Galactics, Spiritual Perspectives / Tuesday, October 29th, 2019

This is a time of transition, there’s great energy coming to the planet and all of your traits of who you are at the core are going to be put into action. There is the preparation going on that will make the task of differentiating conscious souls and unconscious souls. They will get denser and all of their natures will come out so that they can see what they are at the core of their being. Those that have been oppressed by others will be released by them so that they can get on their own dimension and be given the opportunity of what they are to themselves in the world behaviour.

Just as the planet is doing the same with its transition, there is a lot of energy which will oxygenate the holographic form upon your flesh and planet. Think of it like turning up not only the sound volume but the LIGHT volume, so your ability to make things happen will become quicker whether it’s destructive or positive in your life. This may seem a little nerving and you may go through periods of energy shifts from your feet and hands where you feel electrical energy coming through you. For those that run energy and are aware of it you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

Meanwhile the iris of the soul is opening up the veil so you are accessing your greater powers. But be mindful and don’t try to explain this to the those who don’t understand. They may try to give back to you that you’re some kind of mentally deranged person. They have no one but their brainwashed religions and their old ways and they don’t have any contact with anything up-to-date. Think of it like a software program, if you don’t have updated programs that your soul has given to you then you won’t be able to download the new updated messages that are being broadcast from the cosmos through our Sun and on to your planet in flesh.

Your antenna is the Antahkarana and is the ovum of your life force that surrounds your body and it can be anywhere from 3ft 280 ft or more. This is your magnetic force field and the greater this is the more sensitive you will be to the higher frequencies. This is epic but do understand, those without any concept of what I’m talking about do not have the reality to even comprehend what I’m talking about. Your basic person on the street is dumbed down to very based energy levels. Food, sex, sleep and materialism is about all they know besides their football game or the collection of digits in the bank. They have the mentality of a herd or sheep.

Those that are the higher consciousness have an image of LOVE and appreciation and they take life easy. Now is the time to start holding thoughts, plan and pace yourself with that which is held in your mind thought and your chemistry will manifest things instantly, for you will know this when things happen in synchronicity. So stop trying to worry about your sexual identity and the economy and stop worrying about your Democratic and Republican leaders. It’s more prudent for you to concentrate on your connection to source and your ability to download the information coming to your planet so that you will be directed when the changes happen with a safe spot to be.

Just remember, you’re all taken care of and it’s your reactions that often cause you a disorientation of perceptible reality. Be careful of those you draw to you because many people from the past will come into your life as you begin to change. It will be the hooks that harbour you into them and a lure that will knock you off course. Now is not the time to fall for this, it is the time for you to really make plans and make your life simple. Just remember, people carry their anger and fears around them and what they project is their reactionary buttons.

This is exactly why they are so messed up and if these pictures match with your reality this only further makes you more on your SELF recognition of who you are, or even what you might want to be. Find your life for you and your children, because things are going to be going all over the place with wobble not only of the Earth but of your personal affairs. Even the Earth will shake as well as your mind, and all of that which you knew yourself to be will be shaken so that you can become discharged from your connection to false people and situations that keep you stuck at the soul level.

Just remember, your soul reacts swiftly and with good logical reason. Take things that are of perfect speed and when things get intense withdraw for a moment and let the smoke settle before you make actions that are wise. With this particular Quantum flux of energy coming to your planet everything is being lit up, even your good traits as well as your bad and delusional.



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