Language: The alchemical cryptography of organized sound

Spiritual Perspectives / Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016


Language: The alchemical cryptography of organized sound

‘The Template model values sound as one component in a wider alchemical composition, a holonomic model of transcendence that appreciates the need to create a stable global field, resonant with the full spectrum of the creation frequency.

Since its inception, The Template has included the dynamic use of language as a component within an alchemical process. We have discovered that in order to sustain transformative phenomena, there is a vital link between language, circuitry, geometry, the endocrine system and DNA restoration. The syntax of Template codes form a dense cipher of detonation that, together with other alchemical components, ignite ancient meaning and memory stored within the labyrinth of the cerebral cortex; The Temple of Remembrance.

Thus triggered, the recollection of the holistic human identity, prior to genetic modification, stimulates a domino effect through the co-creative, intreactive systems of the human hologram, resurrecting electromagnetic meridians of source intelligence into the field of human consciousness, activating its soul’s covenant with light’.

Juliet J Carter
The Template and The Sound of Time’


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