Envision Abundance, Joy, Love, and Prosperity for All

Ascension / Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

Channeled through Caroline K.A.

Dear hearts, I come to you; bringer of hope, love, and peace.  This is a glorious time for each and every one of you.  We, the Company of Heaven, alongside your Galactic brethren salute you. We commend your great efforts, and immense achievements as you have progressed through this beautiful yet arduous journey of ascension. This, and combined efforts within your Lightworker communities are also to be commended for each step you take in your heart felt endeavors, and in service to others will greatly benefit not only you, but the entire collective, and those souls who are not yet awake, will hopefully begin to do so.

I come to you today with every intention of shedding light on a topic which may seem repetitive to you at times, and in a sense it is, but it is a most important topic, and one that needs to be addressed frequently.

Again, I speak of trust, for this is a key factor in letting go of what no longer serves you, and it is crucial to your ascension process.  Trust is essential in allowing your truth to unfold, and without trust, or faith shall we say, you may find yourselves feeling stuck or held back.  We say to you, no one will be held back.  We gently remind you this comes only from you, and it is something only you can change.  This dear hearts, is called loving yourself.

In not allowing or surrendering to the changes that are so readily occurring, it may hinder you from truly embodying the essence of who you are.  We say to you, as the collective of light, trust that which your heart tells you.  Feel, dearest ones, and know your inner guidance is the truth which is consistently working for your greatest good.

Now is the time to envision your greatest hopes, and dreams for the future of Nova Earth; a future overflowing with immense love, and appreciation for all life.  This love is so great, so unconditional, in all senses of the word, and this is the truth upon all truths for every soul upon your beautiful planet, and for Gaia as well.

Envision abundance, joy and prosperity for all.  Envision from within the depths of your radiant hearts what you want to manifest with loving intent for the greater good of all.

This is not an imaginary game we are playing, and at this point there are no what ifs or buts, on any account.  Every thought, dream and intention you set forth into the universe will manifest.  We ask you to be vigilant in this because sometimes, as you all know very well, your day-to-day activities can become filled with feelings of a negative nature such as frustration, irritability or anxiety.

This is greatly due to the releasing of energies you may still harbor within you, but at the same time, outwardly energies may come at you through the projections of others, resulting in the momentary detourment of your loving thoughts, and higher vibrations.

We ask you to remain focused on the light which is within you.  Again we repeat, ask us for help when you feel stuck, or if you feel as if you have lost your sense of trust in the truth of who you are, or in all that is occurring at this time.  Ask us for help when you feel over run by negative feelings or thoughts.  Look to us for guidance.  If there is one point you must always remember, we are here for you.  We love you dearly, and unconditionally.

Until we speak again. May you go in peace.



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