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Books, Recommended / Friday, March 23rd, 2012

Genetic research, conceptual computer artwork.



Leonard Horowitz_ DNA

“DNA: Pirates of the Sacred Spiral”

Based on the latest science, this monumental book considers both uses and abuses of DNA–“The Sacred Spiral.” Stunning evidence compiled herein proves DNA is nature’s bioaccoustic and electromagnetic (that is, “spiritual”) energy receiver, signal transformer, and quantum sound and light transmitter. In other words, the bioenergetics of genetics precipitates life. These scientific revelations bring expanded spiritual meaning to life, physical embodiment, and even evolution. Yet, leading genetic industrialists prefer to keep these uplifting and freeing truths secret. The infamous untrustworthy “Human Genome Pirates” operate covertly, controlling genetic patents, spin-off technologies, and public information dissemination. With the world’s most powerful banking and pharmaceutical cartel behind them, they now control civilization’s destiny. The greatest risk of manipulation and threatened extinction is at hand. As humanity teeters on the brink of unprecedented DNA-mediated, spiritual ascendance or complete enslavement if not extinction, argues award winning author and public health expert, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, this riveting prose provides critical direction for humanity’s physical and spiritual salvation.

This book offers revolutionary new views of emerging genetic research consistent with largely secreted science and sacred spiritual knowledge. Chapters incorporated this metaphysical science non-fiction thriller include discussions of electro-genetics, quantum physics, bioholography, human consciousness, and even spiritual dynamics, to accomplish an urgent mission: awaken humanity to the highest levels of risk awareness and accountability for our planet’s destiny.


Leonard Horowitz_ Healing Codes

“Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse”

Rarely, a book changes the course of history. This is such a book.

Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse has created a revolution in musical-mathematics and “creative consciousness.” This book’s revelations have prompted musicans worldwide to retune their instruments to the healing frequency of LOVE–identified as the MIracle note of the orginal musical scale, 528Hz.

One half of the world’s current population should soon be dead according to authoritative projections, Biblical prophesies, and scientific predictions. Will you be energetically protected by the Creator’s music or not?

In this monumental book the Horowitz/Puleo team reveals the music of the spheres, a 3,000 year-old burried treasure encoded in the Bible, that leads to the discovery of encoded mathematical intelligence required for understanding how the human race, and planet earth, will be Divinely spared and inspired during this period of great tribulation and pandemic illness.

The authors investigate 2000 years of religious and political persecution and the latest technologies being used to enslave, coerce, and kill billions of unsuspecting people. Special attention is given to the “mad cow disease” problem and its theoretic links to proteins that may be activated electromagnetically (even from space) causing brain damage and the symptoms of this disease in humans (called Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease).

This work returns the most precious spiritual knowledge, power and “healing codes” to humanity. It offers new hope for the loving masses to survive the worldwide plagues, famines, water-shortages, and weather changes that are now at hand. In perfect time for these cataclysmic events, Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse presents an urgent, monumental and inspired work that will be hailed for generations to come.

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