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First, there was void, and by “void”, I mean vacuum energy. This vacuum energy is like an ever-present backdrop of the universe, existing even when other forms of energy and matter do not. The question is what caused this energy to form matter; to create the universe as we know and perceive it. This is where “the Word of God” comes into play.

Figure 1

Om, regarded in Hinduism as the sound that created the universe, is but a simple frequency. Not exactly a word, but with the same potential as one. But how can a single sound create the universe? To answer this, first let me explain a few things.

Do you know how a compass works? It’s quite simple, really. You can even build your own in a tight situation. All that is required is a magnetized metal spinner- a needle works well- that is mounted in such a way that it is free-floating. The key to that last sentence is “free-floating”. Magnetizing the needle alone wouldn’t be helpful at all, as it couldn’t move to match the location of the poles (due to gravity, friction, et cetera). A compass is simply a free-floating object responding to an external force. Since it is free-floating, it is free to act in accordance with this external force because it is unhindered by other forces.

Now, does anything else works this way? You bet! Think about a pendulum for a moment. While not free-floating in water like a compass, a pendulum is freely hanging from a chain (which is close enough).  It is also generally composed of crystal, which is an amazing transmitter and receiver of information. (That’s why radios use quartz crystals.) So now we have something that can pick up external forces and is freely hanging. Sound familiar? Though why would it move in regards to the questions you ask it? Wouldn’t it be more likely to just pick up radio frequencies and be completely unreliable? This is where a little thing called coherence comes into play.

As you are reading and thinking right now, you are releasing electromagnetic energy into the world. If multiple people think of the same thing, the concentration of that particular energy is enhanced, and is more coherent. Once again, think of a radio. Have you ever been on a road trip and noticed when one radio station started to fade out whilst merging into another? You were moving out of an area with that radio frequency and into an area with different information on the same frequency. As one signal overpowered the other, the radio starts to pick that signal up as well. So the most coherent frequency in a local area wins, thus being reflected in the crystal’s movement. But this still doesn’t answer how it can predict the future. This part requires an understanding of premonition and conciousness.

During studieswhich studies? where two participants were shown different series of images to see if they would both respond to scary stimuli only shown to one, it was realized by whom? that according to brain scans, the brain was reacting slightly BEFORE a scary image was shown. It was as if the mind braced itself as well as the body before the event actually occurred. This subconscious knowledge of the future is what we call intuition, and even though you don’t know it, you’re subconsciously thinking all sorts of things right now, releasing them into the world as EM frequencies. When you ask the pendulum your question, you are producing the frequency of that thought and your brain begins to reciprocate similar frequencies in response subconsciously, creating coherence between the two similar, almost in phase frequencies. This signal is either strongly negative or positive, causing the crystal to move in a direction reflective of that charge.

All right, so what does any of this have to do with where matter came from? To link the concepts I just explained back to Om, I’ll highlight cymatics. According to Wikipedia, it is “the study of visible sound and vibration, a subset of modal phenomena. Typically the surface of a plate, diaphragm, or membrane is vibrated, and regions of maximum and minimum displacement are made visible in a thin coating of particles, paste, or liquid.”


Figures 2 and 3

Here we are dealing with matter taking on complex geometric shapes due to sound vibrations. Starting to make sense yet? If not, be patient; it will in the end. To understand “creation” we must apply this idea of cymatics to the lowest level of matter that we can possibly think of: [b]strings![/b] In string theory, it it theorized that everything is in it’s most basic state, small vibrating strings of energy.

Figure 4

So if these are strings that vibrate, what would they do in response to sound? Would they, too, start to form complex geometric shapes? Yes, they would, and this brings me to the next concept: Lie groups. Lie groups are essentially mathematical and geometrical representations of matter’s formation at levels lower than quarks. They are the ‘complex geometrical shapes’ formed by vibrating strings.

[i]Figure 5[/i]

Levels of magnification:
1. Macroscopic level – Matter
2. Molecular level – Atoms
3. Atomic level (protons, neutrons, electrons)
4. Subatomic level (electron)
5. Subatomic level (quarks)
6. Lie group geometrical representation level (strings)

The Lie groups have a strange and subtle connection with the Flower of Life. For instance, take the exceptional Lie group E8 (shown as Level 6 in Figure 5). This calculation has been said to be the most complex and beautiful in existence and is the basis for Garrett Lisi’s, a proposed unified field theory based on the E8 Lie group, combining particle physics with Einstein’s theory of gravitation.

As shown in Figures 6 and 7, E8, when overlayed with the Flower of Life, makes particularly beautiful and spectacular alignments. In my opinion, they are too close to be coincidental. The patterns are fractile; if you shrink or enlarge the Flower of Life, the alignments occur over and over indefinitely.

Figures 6 and 7

There’s a reason the Om symbol is so commonly depicted on a flower; it’s what created the Flower of Life pattern! So now we understand how matter came to be and how “the Word” caused its creation from the void, but don’t think this vacuum energy is gone; to the contrary, vacuum energy exists wherever matter does not. This means even the spaces between the electrons in the very atoms of your being are teeming with this primal energy. Imagine the Earth and everything on it as a sponge, and space the water in which it resides. Like the water, the vacuum of space finds its way into the tiny holes of matter, permeating us and everything around us with a sea of potential energy.

Figure 8

This is what is known as the Source Field. This field is also called terms like the “Unified Field”, the “Zero Point Energy Field”, “Qi”, “Mana”, “Prana”, “Vril”, or “Tao”. It bonds everything in the universe together across space and time through quantum entanglement. To understand quantum entanglement, or nonlocality (“spooky action at a distance”), it is easier to first start at our own macroscopic level. Urban legend says that identical twins can sometimes feel or sense the pain of each other. This may be entirely fictional, but it is a compelling prospect in light of recent science. In essence, we have two organisms, particles at the macroscopic level, who are bound across distance at instantaneous speeds. This same phenomenon is also observable at the microscopic level. When two particles become entangled, which occurs simply from contact, they will mimic the state of the other, although somewhat inversely, across any distance instantaneously, seemingly breaking the light barrier.

Figure 9

The problem with viewing it this way is that we view these particles as separate, when, in reality, they are simply both suspended in the same sea of energy. Looking at them as separate objects, you must come to the conclusion that this information is not only being sent and received by the particles, but also that this stream of energy is some linear transfer at previously ludicrous speeds. This is not the case at all; to fully understand the world in which we exist, the Source Field must be taken into account. As the particles move around in this field, absorbing small amounts and taking it with them, they are still both within the same field. Imagine two kids in a pool; they are in no way physically connected except by the water around them. Now imagine that a rather… large child jumps into this pool. The resulting splash, waves, and ripples would be observed and felt by both of the original children. This didn’t occur because they told one another to feel the same thing, but rather were both just experiencing the same force across the same liquid. As before, the water is the Source Field, and the children are particles. But are all particles bonded to some other particle in this way? No. They are entangled with EVERY particle. Everything is entangled with everything else to some degree. At first, that doesn’t really make sense, as that would imply that every particle mimics the behavior of every other particle in exact unison, which is obviously not the case. To get why this doesn’t happen, we have to go back to coherence.

Coherency is when two more things act in a state of logical unison or cohesion. More simply, it is when two things are in a state of minimal conflict, or maximum harmony. The type of coherency I refer to here is the physics term relating to waves. When waves are coherent, also called being “in phase”, they actually amplify one another; when they are not, they start to cancel each other out. (This is how noise-cancelling headphones operate.) These two effects are known as constructive and destructive interference.

[i]Figures 10 and 11[/i]

The more coherent the waves, the stronger the output. Thus, as two things become more coherent with one another on the vibratory level, the stronger their quantum bond becomes. When something becomes entangled to another thing more so than anything else, that thing takes priority. More eloquently put, the very existence around you is a complex amalgamation of bonds of entanglement competing for coherence; every second of every day, the entire universe carries out its functions, breaking and creating unfathomable amounts of bonds at various levels of existence based upon coherence as if it were merely updating “the Matrix”.

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  1. Hi. Nice artIcle. Very good ideas but it seems that you mIght be lacking some practical experience that would help with your work. Quartz is not used because it sends or receives but rather because when a current is applied to it oscillation occurs. The stretch of metal ( antenna) does the transmission and reception because it is physically or logically the same size as a particular wave. You can get a basic oscillating circuit kit from RadioShack to experiment… Changing geers.. Check out Sefer yetzirah for other ancient ideas on the formation of matter by use of sound. “god SAID, let there be light”… Ooh bonus thought. Quarts has piezo electric properties. Put a handful into a translucent jar or bottle and shake in the dark. Watch the magic light show

    1. ¿ Is it possible there are other types of “currents” that crystals because of their inherent characteristics (known and unknown, but nonetheless existent) may cause effects beyond those that “conventional” science is currently aware of ?

      1. Not just possible but extremely likely. We are too limited in being to perceive every force of the universe acting on every physical manifestation. What we can be sure of is that there is alwAys something new to discover. Chi may or may not be a real energy. If I act upon the assumption that it is real my martial practice invariably benefits from the paradigm. Salamshalom

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