Enlightened Beings ~ How To Shift From Loneliness To Oneness

Ascension / Saturday, February 9th, 2013


Burmese March


No matter how separate you may feel you are, you have always been connected to a vast ocean of conscious intelligent energy. You are eternally bound to this Divine ocean of existence. Those thoughts and beliefs which say you are a droplet, a separate being who is removed from this ocean, is the cause of ALL of your suffering. Don’t believe in these appearances. Nothing is at it seems in this world. The mirage you are seeing from these beliefs is not real. You were “programmed” by the beliefs of your parents, grandparents, and great grandparents who also believed they were separate from a divine infinite power. Now, it is your chance to shift out of this ancient misunderstanding and know that you are interconnected and “one” with everything on the most intimate, loving and sub-atomic levels.

“All of your unhappiness comes from your inability to be alone.” ~Jean de la Bruyere

The truth is that you are intimately connected to the highest Light beings that have ever walked this earth. Scientists say the atoms which you will breathe into your body today, were the exact same atoms found in these ascended masters. Right now your physical body has at least one million atoms that were actually in the body of Christ, Buddha, and Mother Mary. You also have a million atoms that have been in the body of every single being that has ever existed since the dawn of creation. It is literally impossible for you to be separate from anyone, so how could you EVER be lonely? Loneliness is an illusion created by your mind.

“Everyone you meet in your life – even total strangers – is already intimately connected to you. The idea that we are all separate and distinct beings is nothing but an illusion. We are all parts of a larger whole, like individual cells in a body.” ~Steve Pavlina

As long as the mind believes you are separate from others, it will give your body the apparent experience of being separated. You were never separate and never can be. The mind simply created this experience of separation, just so that YOU could later have the experience of re-unification. You were always connected, you just signed up for the phenomenal experience of truly coming home. The mind makes up the most magnificent stories, dreams and illusions. And these stories will contain very REAL feelings attached to them. Yet, watch each story like its a movie. Notice when it starts to say you are “missing someone or missing out on something”. This is your signal to SEE that the mind focusing on what it is NOT connected to, instead what it IS connected with. The moment the mind is re-centered back on Source, resting deeply into the core of your being, your loneliness instantly dissolves into all-oneness.

“Aloneness is a flower, a lotus blooming in your heart. Aloneness is positive, aloneness is health.” ~ Osho

You may have noticed that the word “aloneness” is very close to the words “all oneness”. There is just an extra “L” added in there, and we feel that this L stands for LOVE! When you are in love, loving yourself or someone, you are bathing in feelings of being ONE with everyone and everything. A life lived without love is an uphill battle with the ego who always feels separate from Source. The most effective way we’ve found to move out of loneliness and find this love inside is to stop resisting the feelings of being lonely. Whenever these powerful feelings come to greet you, just know that the feeling is like a lost puppy that wants to be held, caressed and loved. So fully experience these feelings and allow them to totally fill you up. Go so deeply into these feelings that you surrender to what is beneath them. Go into and through the darkness. Once you stop avoiding any feelings or fears of being lonely, you’ll see that underneath its scary facade is a blissful expansive state of love for yourself and being one with the Universe. This is why loneliness has been bothering you for all this time and would not give up on you. It’s trying to push you back INSIDE so you’ll re-discover this vast love and consciousness that makes up this entire Universe.

“When we have established conscious oneness with the Absolute, with the Infinite Vast, the everything is part of us. And how can we be afraid of ourselves?” ~ Sri Chinmoy

For the next 2 weeks of your life, stop avoiding being alone. Stop filling up your time with distractions like TV, food, or the internet in a desperate attempt to avoid being with your Divine Self. Look for your Self! It is underneath these dark or scary feelings. Dive directly into the darkness and there you will find freedom from it. Consciously make time to be with yourself these precious 2 weeks, and look forward to enjoying this time connecting with Source. Being alone is the fastest way to connect with your God-Source. Silence is the most direct path to finding freedom. The illusion that you are separate from your Source cannot continue to fog your perception when you consciously spend time with in stillness. So practice being alone for 1/3 of your time and 1/3 with a friend, and 1/3 with a group of friends. Shift things around a bit, and see what happens!

If you’re not used to being alone, when you first sit in silence for even a few minutes your mind may see it as an attack on its typical domination over your life. The mind will try everything in the book to distract you, and pull on your reigns so it’s back in control. Just watch the mind from a distance. Don’t buy into its drama! Quietly go deep inside and you will soon discover the peace that always resides at the core of our being. Relax and feel as if you are a droplet in the ocean, merging with each sensation that arises. Let yourself melt so that you cannot feel where “you” end or begin. Let your life as you know it to be cease to exist. Just for a few precious moments let go and surrender to a deep meditative space.

You may find that there are no boundaries between you and anything else on this planet. We are all one. We are all connected through energy no matter how far away we physically are from each other. We are the droplets that create the Ocean of Existence. Meditate on these ideas and you’ll find it’s literally impossible to feel separate from the Divine again.


How To Shift From Loneliness To Oneness


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