In Search of Our Soul: On the Very Edge of an Unimagined Frontier-Bio-photons

New Science / Monday, February 17th, 2014

By Andrew Zubriczky

The Science Fiction fanatics must be going nuts with this latest research finding. Actually, it’s not so new; but ‘they’ have been verified over and over again, these past twenty years or more. I am talking about Bio-photons-LIGHT!

And, why are they called ‘Bio’? Because they are emitted within the strands of our DNA. We give off light when we are born and when we die. Light enters at birth and leaves at death. Can it be any simpler or sweeter?

The future applications and ramifications will astound and amaze even the most critical of sceptics! Environmental, medical, biological, healing, feelings, consciousness, energies, illnesses and diseases, healing modalities, all will be dramatically and inevitably affected by this research theory.

We are talking about a major paradigm shift here; more specifically, a ‘quantum leap’!

We may never get sick again. Because, we will know through the application of these bio-photons what in fact ‘good energy’ is; and that ‘good light’, as opposed to less light, less energy, less bio-photons, is not so good. As a diagnostic tool, this will become the new way to measure and enhance your health and vitality, even longevity.

Only a small number of quantum physicists and even fewer bio-molecular physicists have known about these bio-photons for the past few years. Mostly in Germany and Russia.

Bio-photons are specifically considered to be ‘ultra weak’ photon emissions. Weak electromagnetic waves in the optical range of the spectrum. All living cells of plants, animals and human beings emit them constantly. They cannot be seen by the naked eye, but they can finally be observed and measured-qualitatively and quantifiably!

So what, you may be wondering? How will or does this affect me now? Who cares?

Sorry to say, you better care, because your very Life depends on these strange and perhaps not so mysterious ‘quanta’. Please, allow me to unravel this mystifying marvel for you, one fascinating and intriguing step at a time. So that, the monumental significance of this discovery, personally to you, is not lost amid the Science, or its nomenclature.

I spoke earlier about future applications; I gave a few generalized examples; allow me to get a bit more specific, you know, step by step. It will revolutionize the fields of biophysics, biomedical science, biology, biotechnology, environmental science, food technology, and as already mentioned-our health and longevity!

Are you starting to see how this may relate to you?

These bio-photons are stored in the cells of the organism, within the DNA molecules of their nuclei. Every living cell has them! They are constantly being emitted and absorbed in a dynamic dance of what can only be described as sentient, conscious communications.

Theory has it, that these serve as the organisms’ main communications network-cells to the organelles, and to other cells, to the tissues, and to other organs. They are also considered to be the main ‘unifying principle’ regulating all life processes!

If you don’t know what these next few words are, then you better go look them up while you continue to read. They are-morphogenesis, growth, differentiation, and regeneration; and are all explained by the structuring and regulating activity of this dynamic bio-photon field. It doesn’t get any stranger than this…or does it?

Even the esteemed neurobiologist Karl Pribram with his ‘holonomic model’ theory of our brain and it’s processes, considers that our brain does not just operate on what has been known as circuitry; but, that a higher processing also occurs within this intricate webbing, the fine fibre branches-dendrites that form its webs.

These matrices of interconnectivity and bio-photonic communications create what can only be described in order to be better understood, as using ‘holographic’ wave manifestations. The same kind of waves that physicists use in holography. Information wise, holograms can store massive amounts of data; exponentially, much more than our conventional computer capabilities can presently provide.

It gets even better; the verification of bio-photon emissions may finally explain the missing science behind homeopathy, acupuncture, and the “chi” energy flows within our bodies. These energy channels-meridians are at the basis of all Chinese medicine. It appears that they are in fact node lines of the organisms’ bio-photon field.

It may also explain the ‘prana’ of Indian Yoga, and the regulating of this energy force within our bodies, physiologically speaking.

One of the most unexpected supporters of bio-photons for your health is none other than Dr. Mercola. A laid back, but very serious and down to earth Dr., with wellness as his top priority. He has become a vocal, tireless, and fearless critic of processed foods, especially fast foods.

After reading, “Fast Food Nation” by Eric Schlosser, he penned this poignant piece, aptly named, “McDonalds & Bio-photon Deficiency”. It can be read and downloaded here.

He was shocked to learn the stats regarding our food consumption habits. “In 1970 Americans spent about $6 billion on fast food while in 2000 they spent $110 billion. Americans now spend more money on fast food, than on higher education, personal computers, computer software, or new cars.”

Is it any surprise he continues, “The average American spends 90% of their (food) money on processed food, and many wonder why we have an epidemic of chronic degenerative disease.”

So where are we going with this?

It appears, based on nearly twenty years of mostly undisclosed research that raw foods emit more bio-energy, much more, than do foods that aren’t. For example, foods that are frozen; or, are not organic; and, that are chemically processed, irradiated, and or bio-engineered; do not register with the same bio-photon intensity. Not as much light.

Raw is it!

Anything else, well, it’s killing off the light, the life force, and the bio-photons being emitted!

With the new and improved bio-photon meter, we can finally measure the truth for ourselves first hand; which is, that organic foods radiate 2-3 times as much bio-energy as do non-organic foods; and most processed foods…emit none! Do you get it?

You are the light. You are either radiating outwardly by what you put inwardly; or, like a fading star, your light diminishes and faintly flickers in the far off distance of the night. Your choice-entirely!

Based totally on the foods you decide to eat, and how you decide to eat them!

This has enormous implications for your health and the future of Humanity. But, this is not the direction I am heading in, at least for now. Keep in mind, outside of all the other benefits of bio-photons that we’ve already discussed, there is one other matter of the greatest importance-YOU! Spiritually speaking!

I ask the question, who keeps this light going, not just maintained-but going? How is this energy being created, maintained, re-created, every infinitesimal moment to moment? The infinite mathematicity and the absolute abstracticity are nothing short of mind bending and mind numbing, both at the same time.

Suffice it to say, that there is indeed an explanation for this light, not just in living matter, but in all matter as well. When we break down matter to its most indivisible self, we discover this critter called the photon, minus the ‘bio’.

These photons under close quantum examination demonstrate both particle and wave properties. We’ve known about the incongruent properties of photons since the time of Einstein. Strangely enough, this photon has neither mass nor electric charge. Yet, this ‘light’ exists to be seen and measured; because of its energy and motion, in the form of momentum.

That same ‘light’ that exists, in the smallest and most indivisible part of our existence and within everything within our Universe; also exists in a quantum form within our DNA, the code of our physical and biological existence-Bio-photons.

Now, here’s where Science turns to Science Fiction….

My theory is…that the source of Life and matter all contain an energy source, existing in varying degrees of manifestation and intensity. A source that so unique, and with a particular set of qualities like no other; within this, or any other Universe.

Amid all this dynamic and chaotic, random and fixed, pulsating and fluctuating, holographic Universe, nothing appears to be independently, or more specifically, solely static. This we cannot measure!

Strangely enough, this ‘thing’ we can’t measure, but know that exists, has no mass, no motion, including no wavelength, or even a location in space, or in time.

This peculiar and particular static just happens to be, the essence of Life; this is YOU, you are that static! When you find something that cannot be measured, yet all things measurable extend from it, you know you’ve got something very special; you’ve got a unique and indivisible Spiritual being. The Source of all Light.

Finally, we’ve found our Soul!

Now, let’s clear up a few misconceptions and misunderstandings, before we can acknowledge who and what you are, and more importantly, capable of creating. When describing our ‘soul’ or ‘spirituality’, we need to think away from possession. As in my hat, my glove, my arm; we do not have a soul, or possess a soul; we are the soul.

You are it!

Bio-photons are the light within the nuclei of our DNA strands; they are also evidence of another sort. In the earlier parts of this essay I uncovered a glimpse of our spirituality in the process. Bio-photons offer us so much hope and promise that it is a deal almost too good to be true.

Here is a brief introduction to their potentiality: Biomedical advances that seem almost alien; genetic discoveries to tool our DNA to exacting standards; feats of bioengineering and nanotechnology that would amaze even the most avid futurist or techie. Our world will be turned upside down with the upside of technology; especially, those based on bio-photonic technologies.

We are at the crossroads of civilization, on the threshold of a dream. Before we continue at breakneck speed, we must ask ourselves this important question, as we proceed to embrace technology for all its apparent miracles and marvels. Are we truly responsible enough, caring enough, loving enough, to matter for everyone within our World?

For we also live in perilous times. Nothing is for certain, not even your life. Nor it seems, the lives of our planets’ other inhabitants. Today, we are all in danger of extinction. This may very well be our last chance. Finally, for the first time in our history, there may be no more light.

No, this is not a doomsday essay on our fates but a realistic look at a possible future to come…it all depends on what we do here and now, with this new wave of technology that will surely and profoundly change the way we think, live, and socialize.

Never mind ‘Brave New World’; we’ll be entering into a world gone awry with technology and self-indulgence; a world that promises you the World, but can only deliver a tragic twist of fate instead. Imagine any Twilight Zone episode, now multiply that ‘affect’ a few dozen times; I hope that gives you some idea of where we are heading.

Our only hope to make it through these times ahead will be to recognize the source of light for what it is-YOU! Without you, without me, and without our love and respect for life…there would simply be no life. Please understand this, life does not exist independent of our existence or considerations.

We are either actively creating it, in present time, by what we do, by how we think, and by the way we inter-act; or, failing to do that, life diminishes in activity and intensity. The light eventually flickers and fades away…darkness and inactivity remains…there is no life.

Within the next decade or less, many loving parents will have the choice of giving their unborn child the very best that science and money can offer. Bio-photonic research will enable bioengineering to succeed where it has failed in the past. Genetic type triggers will be discovered that we will be able to control and activate through ‘communication signalling’; in order to create specific and desirable human traits and characteristics.

You will be able to give your offspring the exact color of eyes, hair, and skin you desire; that is, if you can afford to. Presently, we have the science to test for a few hundred or so genetic deficiencies within the embryo. But regrettably, we are still unable to do much, other than to abort the fetus. This will dramatically change!

In the years to come, we will be able to test for thousands of genetic defects, and prevent even more from affecting our precious child. At the same time, our science will help make them stronger, taller, healthier, smarter, and resistant to infection and disease. The era of Novo sapiens is upon us!

Well that sounds great in theory and as an ideal. But seriously, what about the rest of humanity; you know, the other billions of poor and underprivileged, who can’t afford these medical marvels? Will they just have to settle for more misery and more suffering instead? The wealthy can live and survive…while the poor must stay sick and die. Is this really where we are heading?

A pact with the devil, you be the judge? Here again is this double edged sword. Bio-photonics may also produce the horrors that only ‘sci-fi’ nanotechnology could create. I am referring to the many mechanical parts that will be combined within our bodies, minds and cells; to help those of advantage take advantage of those who have less. To make us smarter, stronger, and better than we were-before this expensive and integrative technology. The cost: Within decades we as humans will be no more…

We will inherit instead, a mechanical Garden of Eden based on technology and wealth, and not on the inherent value of Life within Life. Will Homo sapiens become Nano sapiens? What a world to ponder?

No need to ponder for too long, for that world is already here and has been here for almost three decades…“Is there some special magic about life, essential to making molecular machinery work?” Not so, according to K. Eric Drexler, from a paper he authored and presumptuously entitled, “Engines of Creation”. This paper copyrighted in 1986, became both the operating manual and the impetus for a movement into the frontiers of nanotechnology.

I could ‘consider’ that life, like machinery, does have a ‘perceived’ mechanical basis; but, I would be naïve and inconsiderate to think, that that’s all there is to Life, just an organized and engineered bunch of proteinacious ‘nuts and bolts’, and ‘gears and drives’.

This mechanically oriented viewpoint totally negates a fact of our existence that most biologists and biotechnologists have somehow managed not to be able to accept, or even willingly consider. They explain it, by explaining it away. I am referring to our ‘spirituality’, our ‘life-force’.

Vitalism is a term coined in the 19th century to help understand this apparent ‘indefinable and unquantifiable’ aspect of life that no ‘mechanistic’ scientist could explain. What gave Life its animation, its vitality? Thus ‘vitalism’ was born.

According to Mr. Drexler, “Biologists have abandoned it because they have found chemical and physical explanations for every aspect of living cells yet studied, including their motion, growth and reproduction. Indeed, this knowledge is the very foundation of biotechnology.”

His arguments are sound, his reasoning is flawless; and, his reassuring words of hope and confidence for a better world through the miracle of nanotechnology may give some the impression that these biotechnologists are playing God.

Not surprisingly, the opening cover of his paper contains this futuristic quote by Kevin Ulmer, then Director of Exploratory Research for the Genex Corporation: “Protein engineering…represents the first major step toward a more general capability for molecular engineering which would allow us to structure matter atom by atom.”

What they both have failed to understand is that ‘matter’ does not equal Life. We will never be able to create Life physically, atom by atom. Maybe something that resembles it, a chimera of sorts perhaps, but not, and never, Life!

Why am I so certain of this? Well for one, I know who I am and what I am. And, for another, I’ve been an avid fan of Science Fiction, and have seen through countless other writers’ eyes, various Frankensteinish scenarios. I’ve shared with them, possible future realities, horrifying glimpses of futuristic Worlds gone awry with technology; especially, genetically engineered nanotechnology. It scares me to death!

Unless we acknowledge our spirituality, our connectivity, and our interconnectivity as a race and as a planet with all its other inhabitants and elements and as a whole; I believe we will continue to use our technologies to deliver us from our most precious fears-our physical mortality!

In this way, we will learn to forget about our spirituality and potentiality, as a spiritual being of infinite knowingness and capability. Sadly instead, we will continue to focus on the physical; the mechanics of our miserable, mundane, and self indulgent existence.

I only have this to say about where bio-photonic research may take us. Don’t tamper, tinker, or tweak with perfection. Understand it, don’t try and copy it. More importantly, because I know that I am, who I am, and where I am. I also know that I am not a physical being. I am a spiritual being. I am not my body or my mind. I am simply me. Without me, any creation built with matter, won’t really matter; because all you will ever end up with is simply… a ghost in the machine!


In Search of Our Soul: On the Very Edge of an Unimagined Frontier-Bio-photons


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