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Ascension, Spiritual Perspectives / Tuesday, September 17th, 2019

We’ve all heard the term “reincarnation.” We’ve also heard tales about “the reincarnation trap” that have been proposed and told for centuries.

Is reincarnation even real, and if so, what is the true purpose of it? Is our conceptualization of reincarnation skewed as a result of limiting cultural conditioning? Is this entire Earth experience really just some kind of cruel, deceitful set up orchestrated by nefarious, malevolent beings hijacking our reality? Or is it something else entirely?

My views about reincarnation – what it is, what it isn’t, and why it’s a part of this reality construct – has changed significantly over the course of my awakening journey. Like everything else in our reality, your perception of reincarnation will depend on how you choose to view it – from a place of love or a place of fear.

First, let’s dive into what happens when we die.

What Happens at Physical Death?

When your experience inside of the Earth game in this lifetime comes to an end, you will experience a rapid and profound expansion of consciousness. You will come out of your body like taking off a skin suit, and become aware of it as you hover above it.

After a brief period of disorientation, several entities will be there to help you adjust and acclimate yourself (you will never lose awareness or be alone). You will instantly recognize these guides and will innately trust them – and even recognize them as long-lost friends (don’t worry, this process appears to be joyous and peaceful beyond comprehension).

We’ve all heard about the tunnel of light that our essence, our consciousness, enters upon leaving the physical body. The tunnel of light is so appealing because most people are greeted and coerced into going to the light by loved ones who have predeceased them.

Whenever you’re ready these beings will escort you toward the light, which is an etheric connection road of sorts leading back, for most people, to the planetary collective consciousness. It is believed that at this point your memories and experiences from all other lives will be restored as the Veil of Forgetting is lifted from your consciousness. You may find yourself in a beautiful garden, meadow, beach, or the like, surrounded by a complete and utter bathing of unconditional love magnified exponentially from anything we can experience in this 3D world.

Following that — as has been recorded in great detail by researchers and therapists like Michael Newton and Dolores Cannon — we enter what’s known as a life review. But what’s the true meaning of the life review? Why does a life review almost always result in us continuously looping back into this 3D reality… and what can we do to stop this “vicious cycle of reincarnation?” Let’s discuss that further.

The Life Review with Our Guides

We will all have a life review, and have had it many times before. During your life review, you see your life in a panoramic, 360-degree manner which includes all of the significant (and even insignificant) moments of your most recent incarnation.

According to thousands of NDErs and channeled souls on the other side, you’ll also see your life from the perspective of everyone you met within your previous incarnation. You may see how you hurt someone’s feelings when seeing your life from their perspective or you might see how much happiness you brought someone else after doing a kind deed for them without expecting anything in return.

To assist in comforting and guiding you during this presumably difficult process, you will be met with at least one or two advanced teachers who will counsel you through the life review — yet the same beings will apparently encourage you to come back to this 3D reality after some time, despite how happy you are on the other side. Sometimes this happens quickly, other times it takes years and years.

I am deeply appreciative of the divine guidance I receive, and I love my guides, but the question must be considered: is it possible that our spirit guides are merely trans-dimensional representatives for some kind of Archonic, Sirian, or Reptilian species who have kept us enslaved within these perpetual cycles of incarnations (think The Matrix)?

And is it true that the more karma we accumulate, the more time we’ll be spending here on Earth, down in the trenches and paying the price for our supposed “sins?”

Let me just say this: I suppose anything is possible… but the true nature of reality is much more complex than we know, and I do not resonate as much with these distortions as much as I was simply intrigued by them at the onset of my awakening.

Have you had enough of this sort of pessimistic, fear-based background information? Good, me too. Now I’m going to shift my focus to share my truth about reincarnation – which has nothing to do with malevolent beings and everything to do with the rules of this planetary reality construct we call Earth.

How to Exit the Reincarnation System

To understand the truth about the reincarnation system, we have to understand the purpose and mechanics of this reality construct as it relates to our consciousness and ascension.

Earth is the hardest game within the cosmos – and was intended to provide a very formative experience for advanced ascending consciousnesses. In fact, according to Judy at at Quartz Crystal (the self-proclaimed most highly-achieved player of every Matrix game) you had to be a victor in 55% of the other Matrix games in-play to even be considered to come to Earth. Up until this point, part of the RULES of entering into this planetary construct included:

♦  The Veil of Forgetfulness. When we come to Earth, we lose almost all of our connection to God-Source energy and forget who and what we are.

♦  Separation/Duality/Polarity. When we come into Earth, we take on a mind and an ego which perpetuates the perception of separation and reinforces existing constructions until we wake up inside of the game.

♦  “Reincarnation.” We each made a sacred, divine agreement with ourselves and Source that we would not get so caught up in the material world so as to forget who we were and why we came here – and to continue embodying inside of the experience until we came to Enlightenment (including complete understanding and unconditional love for all other-ones).

Earth is a VERY risky and challenging endeavor – we agreed to have our Source fractal remain inside of the game, continuing to reincarnate until awakening… and if it couldn’t do it, it’d stay stuck in this Matrix forever, which Source would never shut down. Some 55 million souls have been swallowed by the Matrix according to Judy.

BUT… Evidence from channeled Pleiadian light forces suggests that a central Sun portal has NOW been opened and the reincarnation system which had remained a closed loop for 350,000+ years has been dissipated. This portal is being opened in conjunction with Humanity’s Grand Ascension event in which negative polarity is being eradicated from this galactic construct. As a result, we may all be home free after this lifetime (though I’ve heard multiple times that as soon as you come out of the Earth experience you will want to dive right back in and that the line to get into Earth is quite long… so maybe reincarnation is actually a good thing!).

Up until now, achieving Enlightenment had been the only path to escaping the reincarnation system. What does that mean?

Exiting the Matrix: Achieving Enlightenment

Enlightenment refers to the amount of light that your “body” is able to hold. When I say body, I am referring to your light body, the density of which directly correlates with your state of consciousness.

Your body is just a vehicle which allows you to take on an incarnation in order to gain experience and ‘add’ to your consciousness’s figurative bank account or repository of knowledge, experience, and wisdom. As our consciousness grows and matures, it accumulates more PHOTONS/LIGHT, or greater PHOTONIC DENSITY.

Since ‘enlightened’ individuals carry more photons/light (and the photons within their consciousness are spinning faster), they have access to higher understandings about the order of the cosmos, the mechanics of existence, and the true nature of reality. Each individual is at differing levels of their journey toward enlightenment.


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