Just Some Cobra Basics in a Recap

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All of the information in this recap is easily found on Cobra’s updates and interviews, however,  as there seems to be no end to the confusion surrounding the information pertaining to the shift of the global financial system about to happen ‘at any moment’ and The Event, I have decided to attempt to bring some more clarity to this confusion by repeating information from Cobra that he has already informed us about at least 25-30 times without any exaggeration whatsoever. Do not assume that I am complaining about the questions posed to Cobra on the recent PFC monthly interview, as I believe that this interview had some very important basic questions necessary for everyone who follows Cobra to understand that many newcomers needed clarity in and it has succeeded in laying to rest once and for all? the necessity for these questions to be asked again. If newcomers proceed to ask these questions they should be referred to this September 2016 interview. If you are a regular follower of Cobra, then all of this will be very familiar to you already. It may seem like repetition however I feel that this repetition seems to be necessary as people seem to forget the information provided by Cobra from one week to another.

The Taking Down of the Chimera

In this recent September interview we received some extra data about the ongoing war of taking down the Chimera group.
It seems that the Chimera lost a bit of nerve in September and they wanted to trigger “the last remnant of the full scale galactic war in the solar system”. They were not successful and although September was a challenging month for the United Light Forces the goals held by the Chimera were absolutely NOT reached. We also learned that the majority of the battles raging are taking place on the plasma plane. Seemingly not so much is happening on the physical plane at least not visibly.

Let’s Focus on the Good News Here.

The good news is that the “final leg of the Galactic conflict in the Solar System is playing out and that the plasma body of the octopus entity known as Yaldabaoth is being dissolved slowly.”

However we did not like to learn that the earlier progress of creating cracks in the veil had recently had a setback. The entire effort in September of the escalation on the part of the Chimera was to close the cracks in the veil and in this they were partially successful. However, the Light Forces are steadily working at re-activating the light grid in this area to reactivate those cracks in the veil again even if this is sadly something that will take a bit of time.


We have heard from Cobra  time and time again over the last 3-4 years that although some of the dark forces originated in the Andromeda galaxy ( and some in Orion in our Milky Way galaxy ) there are many heroes of the Light Forces who come from the Andromeda Galaxy and they have been working alongside / part of the Galactic Confederation in the liberation process for Earth all the time. So to lay this to rest once and for all we are getting QUITE A LOT OF HELP from the Andromedan Light Forces.

The US Elections

If I am interpreting what Cobra says correctly then we could right now have been in a positive timeline when The Event would have taken place and when the US elections would not have taken place at all. The Event will bring us quickly into new types of government worldwide where truly inspired – spiritual – loving human beings will take leadership roles to bring forth the new Gaia as quickly as possible. Because of the escalation by the chimera in September and their partial success in closing the cracks in the veil this positive timeline is delayed and most likely the US elections will take place and Cobra says that because the situation is quite complex, many things are possible at this point. We could have Hillary, Trump or someone else becoming president for the US corporation. Cobra has said that there will be some more surprises in this area in the near future. “There may be sudden changes in direction in many aspects of this situation”.

People need to truly understand that this entire election process is one big distraction. We are informed that the Jesuits (as per usual) are making it seem that Trump is anti-establishment and fool people that he is anti-cabal when in reality he is just part of the other faction of the cabal that works less publicly behind the scenes. Richard asked Cobra “if Trump is a Jesuit agent and Hillary represents the Bush/Rockefeller/Clintons then are we actually watching a battle between two factions.”? Cobra’s reply “there is a certain amount of conflict between both factions but from the Jesuit perspective it doesn’t matter who wins – one way or another they can further their agenda”. Then another question in this area;
Lynn – The United States public is basically in a no-win situation for the 2016 election because of the lack of good Presidential candidates. Well, it has been like this for a half a century since the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Trump has said recently that if he was elected he would give his full support to Israel and that he would recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. He is obviously an outspoken Zionist and therefore just another Rothschild puppet. Is he going to be allowed by the Light Forces to become President of the U.S. if he wins the November 2016 presidential elections?

COBRA – I’ll say, as I’ve said before, it does not matter who gets elected because this is just the public puppet for the Cabal. What is important is the whole situation needs to be . . . there needs to be a breakthrough in the form of The Event then it doesn’t matter who is president. Before The Event whoever is president will be the puppet of the Cabal. Obama now, Bush before or the new one that is coming in November. It does not matter.

The Reset of the Current Financial System

Hardly a single day goes by that there is not another new article doing the rounds about the imminent shift of the financial system. My sources say that this has been the situation now for at least 18 mth’s. I myself have not read a single one of these articles and have no intention of ever doing so. I trust Cobra when he tells us that the reset of the financial system will take place AT THE TIME OF THE EVENT AND NOT BEFORE. He told us this in LA in November 2012 and he has repeated it umpteen times to say the least. So why do people who follow Cobra’s information bother to keep reading these new speculative reports about financial currency re-evaluation, closing down of banks, the RV and the like and concern themselves about these things? Feel free to continue doing so if that keeps you happy but please refrain from asking Cobra this question any more. Like he said in the recent PFC interview (and many times before) the cabal need a few billion dollars EVERY SINGLE DAY to maintain the quarantine Earth status. If the system should collapse how would they keep doing this? So they are just not going to let this happen and will continue every way they can conjuring up money because they desperately need cash now and they are finding it more difficult to obtain it as time passes. { Ben Fulford’s reports of their conniving ‘visits’ all over the globe to obtain more money one way or another make this clear }.  In answer to Lynn’s question regarding the liquidity problem of the German Deutsche Bank Cobra said that although they had more problems than they were ready to admit the cabal would “use their tricks to suppress and cover this and pretend that “it’s business as usual”. It was most unlikely that they would go bankrupt instead the cabal would “do some high magic and everything would be ok”.

The only way that the crooked criminal activity of the cabal through their various banks will stop is when The Event is triggered by the Resistance Movement and then it will all end – all of the madness will end. The RM can close down the present system at the push of a button when the time is right. The time cannot be right as long as these psychopaths are protected by the Chimera groups ability to hold humanity hostage and use scalar and other weapons to attack us. This chimera group is holding specific Lightworker groups among them Pleiadians as hostages, both on the surface and within the solar system. Many hostages have been liberated by the Galactic Confederation light forces however we ought to realise that almost every man woman and child on this planet are being held hostage. That is why all of this is taking so much time. The Light Forces are ready to move – to trigger The Event – as soon as the situation is safe enough for humanity. And YES it will be a surprise for all of us. We will not be given pre hand warnings about the financial system now being ready to collapse. The Event is about SO SO MUCH MORE than the transformation and transition of the Financial system. But people who do not know of or understand what The Event is about will continue with their speculative articles. You should know that at least 50% of the articles pertaining to this subject (financial ) are written by the Jesuits themselves.

Any questions as to why the positive military are allowing authorities like the tax authorities in the USA and Europe ( including about 2/3rds of the worlds tax authorities ) to steal money from people, any questions as to why they would allow any criminal activity to continue on this planet need to understand that they ( positive military worldwide ) cannot intervene at this time. If they did there would be chaos. So criminal activity will continue all over this planet until Victory of the Light is a fact. Martial law will not be allowed to take place in the USA and Europe prior to The Event but interestingly enough in this recent interview Cobra said something I consider to be of importance to remember, after he adamantly said “it {martial law} will not happen” – “when The Event happens it can appear that the martial law has been initiated but it will actually be The Event and the mass arrest of the cabal”.

In this recent PFC interview one Finnish reader claimed that Finland was ruled by negative forces and that the government was against the citizens, this reader wanted to know if the cabal ruled Finland and if it was true that the cabal were in control of Finland and Cobra’s reply not surprisingly was that “It is the same in every country on the planet”. Recently Germans experienced strange activity when they were celebrating a special day for the people and were surprised to see tanks in the streets of some cities and to learn that the police and the army had orders to shoot at people if necessary. The sickening link that Cobra provided in his last update gives a great understanding of what has been / is going on behind the scenes there. However, he has stated clearly that these awful plans by the cabal in that country will never be allowed to take place.

US Presidency

I also feel that I want to mention something about the myriad questions regarding the presidency of the USA, questions regarding Obama or the candidates in the up and coming elections. I find it hard to understand after all of the information that Cobra has provided us with over the past 4 years that people still question as to why Obama does or does not do this or that, say this or that, stand up for this or that and so forth. Personally I believe that he has had a gun at his neck and his family’s necks for the past 8 years. He does what he is told to do and although he is an eloquent speaker of great intelligence – whosoever he is – he must be infinitely weary of his situation. We will no doubt find out who he really is in the end. In answer to a recent question as to whether Obama’s power had been taken over by the military Cobra said “as I’ve said the current president is always just a puppet since the time of JFK. The president does not have any real power and the ones who have the real power is the cabal and the military industrial complex.”

Finally the basic plans for The Event – and you can find them all over this website and on my own website – will not change. Besides some small adjustments that were made in the Spring of 2013 the plans are and will remain unchanged. The Event or the upcoming Wave of Love from the Galactic Central Sun does not / will not require any updating of information –“everything has been said already”.

This is the last time prior to The Event that I will write about these subjects that have been in focus here. I am aware that many people do not have the time or the energy or the possibility of reading / listening to interviews regularly and I feel that a recap of these basic facts here was necessary at this point.


The September PFC Cobra Interview;

Therese Zumi


13th October 2016 at 2004 PM CEST



Just Some Cobra Basics in a Recap

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