Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek~~Quotes~~22 February 2016

Galactics, Spiritual Perspectives / Monday, February 22nd, 2016

Galactic Center

Before incarnating into my dense Earth physical body, i was living an immortal life in the higher dimensions assuming an etheric body born purely of energy and manifested through the power of visualisation, and not like human conception through the biological birth process, in which before I volunteered physically, my etheric lightbody was then placed in a Higher dimensional energy light chamber for preserving.

I was then provided with select choices that would enhance my spiritual growth into my next step in consciousness, where I then chose the particular life I would embody as a human infant to grow into an adult and proceed with my mission in coming to Earth in my evolution into higher consciousness.

Upon transitioning into my dense 3rd dimensional body from an orb of light, my royal family of 12 dimensional beings, then initiated the arrival of my consciousness into my dense body through Merkabah Lightship technology, where I would then be born through my human mother and grow up into a normal human family to awaken to my Galactic mission to raise the frequency of the Earth.


It is important to now know that Earth humanity is on a cusp of a magnanimous historical event since the great fall of Atlantis, where the Earth will at long last officially become a member of the Galactic federation of light and intergalactic confederation of planets.
As we now meet on the surface upon full disclosure through key members of your world governments, we will then engage with you on the importance of our visit and will address you on the many topics that are necessary to disclose in order to move forward to much important issues if you are to make it through the current ongoing energetic Earth changes.
With the revaluation of currencies in place and the finalization of n.e.s.a.r.a and g.e.s.a.r.a’s reimbursement of funds to their rightful treacheries, we will then follow with our global mass decloaking of millions of star craft where all that exists on Gaia will see these huge and small ships, which will then follow with landings.



It is important to know that in order to interact with who we are of the Angelic realms of the Galactic council of the Galactic federation of light, you need to be in a harmonised state of stillness where trusting yourself without any fear or doubt from the chattering mind will be necessary in order to estabish a clear channel of communication with us.

As we do communicate through your intuitive inner knowing, this communication can be intuned and received  through tele-thought transmissions or telepathic impression, similar to tapping into wave frequencies on a radio or television channel, where as you are tuned to our frequency you will always be receptive and aware that it is us, as you will only feel unconditional love and a sense of assurance from your sacred heart space that the communication and interaction is of a benevolent nature and force or forces.

In having established a pure connection of energies with you, if you so choose to we will then transmit our messages of light to you through many forms of decoding in awareness if you sincerely present yourself with a selfless and genuinely open heart to serve as a transmitter of these transmissions of light that will help those who are only awakening now and finding their way on the ascension path.


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