Exo-Politics in the Syrian Crisis

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I should be writing on my article but instead my attention has been drawn to the crisis in Syria. I will not go into the details about the human reasons behind it all. No the aim for this article is to turn our collective consciousness in another direction.

First of all I will argue that we seriously have to stop understanding humanity on Earth as a united species holding the same sort of genetic material. Only the bio-vessel is uniform.

Secondly I think it is time for us to start working with the diversity of racial DNA (Starseed or galactic origin) within ALL humans.

Thirdly I want to stress that the ideas of “poor humanity being held prisoners” has to be modified. I know I have been there myself, but now I understand how the powerlessness I had in the beginning, when I entered the exo-political games of 5D on Earth, was projected into my understanding of things, strongly affected by you know who and other speakers believing in this agenda.

I think it is important to dynamically alter our beliefs systems all the time into more mature and complex understanding of things. Not staying on the same trail of knowledge and consciousness. Evolution is about changes in perception of mind and reality. Not to cling on to certain obtained opinions.

The new idea I wish to convey today is simple: Instead of looking upon all political agendas as human ideologies and actions, we have to look upon what racial DNA that is controlling the actions of that specific human, politician, humanitarian, guru, teacher, etc. as well as races or nations.

We have to learn to see the exo-consciousness within every human we meet and beyond the adapted and schooled “human way” of rationalizing the goal for doing this or that. We have to see the exo-consciousness (the galactic origin) and how it is merged with the human psyche and body (i.e. an artificial construction to contain the racial DNA and function within the holographic electromagnetic reality fields).

We have to look upon humanity as a nation of galactic races and in doing so we have to learn what type of exo-consciousness that is attracted to certain areas of the holographic reality, as in why does a stellar being prefer the US? Or Israel? Or the Middle East. Or France? etc. Each nation and part of the hologram has its own specific electromagnetic setting – we usually see this as variations in nature, climate and culture – but it is not biological diversity or climate variations; it is electromagnetic differences in holographic settings being set up to fit specific racial DNA and what type of consciousness those settings give ground for.

Each country or nation is also directly linked to their original galactic systems, planets or galactic humanities through their racial DNA. Not just the main controlling races back here on Earth within the old Taraian 4D priestly races or the 5D avatar-reptilian races from other systems of the created worlds, but the many other sub-races being present here as tourists, travelling through this primitive planetary set up etc.

Some are stuck here as in being captured by primitive races in other systems, being traded as orbs of consciousness into this system, others are casualties of old wars, some are here due to the infection and the experiments conducted here to try to fix the fragmentation, reverse the racial DNA and save some of the old created worlds being pulled further and further down in density, and yet others are here by their own free will to play out their need of power and control. Actually I think some political games are “bought” and sold as experiences by some of the lower galactic races holding their portion of the hologram.

In other words: Earth or the electromagnetic hologram is not a united field, or controlled by the same overall agendas or races; it is a checkerboard reality, as I have stated before, worlds within worlds and what we need to figure out is our part in being born into that country or nation we belong to. Why are we here? What is the prime goal of our exo-consciousness? Are we here by our own free will and what are we investing in the hologram to make it stay alive and vital?

As a remembering exo-consciousness I have to ask those questions to the upholders of the free worlds: Do we accept such a game in the galactic realms? Do we accept the future line of event into the division of the created worlds into a galactic transhuman game – the next step of the holographic technology? Or do we hold on to the old set up of the created worlds as a playing ground for the true races (is this idea at all okay? or has the events this experiment has led to not proved to be wrong?).

Can we, all in all, accept the way things are turning out on Earth, and in the created Worlds? I have to say NO. Such areas as Earth are the natural outcome of the general idea of experimenting with consciousness and the effects of different fusing of racial DNA and outer environmental impacts. And besides too many of the galactic races, the later descendents of the created worlds, have totally forgotten their origin and are now worshipping the source or the creational powers, all in all having forgot that they are the creators themselves and that the core CUs in them are the source. Not a being or something outside of themselves, not a foundational force of the created worlds or something lying beyond or behind all creation.

The source is the CUs, the projected consciousness of the true worlds, and this consciousness is creating the settings over and over again from within the individual human. The created worlds only exist because we create them continuously and the understanding of this mechanism has to be taught and remembered if we want to change anything. It is not about wishful thinking, but learning the mechanics of the dimensional worlds. When fully mastering the bio-vessel and the many electromagnetic layers, we are fully capable of altering the hologram from within.

So-called angelic humanities being closer to the source, as in old Middle East religious beliefs adapted into Christianity and New Age (a mix of Eastern and Western belief systems) and holding no individuality as such – as in opposition to the galactic races – is not true either. All in all the galactic or created worlds in the areas around Earth and similar low density expression fields are not serving their purpose as fields of possible growth – as in turning around the infection – and after the SAC; the great pull of all the worlds into the next levels of evolution and developing of consciousness, I will strongly argue that this experiment did indeed fail. It is very clear that the infection cannot be beaten by the ones suffering from it after a certain point (the fragmentation leads to memory loss and division of mind) and that we, as a coherent nation of Councils, should do our best to help and support the ones being infected and not just seal them of, quarantine them or leave them to their own destiny. In doing so, we openly invited the superior low density races to come and take over the main control system of such areas like galactic Terra.

We, the nations of the free worlds, are not to act as the healers of the infected, but to take what we have learned from the first run through and teach it to them in a much more direct and supportive way. We know how to heal the infection by now, so we can intervene, act directly within such areas and help the humanities directly.

Conclusion: all in all whatever Obama is reacting to, has very little to do with the human crisis and civil war in Syria. He and the world community, and their leaders of which most are of stellar origin from systems liking power and control, are playing a galactic game reflecting a much larger crisis within the different systems being connected to Syria. What system does Assad come from? What has he been promised to gain from a war? What does the galactic federation behind some leaders obtain by war? Who are really bombing the civilians and what type of race are mostly incarnated – imbedded into the electromagnetic bio-vessel – of this race. What galactic recourses are at play here? If controlling the Syrian areas, what gates are then to be opened in the galactic realms? Why are the racial DNA in the Syrian population being wiped out? Etc.

We simply have to take all events on Earth into the larger picture and discern much more maturely and stop looking upon all that is happening from the human mindset and put the data achieved into the exo-consciousness part of us to really understand what is going on.

About Damascus: Founded in the 3rd millennium B.C., Damascus was an important cultural and commercial centre, by virtue of its geographical position at the crossroads of the orient and the occident, between Africa and Asia. The old city of Damascus is considered to be among the oldest continually inhabited cities in the world. Excavations at Tell Ramad on the outskirts of the city have demonstrated that Damascus was inhabited as early as 8,000 to 10,000 BC. However, it is not documented as an important city until the arrival of the Aramaeans. In the Medieval period, it was the centre of a flourishing craft industry, with different areas of the city specializing in particular trades or crafts. (Source Unesco). Learn more. Read here…..

Note the date of the city and remember your galactic history of Earth……



Exo-Politics and Syria – part 2

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