Healing Each Other, Useful Anger, Higher-Awareness and Soul-Unveiling

Spiritual Perspectives / Sunday, December 18th, 2016


The more we fight the more we lose power. We can heal each other and the environment by aligning with the truth and harmonizing within ourselves and each other instead of fighting.

We all have injuries, physical and spiritual, and we all have access to more resources than we are us utilizing for the healing process.

There is power within us, but when we are distracted and focused on what is flying around us at high speeds then we are imbalanced within and this imbalance lessens our power.

The temptation we are faced with is both in pleasure and superficial love and in violence and hate. If we hate to solve the problem, then we will hate a scapegoat that is bounced before our eyes like a piñata. This is a clever game and yes people are angry and maybe even reasonably at points.

Let go of the anger. Anger can be utilized, yes! But to hold on to that charge of emotion after our attention and power is amplified then degrades the vessel that holds that charge! That is our body and mind! Remaining in touch with our emotional aspect while still remaining balanced in the mental and physical aspects is what allows us to continue developing the self in harmony instead of distortion.

There is real spiritual knowledge to learn, there are real spiritual changes that take place and there is a cosmic reality to discover which extends beyond the confines of the conscious mind.

If we are to find the truth we are going to have to let go of the disrespect, the distortions, the distractions and focus on healing, learning, and applying our self in a manner that unveils the true knowledge and power of the soul. The basis for this is that the soul is an energetic or immaterial aspect of the whole being while the physical body is the lower or material nature. The immaterial nature is the energetic aspect of the physical body which incorporates what are referred to as higher-dimensional layers of existence.

The soul is what we term the higher-dimensional aspect and the soul must be nurtured, aligned within the body harmoniously and acknowledged via the conscious mind.

The conscious mind is the biological aspect of awareness which is maintained via the physical brain. The conscious mind is an expression of self-awareness, but not the source of self-awareness.

Awareness is immaterial, energetic, and transcendent. Self-awareness from the conscious physical aspect and the immaterial higher aspect must meet together via a merging and harmonious of the higher and lower aspects.

More can be said, such as the processes that have been studied and kept secret for ages and the reasons for this, the signs and side-effects of spontaneous activation, the detriment of a lack of higher-activation and self-awareness and the creative and spiritual powers that are unleashed.

For now I want to focus on producing a viable vessel, pathway, or location for the higher-awareness to be present. This is one of the main concepts and the beginning of the path. Before higher-awareness will be present, there must be conscious effort towards harmonization, energetic cleansing, and accepting or making one’s life ready.

This could be seen as keeping a clean room. The room here is the mind and body. If the body and mind are disharmonic, disconnected and out of alignment then there will not be an ‘environment’ applicable for the higher-energy to be present. The energy can be present, but will not be maintained and this is because a conscious effort to maintain harmony is a necessity.

This is more difficult when there are spiritual and physical pollution in the external and internal environment. In this environment there is such a pollution taking place that one must focus on finding, returning, and maintaining their internal harmony so there is a long-term production of inner-awareness, self-awareness, vitality, and truth.

This is the production of the self, the activation of the soul, the merging and harmonizing of the higher and lower aspects and from this comes the power of the individual to truly see and know themselves so that they can create the reality they desire on a multi-dimensional scale.

There is a notion that you are the only individual in existence here, and each individual is similarly placed within a ‘construct’ of reality where all other players are merely reflections of their awareness. This idea is that all people exist, yet the reality we each perceive is unique to each individual. The challenge of this is that each distortion, each particular trouble we experience is customized for us and powered by a cosmic system which assists each individual differently so that they can refine their physically bound awareness until each person reaches a cosmic level of soul-awareness. All people are playing this game but the view that you have is unique to you and you alone.



Healing Each Other, Useful Anger, Higher-Awareness and Soul-Unveiling


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