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Spiritual Perspectives / Monday, December 8th, 2014



Beloved Ones,

Let us have discourse on the quality of love known as giving.

There is a constant giving and receiving flow of energy found in the universe and it is in one’s willingness to give what they wish to receive that keeps the abundance of their existence circulating in their lives.

The universe acts in dynamic reciprocal and one’s body, mind, and thoughts are all in constant and dynamic exchange with the forces of the universe. If one wishes to accelerate and maintain this exchange, one must do so by giving exactly what it is one wishes to receive.

The energy flows in one’s life in regards to happiness, romance, friendships, and health are all mirrors of the flow of energy in harmonious interaction within one’s field of existence. The circulation of one’s energy allows the flow to remain alive and vital. Simply said, giving brings about receiving in alignment with nature’s universal laws and principles.

True giving, without expectation of anything in return, is as effortless as breathing. When one gives wholeheartedly, it is an action which will fill one’s heart with joy.

The more one gives, which is providing a service, the more it creates a vacuum to enable one to receive more of what was given, in harmony with the laws of nature, which requires proper balance. One’s intention behind their thoughts must be to create happiness or joy for the giver and the receiver.

Like the ebb and tide of the ocean, what goes out always comes back, as long as there is a sincere intent to bring happiness in the giving.  Every thought has a ripple effect, touching everyone and everything, and has the power to transform that which it remains focused on.

One can bring matter into existence while attracting the right people, situations, and rewards, in response to one’s desire. If one wants joy, then one must give joy to others. If one wants love, they must give love and appreciation, they must give attention. If one seeks to live a more rewarding life, then one must seek to help others around them by sharing their rewards.

If one wants to be blessed, they must learn to silently bless those around them. The most powerful giving is totally non-material. By giving caring attention and appreciation, one is giving love. Giving love comes through inspiration from the heart and from the spirit, rather than from the ego. What an individual gives, so shall they receive.

Each individual is naturally abundant, and opulence is their natural state of being. Each person lacks nothing because their essential nature is one of pure potential. By directing their thoughts and actions to the service of giving, they initiate an energy exchange of receiving, which is part of the natural cycle of the universe.

As one begins to align to the spirit of giving from the heart and from one’s spirit, they will begin to observe the amazing synchronicities that occur as they focus their thoughts and their actions in the direction of their heartfelt desires.

As they give, they will see the flow return to them, which they must graciously receive. Their faith in this process will grow exponentially when they manifest and experience the synchronicities that flow continuously once this law is applied. They see that the more they give, the better they get at giving and receiving and their ability to manifest what they desire becomes second nature.

Through their giving, they enter another level of existence where they are one with source energy. It is an existence that becomes not so much what one desires, but more about how one deals with all the new manifestations as they flow effortlessly into one’s life.

Each individual who truly masters the art of heartfelt giving is one who gives to others out of the goodness of their hearts with no self-serving motives. Giving becomes a blessing for both the giver and the receiver. Generosity becomes a choice that feels right and joyful. Generosity comes from believing that one has enough to share with others.

Each individual gives of their interest, their understanding, their knowledge and their humor; they want to give everything that is in them that is good. In this way, they enhance the sense of aliveness in others while at the same time enhancing their own. All receive an upliftment of their spirit and this can make someone’s life so much brighter and happier.

By giving the gift of laughter, one brings many physical, mental and spiritual benefits such as good health and happiness to others. People never lose the need for affection and acceptance. By offering a hug, a pat on the back or a touch on an arm, one can heal many emotional wounds. By the sharing of one’s insights and wisdom, one gives a precious gift from oneself to another.

Each individual is making the world a better place when they motivate and inspire someone to act on their dreams when they are filled with doubt, fear, and lack of courage. This kind of giving can be life-changing for the other person.

Kindness is always the easiest and most abundant gift that an individual has to give away. Kindness brings joy to the giver, the receiver, and anyone who witnesses this loving action. When one makes their love unconditional, it makes the world a more loving place, and everyone will reap the benefits.

By giving, one creates a connection with the vast and greater expanse of humanity. The service of giving a little love and kindness can make a remarkable difference in the world. The giving of one’s praise, gratitude, and appreciation creates heart-to-heart connections with the people who are a part of one’s daily life.

When giving without any thought or desire for something back, one’s returns from this giving will be truly limitless. As long as one is giving, they will also be receiving. The more one gives, the more will flow back to them and be returned many times over.

As I take my leave, it is my heartfelt hope that each individual makes a decision to give wherever they go, and to whomever they meet. Giving creates a pattern of happiness, joy, and love in one’s life that will be experienced in ways beyond one’s wildest expectations.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

©2014 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace. Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe’s credit, copyright and websites are included –


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