El Morya ~ The Ascension process of the Descending of the Masters in you all ~ as channeled by Méline Lafont

Ascension / Friday, July 5th, 2013


Master El  Morya

Greetings  everyone. My most respectful salutations from the highest frequency of my being, I Am Master El Morya.

The  collective of the Ascended Masters, all of them, descended into a frequency making it possible for you to meet us in your Being as the real connection can now become fact in a conscious way. You will find us in the exact same locations as where you dwell yourself and where you sense an uplifting feeling of energy,  an uplifting effect of Love in an aspect of the Light. We, as Masters, ground the Light in a thorough way by descending in someone’s consciousness and his/her  incarnation in order to not only connect with the soul but also to see ourselves reflected in all the Love that someone is in his/her personal reality.

We indeed  descend in your consciousness and your reflections, enabling us to bring all of  our Being and our energy onto this Earth and into your living environment. This is what we mean by our return for you are all of us as the Masters of the  Ascended Lightworld. There is no separation between us and in fact there never  has been ; in reality we are always connected to you and many souls in  incarnation carry aspects of our energy.

Therefore the actual Ascended Masters are you, or specifically, many of you. The time has  come to elaborate on this broadly and to present it to you because you have  reached the maturity to know and to accept the fact that you all form a unity together with us. Master Saint Germain has tried to explain this concept in part  through some messages as well as through this beloved channeler and sister of  our Being.

You all form an aspect of our Being, or even several aspects of our Being. Rather occasionally there are real incarnations of us amongst the people but this really is very rare. Real incarnations are only possible when a consciousness is  high and pure enough to qualify for this kind of Master consciousness and this degree of Ascension. It all depends on the soul birth, on the degree of aspects and on the consciousness in incarnation. In every way it is my wish to clarify to you that we are here amongst you in the crowds of the Lightworkers and of  course in the hearts. Do not look far and wide as we are nearer than you think,  we dwell in you and in many of you.

Now that we  have irrevocably reached a state of consciousness on your beloved planet for which we vouch; everything will be brought to an intensity whereby all concepts of time will be overthrown and where everything that is considered time-bound will no longer be able to exist. The rythms of the day/night will shorten leading up to the fact that there will be just one time and just one rythm :  namely the NOW. This process is not going to happen overnight but will require many shifts in your consciousness and in your horizon in order to come to fruition. Two suns will shine in your skies supplying you with constant  illumination as the enlightenment within you has come to full integration. That second sun represents all of you fully enlightened and hence it is a reflection thereof in your outer world. This Now time is a time of constant enlightenment. This implies a  degree of consciousness of a very high level which is awaiting you and which is  necessary to be able to integrate and be this. That’s the reason for the  accelaration of the whole Ascension process, so all will be able to evolve further and further in what you essentially already are.

Our Master concept is still in full swing and has brought many results already; however, you may expect a lot more and the upcoming Merkabah shape (forming in the skies on July 29th) will greatly contribute to that. To formulate it even better ; this merkabah will be the effectual start of the new in the NOW. Try to free yourself from the duality and its notion of time; this is most appropriate at this moment and consider yourself the Ascended Master of the Light that you truly are. This will help all of us as well as yourself to proceed.

Nothing is without the Love emanating from us and Love is our greatest motivation and purpose to bring all of you back to a global awakening and to Ascension whereby you can again experience your home and your essence in aspects and share this with others. This process has never ever been seen before and it is exceptional to say the least. See yourself associating kindly with all others and with yourself at all times! This is very important! This is absolutely essential in order to complete this process and to see all of you on our side once more, in our collective energy and in our team of Ascended Masters and Elohim of the Light.

We love you unconditionally from the depths of our hearts. With all my Love, Master El Morya.

Méline Lafont 2012 – 2013, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered.  http://lafontmeline.wordpress.com


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