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Thanks to Jiva & Juliet Carter on vimeo
“Template Ceremony 2 Intro”

“The Maha Tantra of Creation is the energetic development of differentiation from the One…the Monad… from the Source…the individualization of autonomous fractal aspects of primordial awareness conceived in order to enjoy relationship…. to explore the endless possibilities of life…as prime consciousness experiences itself through reflection and resonance.

The interrelation of this energetic consciousness is the prime animating principal that establishes the fountainhead through which creation cascades into form…composing a codifying schematic of primal data that defines the evolutionary symbiotic relationship of every life form with the Source of its creation. a blueprint that establishes and sustains all forms of life as sentient sensory instruments that manifest and express differentiated aspects of prime consciousness. It is this Source awareness that coalesces into the unborn, eternal sovereign soul identity that lies at the heart of the Human Masterpiece.

These covenants are written in a holonomic language that follows a vibratory infrastructure of energetic pathways, fractals of this hyper holographic pattern are known to us as Sacred Geometry
Sacred Geometry is the configurative language of the elemental components that orchestrate the revelation of the Source Code into a visual, audible interactive matrix of creation.”

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