today we have many ways to use this information. As we open to this possibility of our being a Quantum Soul living on planet earth, we then give ourselves an open source of resources and potentials. We are embarking on a journey inward and then outward.

Our Quantum Soul is the unseen part of ourselves knowing our every thought, word and action. When we get up everyday and look at ourselves in the mirror we are only seeing a tiny mirror image of who we truly are. We cannot fathom our fully realized self version, as we have too many projections influencing our field of perception. We are merely utilizing a tiny part of our DNA encoding.

We are in fact a Homo Luminous being in waiting.

We already are unity consciousness waiting to know its self. This shift shall come for all. In a moment or instant, there will be an opportunity for all to know the luminous body as their Quantum Presence Self. Perhaps we will be known one day as Lumanity— instead of humanity. At this moment we are being courted by our Quantum Soul who knows who we are before we get there. Who also knows we exist in a new world rising, a world of Homo Luminous beings on the rise.

The New Book: A World Rising, How to Navigate Through It, Christina Fisher, copyright 2013


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