Holographs of Voidness: Nonconceptual Unity Field

Ascension / Thursday, December 6th, 2012


The mental continuum can produce

Purified or impure results,

enlightened or obscuring,

Both states are equally existent at quantum levels.

Each expression (choice, thought, or action) carries a multidimensional or

A set of internal and external intentions, this is

a wave pattern or mathematical arrangement of energy intent

which goes out to create

or organize perception, experience, reality

at the angle of energy that generated it.

The angle created occurs from the degree of interference or alignment

of the continuum of internal and external intents.

Ego or self is an arrangement or pattern

Of thought energies held in place or made concrete by intention;

The ego is a structure that is static & unsustainable,

It does not connect with the natural or organic character of voidness.

It does not reflect a deep understanding of true existence.

The clear light mind aimed at awakening

Is based in nonconceptual-bliss-awareness.

The force it generates is positive & constructive.

The natural process for beings is an evolution of consciousness

Which entails moving deeper or expanding out of static fields of duality

Moving into an individual alignment w/enlightenment.

This is a movement from lower to higher frequency, from vibration to oscillation,

The holographic part embodies the whole that exists previously as a potential.

It is the future state of all beings.

Your experience is as it is because the universe, planet, human beings, and

personal karma. As you go through your personal karma you also set free portions

of the fields or grid system geometries of energy that your consciousness is

connected to.

We are one by nature.



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