Dr. Steven Greer & Commander Willard Miller, February 8th 2013

Alternative News, Galactics / Friday, February 15th, 2013

Commander Miller has worked with Dr. Greer for over two decades setting up sensitive meetings at the Pentagon and elsewhere and advising on how secret projects (USAPs — Unacknowledged Special Access Projects) are set up structurally to maintain secrecy. He will discuss the pros and cons of that system. Their conversation will be an amazing insight into how the information about UFOs and the New Energy technology is controlled. This knowledge is not speculation but from someone who has been on the inside. You don’t want to miss the first of a 2-part series to go into depth on this issue. Dr. Greer feels this is one of the most important interviews he has ever done!

Commander Will Miller – US Navy – retired:
A Decorated VIETNAM COMBAT VETERAN, and ADVISOR to Generals, Admirals, & White House Staff
A Military Advisor in World-War III, Natural, Nuclear Technological, & Disaster Survival.
Advisor in non-lethal weapons and future space systems.
Held TS-SCI security clearance (Top Secret Clearance with Special Compartmented Information access).
Currently Rotary International Assistant-Governor for Rotary Clubs on Florida’s Central Gulf Coast.





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