Divine Embodiment

Ascension / Thursday, September 26th, 2013

Message from Archangel Michael with Sanat Kumara & the Council of Light

Channeled by Meredith Murphy http://www.expectwonderful.com

Telepathic Transmission – 25 September 2013

Greetings Beautiful Ones!

I AM delighted to be here with you, connected in conscious appreciation for the unfolding of awareness and being on your planet. I join you to harmonize and assist with your own deepest desires for presence and remembering! Together, in this communion I can transmit and broadcast to you and support you in opening yourselves to more fully connect with the non-physical aspects of you. I am with you in this communion of remembering. It is my focus as a presence of life and light to participate in this expansion on Earth. It is my joy!

As you unite with all that you are, as you invite by your attentive focus our participation in your experience, we will open with you the ways of being that support and ignite the light within you, presenting a fuller expression of your divine vitality. As you allow this to proceed, you will find yourselves more light, more joyous, more easy with your present focus then before this opening commenced. This ease is more available to you and it is simply by your focus in this here, this now, with all that you are, empowering the magnificent energy of you, that this opens up. We come forth today, to participate with you in this material and Earthly experience, and it is you, making it possible for all of this to open more fully. I bless and celebrate your conscious remembering and all that has led to this moment of conscious connection, this convergence of Light, this coming together for the experience of MORE JOY!

I am, We are, innately, all about the MORE JOY pathways and I hope that by sharing in this communion, this conscious connection with you, you will find that you allow yourselves to let go more. Letting go is so powerful. It will gift you with relief! You will experience more relief, you will remember how it feels to have confidence in you and to know that you are perfect and beautiful and capable. You will discover how generously life is giving to you, YOU are giving to you! I am here to assist with this remembering. Not to empower you — you are empowered — but to assist you in reclaiming this by reminding you of the ways of ease and joy which are your ways, innately.

What you are experiencing, is in fact a totally natural process. The expansion of the non-physical continuum of your being within your human energy, the embodiment of your divine knowing, the essence of Source Creation as YOU is a totally natural process.

Although for your local, personality self this may seem to be unusually demanding, this path of awakening, of clarifying and releasing limiting thoughts and denser energies from your field, although this may seem unusual, or difficult, it is in fact a totally natural process.

We share this with you today to support you and to give you validation of the confidence within which more and more of you are living. To celebrate with you what is a natural momentum within the whole of creation — the return to conscious awareness of divine embodiment — clearly, directly, fully being YOU.

Within you are all the keys and wisdom necessary to make it easier and more graceful for you to take this Earthly journey into a new sphere of wholeness and expression. You actually have to resist this natural flow to de-rail this process. It is being organically activated by the rising energies you are experiencing and all of you and everything energetically that constitutes your being, knows how to do this!

You can open up more and more of these ease-filled pathways by living from your heart, open to all you are and open to the world. It’s simple and it’s direct. For a long time people thought they needed to go through others to connect with the divine. But that illusion is fading. More and more people are connecting directly with All-That-Is, and even more amazing is that people are remembering their true divine lineage, which of course reveals the naturalness of this whole process of going direct!

In this focus, you can open up yourselves more and more to the innate wisdom within, and as you pay attention to this, we also are broadcasting liberating perspectives and amplifying with our focus this connection to all you are, for each of you. We are supporting you in more fully aligning with the leading edge of your experience, with letting go of the identification of your local human life most gracefully as you expand and spiral more fully into the expanded expression of the fullness of your own being. We are always ready and prepared to join you in this communion of focus and to support you in further embodying the essence of all that you are, with purity, clarity, directness and with grace. With playfulness and confidence. With simplicity and joy.

In opening more fully to the fullness of your own being you will know grace and most of all, initially, you will feel RELIEF. The relief of being you without inhibitation, the relief of letting go and trusting all you are to open you up. The relief of letting go of all the shoulds, the ought-tos, the I have tos, I must… The relief of really believing in what is happening within you and trusting your sense of things. The relief of knowing you’re One with everything and taking care of your happiness fulfills everything that is.

Relief is the such an enormous gift! It opens you up to the experience of grace. And it makes so much so much easier — once you have relief, you sleep better, you are less judgemental of yourself and you begin to live each day in a more relaxed state of being available to what presents and creative and allowing yourself to live from inspiration and knowing.

So our intent in joining you in being with you as you tune, tune, tune, re-tune yourself into a strong, harmonic resonance with the energetics of the New Paradigm, the New Harmonics, the energies of the expanding Earth, and do this by becoming the expanded expression of the essence of you, is to assist you in trusting the process and to assist you, to support you in feeling deep within you the knowing that all is well.

You are birthing and bringing forth the unique essence which is the fullness of your being. And as such, all that lies within you has keen clarity about how to best proceed in this unfolding. Your role is to open your hearts and feel your way into more and more communion and connection with all that you are. To gradually build up your self-trust so that you can allow yourself to live as YOU. Loving YOU. Appreciating YOU. Not feeling the need to be other than you are, and allowing you to be as you are and with great honor and respect, opening up a new loving relationship with this fullness of being that is coming forth from within you, and enjoying expressing and creating from this, as you. To recognize this arising presence as the essence of YOU and to expand into the fulfillment of this. This is the natural process in which you are participating, dear ones and it is with profound realization that you open up the material plane to this infusion of higher vibrational divine energies.

We are going to ask you dear ones, to take what is shared in this transmission to heart. To feel the energy embedded within these words, the alchemy of transmission you are using to open up to the energy and feel the way you relate to this energy. See if you resonate with what we share. We are asking you to consciously engage with the ideas we share with you as energy and to invite you to receive by listening and participating in this focused collective, this communion of light for the purpose of sustaining your experience of the New Harmonics more fully, more often.

You will be doing the empowering of yourself by slightly shifting your awareness, your understanding of yourself, each day and through each experience of opening more and more to all that you are, you will discover you are transforming and re-formatting your presence here to more clearly, directly, and accurately reflect the essence of all that you are.

We join you whenever you turn toward this aspiration and invite our participation. We are joyous to assist! We are happy will provide you with ideas and information, with energetic transmissions and support to assist you in making many many many small shifts and perhaps even some huge shifts will happen for some of you, but truly dear ones, it is NOT such a big deal to make the shifts that empower your own glory to arise in your human life, for it is a natural process to ascend. Ascension is a also a perpetual process in so many ways, and you will discover and enjoy the arrivals and you will also discover and enjoy the ongoing expansion. There is always more to open to, to experience, to create, to enjoy to participate in, in our collective return to Union.

It has happened before, that some humans have embodied their Divine Presence, but NOW? You are doing it en-masse, collectively, with “oodles” of joyous collective participation and lots of loving assistance from the non-physical aspects of you and all the non-physical fields supporting this expansion. You are experiencing a more embodied presence with your own higher self, you have realized that opening your heart and orienting there, is the easy, simple pathway to true being and you are showing up with this awareness and understanding.

This is EPIC! This is monumental. You are already so far into the new that it is astonishing!

We want you today to simply ponder the idea that all of this is natural. If you resonate with this, we encourage you to really take it to heart, to let it inform your way of being and give you greater confidence and peace of mind. And with anything which is most natural and innante, we invite you trust, to let go and let the inner wisdom of life, carry you home.

You can then simply be YOU and the amazing receiver of love that you fundamentally are, and let it all present to you, for your expansion, your expression, your clarification and your great, great great, luminous JOY.

We are the Council of Light, with Archangel Michael & Sanat Kumara



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