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Galactics, Spiritual Perspectives / Wednesday, July 27th, 2016

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art by Sam Farrand

Le’Vell Zimmerman

The practice of cultivating more of an inward focus is essentially about embracing the divine truth of peace within your core which is always presence in providing you with a space of stability beyond all of the outside changes happening constantly throughout the physical illusion.

If you take this now moment to close your eyes and consciously intend to connect with your own heart space through visualization, this calm sensation is realized throughout your presence, where this is the neutral frequency that is the balance of unconditional love and acceptance that is necessary to remain open to your creations beyond the Ego minds complains, opinions, and judgements.

It has been expressed that the spiritual maturity that is within the nature of our presence here amongst the Heavenly Realms remains beyond “a way of thinking”, or the activity of thinking as a whole, where this is more about “a way of being” that has its foundation in the frequency of an incarnates presence beyond words.

Even when it comes to connecting with these Lightcoded transmissions, those more advanced are not so focused on analytically scanning the context being expressed here, but sensing the essence of these downloads in allowing the intuition to recognize such an awareness within.


As Source you are the omnipotence of infinite intelligence which is responsible for the endlessness of creation itself, where beyond the illusions of time and space this creative expansion is eternal.

Even in this now moment here throughout the Heavens countless planets are being formulated by who we are of the Galactic Federation of Light in alignment with the Spiritual Hierarchies, in seeing paths of evolution for newly created species in expressing the vibrancy of Prime Creator.

Know that you are the source of this same energy which remains boundless in nature and is connected with the more you are elevating your frequency of being through your focus on Ascension as an expansion of your own energy field into hyperspace and beyond.

Clearly it is the voice of the Ego mind that will continue to say, “I can’t do this anymore…I’m tired! Can the ships land already..?”, where it is necessary to ground yourself in recognizing how your love is endless in supply just as the path of Ascension is continuous in there always being more room for expansion beyond this voice which feels that the linear experience is real.


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