Gaia has been subtly shifting frequency into a higher bandwidth which has created a quantum ripple

Ascension, Earth Changes, Spiritual Perspectives / Thursday, October 31st, 2019

By @moonchildmomentsxx
Gaia has been subtly shifting frequency into a higher bandwidth which has created a quantum ripple.

This ripple has been felt as density shifting as the energetic magnetic field of Gaia has decreased to enable the dissolution of old grids connected and anchored Gaia at an energetic level which held the old earthen programmes and frequencies, as Gaia flows into a new rotational vibratory frequency the purple rays are clearing the attachment to old grids in order to anchor the platinum geometric grid and recalibrate the grid points upon Gaia.

Dragon guardians from the 12th Dimension are heavily assisting this recalibration process as they weave fiery light codes into the energetic meridians of Gaia, laying the cornerstones of the sacred geometric grids which hold the upgraded data templates & blueprint activations for the collective awakening and continuing ascension journey.
On an energetic level we are responding to the shifts occurring within Gaia by accessing data which is held within our physical cellular network as wounding or limiting patterns from present and past life experiences, the data presented is becoming accessible through an enhanced receptivity and awareness of our empathic & intuitive abilities.

We are shedding the limitations of our own creation, releasing low density costumes we have inhabited within incarnational cycles and clearing trauma at a deep cellular and energetic level.
Higher heart integration is accelerating as the old chakra system is upgrading in alignment with Gaia’s current energetic recalibration, the solar plexus is oscillating at a slightly accelerated rate in order to fully anchor the golden rays & establish a protective presence within the energy field whilst we transit into a higher dimensional bandwidth.

Shedding of the old energetic vessel will continue as we experience a new energetic magnetic upgrade which acts as an enhanced sensory system much like a nervous system, the upgrade is plugged into the higher heart frequency as a primary operating system with the left and right hemispheres of the energy brain or cortex stem being more integrated to create a synaptic bridge.

Source: Ascension Energies

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