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Spiritual Perspectives / Wednesday, August 31st, 2016



For Victory Over Outer Conditions

In the name of Love, Wisdom and Power, by the authority and victory of my own Beloved I AM Presence, I demand and command every cell, atom and electron of my physical body to blaze with the sacred Fire of Invincible Love and Healing Flames from my beloved I AM Presence and the Ascended Masters of Light.

I ask for the action of the law of forgiveness for my every transgression of the law of Love in my daily life and the past. I command the invincible Flames of Purity, of Protection, of Resurrection and Healing to blaze through my physical body, my emotional body, my mental body, my etheric body my inner child and my body elemental, daily and hourly. In the name of love, I command my full mastery and victory over all outer conditions in my life to be made manifest. I also ask the opening and return of all my spiritual gifts. And so it is, beloved I AM!

I call upon the law of forgiveness for my errors of the past. I extend forgiveness to all souls I have ever hurt in any way shape or form in this lifetime and beyond. I also extend my forgiveness to all souls that have ever hurt me. I call upon the Eternal Flame of Cosmic Love to seize these energies to be drenched in the fires of the Violet Flame and Ascension Flame. I give thanks for this healing. Beloved I AM! Beloved I AM! Beloved I AM! and so it is, and so it is.

A devotional decree to thyself

To my Dearest beloved self, i pour out to me from the depth of heaven, a decree of the wondeful energy of absolute love, light, and compassion, to flow out into my energetic ethreal body, my organic body and to my heart, inner heart, my mind, inner mind and to my divine blue print soul structure.
The I am that is me, is willing to be open from within myself, to usher within me, the acceptance of this healing energy of first source, the law of one, prime creator within my divine soul blue print make up, that i originally am created to be.
I call upon from the intelligent love of Father God and the loving intelligent of Mother God to send absolute loving, healing qualities into my heart, mind, body and soul, to flow through me, and within me, forever, of the highest, most purest healing energies of the great I am embedded within me, and now, knowing this from within me, i now know, that it is the most incredible and most powerful healing tool, that is at my disposal, and that’s absolute love incarnate.
This is an amazing true knowingness of my own truth of divinity within myself, which is the divine gift of the great God and Goddess, awarness within me, that is the living light particles of the most high, residing within my christed child self.
This gift of love is eternal and the only energy stream that never changes it’s energetic atomic and sub atomic, indestructable soul structure, and it is always loving, and it is always forever and it has always been so.
I know now, how delicate it is, to have a Maternal Mother and a Paternal Father that surrounds me always, and so i allow my own Great I am That I am to accept this knowledge, that is within me, always, to feel this so, and to be strong, to be well, and to be therefore, live as a child of christ. Knowing that the Great I am That I Am, That is me, is healed, for I have asked it to be so.
I send forth to me, from the eternal power of the all knowing Holy Lord God Of Hosts in which is the overseer of that Great I am that I am, is healed from within me, all that is not for my highest good within me, to be removed now. I have willingly accepted this knowing, that this is done.
I am healed as it is an inherent gift within me from heaven, just that the i am that i am within me, is now doing away with duality forevermore and within this will i am now positively manifesting positive manifesting polarity within my spiritual soul divine blue print make up, i now allow myself to accept this recorrecting thought wave energy stream, right into the divinity consciousness of my eternal heartfelt soul structure, and of mind soul and body within my knowingness, and i have willed it to be so, it will be done, for it is done, I understand the will of this flow within me, i know it is around me, and for me, and it will be with me always, and it will be so forever more, this healing is not unknown to me, for within my own subconsciousness, I Am Awakened, to this knowledge, to this fact, as i have decree to myself that the, I Am The Great I Am, divinity within me, is healed. And so it is. I have forgiven myself of believing less of myself in my past, present and or future self, it is forgiven, and now i forgive all others consciously because when i do this i know that i understand the nature of self harm, is self harm, to others, or self harm to others, is self harm to me, because when one is affected all is affected, when one is love, all is love.
Knowing this truth within me, I am a devotee to love, as I send myself absolute love, as absolute love, loves all……it is done……….


In the name of my beloved I AM Presence and my beloved Holy Christ Self, I call to the Lords of Manifestation, Angels of Prosperity, Fortuna, Goddess of Supply and Lord of Gold to assist me now in mastering all outer conditions of my life in God’s perfect way, including my true abundance and balance in my life.

Charge! Charge! Charge into my life and use today all the blessings that are mine to receive. Infuse me with Ascended Master Wisdom and Purity that I may never again experience lack or limitation. Blaze your Heart Flame through my four body systems and expand without limit a great flow of divine abundance. Saturate me with enough Violet Flame and Emerald Healing Light to keep my life in perfect balance and harmony.

I demand God’s invincible Protection and Wisdom in all my financial endeavors. I demand to become a magnet of positive attraction, drawing to me all the wealth that I require to fulfill my divine plan on Earth, to make my Ascension and to assist my fellowmen to do likewise. I give thanks that it is done according to God’s Holy Will. I accept my abundance now with Love and Gratitude. And so be it, beloved I AM!
I claim the resurrection of my multi-dimensional self, working in unison, love, light and compassion, and in unified synchronised harmony, joining as one heart, one mind, one love, healed in conjunction with all my incarnated self on the surface of Earth, planets and or other star systems, all timelines and or other multi-dimensional domains or plains, either in the past, present or future, as i invoke the resurrection fully now, i am absolutely love, that loves all.
I reclaim my divine sovereingty into perfect synchronised co-creational heart of beauty, and serenity, peaceful, and intimate in all i do as i rise up into higher consciousness of awareness, I am healed of all my levels of energetic formations into purity of bliss, joyfulness, laughter, humour, pleasure and ecstacy.
I reclaim that
I am the mirror image of Intelligent love and loving intelligence
I reclaim my divine rights to co-create responsibly, to be the creator i am that i am.
I reclaim my sexuality into the most positive, inspiring, divineful of purest intentions that can not be used for negative purposes in whatever we co-create, even if it is together.
I reclaim my heartfelt victory to be united intimately with true virtuousness of devotional love, i reclaim my lover/loverers to be joined with my whole heart, mind, emotions, soul and body, to unite, and to co-create together thoughtfully with absolute love as responsible, respectful, intelligent, inspirational, passionate co-creators. Together we are love experiencing love together, mutually, soulfully,energetically, spiritually, thoughtfully, respectfully and incarnatedly.
Together there is nothing we cannot create for the benefit of dimensionally evolving into higher, more refiner light, for the benefit of all.
I reclaim my absolute Love and Pure, Golden, Christ Divinity, to eternally actively flow, outwardly, everywhere, from within me now.
I reclaim to actively open up the purity of my love, from within my soul, and superimpose from within me the violet fire of transmuting flame to transmute all that is unclean and transform all of it into purity of refining light everywhere now.
It Is Done.

Kadooish, kadooish, kadooish, is the Lord God Of Hosts
Kadooish, kadooish, kadooish, is the Lord God Of Hosts
Kadooish, kadooish, kadooish, is the Lord God Of Hosts



Jason @ Ashtar Command Crew – Reclamation Affirmations – 8-28-16

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