Decree To Shift Into The 5th Dimension

Spiritual Perspectives / Wednesday, May 19th, 2021
art by Richard Copeland

 by Asara Adams

In the name of my “Beloved I AM Presence”

I now call forth my Galactic Family of Light, the Beloved Ascended Masters, and the Great Angelic Hosts.

I Ask for these Blessed Beings of the Light to Amplify, Intensify, and Multiply the power of this Decree with the Light of a Thousand Suns from the Great Central Sun:”Beloved ‘Mighty I AM Presence’!

Charge and fill my mind and body with Divine Inner Peace, Love, Harmony, Abundance, Health and Happiness!

Fill my entire being, mind, heart, body and aura with your energy and let me see, feel and perceive my reality through your eyes and call forth the manifestation of the Divine Plan.

I now call for the Power of my Higher Self and my Beloved I AM Presence to shift into the 5th Dimension with ease and joy.

I AM shifting the way I think, feel, speak, act and respond into the Ascended Master’s way of life.

I AM now living in wonderful realities to create a higher dimensional life of Love, Peace, Harmony, Health, Creativity, Abundance, Joy and the fulfillment of the Divine Plan for all.In the name of my “Beloved I AM Presence”

I now charge myself and my world with the Cosmic Christ Light of eternal perfection and the Ascended Masters’ and Cosmic Beings’ Illumined Substance of Invincible Light.

I decree this for the Highest Good of All That Is in Divine Service to God.

Now and forever.

It is done. It is done. It is done.

Thank you, Beloved I AM.”


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