Form is the shape of consciousness

Spiritual Perspectives / Wednesday, June 19th, 2019

“Just because we have been back-stage at the continuum and seen how the sets are put together does not mean that manifest reality is an illusion! Form is the shape of consciousness; matter matters! Everything is real, nothing is an illusion, not even ‘nothingness’ itself, which is simply ‘everything’ at a different stage. To be repulsed by and retreat from the matrix is to return to the undifferentiated void of potential. We have been given the honor of sentient autonomy in order to make this journey of growth and discovery. Do we run home to the void because the bullies in the playground are making life uncomfortable and difficult? We go forward, not back, to resurrect, transform, transcend. What is required is an upgrade of dataflow from the heart of the universal hologram to explode the mutant paradigm with light.”

~ Juliet J Carter

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