Ascension / Saturday, October 13th, 2012

Massive Fermi bubbles at the center of the Milky Way…never before detected.


Dear world,

The end of 2012 is associated with the end of this age and the beginning of a new age. In earthly terms, December 21…the end of 2012 is the one of the biggest news items of our planet for thousands of years… the top news story of all time.

In galactic terms, the end of 2012 is associated with the completion of the Third Grand Experiment.

The Third Grand Experiment is why many of us chose to come to planet earth:  to see if we could raise our Light frequency very high, in a very short period of time (on a planet ruled briefly by god fearing luciferians), “In the blink of an eye” in galactic terms.  Although there are many earth-like planets out there, no one had ever tried to change from a density-based species, into a Light-based species in such a short time… it’s unheard of, never been done before… this is why it feels very intense to be on earth right now… if you are experiencing intensity, see if there’s a correlation with high solar energy, watch the earth’s magnetosphere… look for galactic alignments… emotional and mental patterns associated with lunar cycle, there likely is a connection.

If you are being pulled into the past or future, you will likely feel unbalanced if you are struggling to be present in the now… to regain your balance you simply need to be present, and to command your heart to take over from the ego and mind… living heartfully is associated with the doorway at the end of this age and the beginning of the new age.

One day I was given a real life preview of this, when someone literally changed my perception of the world, with the flick of a switch…everything was transformed into a higher dimension, and then a few seconds later like a flick of a switch, everything “went back to normal”.

Earth is now being transformed by galactic, photonic, and solar energies (with a likely visit by Nibiru), leading up to a quantum shift and a highly significant galactic alignment….These galactic, photonic and solar energies are ever increasing…. leading up to the end of 2012 and beyond… this experience is like putting your finger in a Light socket… some bodies electrical systems will fry and they will leave their body, their spirit will return to the spirit world.  Those who have raised their Light frequency will receive a rather large electrical surge…..the quantum shift….and change in an instant, along with everything that is love, into a whole new reality… the fifth dimension.

If you can be fully present (without past or future focus), and are able to experience nothing but love (the mind and heart are bridged together with the heart being the dominant energy), you will get through the doorway of Dec 21 2012… one moment everything will change… it will be a major upgrade into fifth dimensional energies.

If you are unable to be fully present, and are unable to embody love…you will likely die a physical death, and will pick right back up where you left off, in another lifetime…at a much slower pace…. there is nothing inherently wrong about this.  If you cannot help yourself to criticize, control, dominate another being in any way… you simply “repeat the grade” and retake that class as many times as you need… you will not inherit the new earth.  God’s grace may step in at anytime, for example He simply may beam people off this planet, who are of lower frequencies, to continue to soul learning experiences in the same body… elsewhere.

The doorway at the end of 2012 is small, there’s only room for you and your love… nothing else.

My intention for writing these words, is to assist people to comprehend the bigger picture of these times… we’re at the end of a 26000 cycle, and are experiencing a global and galactic reunion as the entire universe goes through an upgrade of sorts.

The universe is one being… one song…  your love is showing you how to sing along with that one song…

Another date of significance is Dec 12 2012 (12/12/12)… at this time giant crystals will become active… this effect will be felt by all of humanity.

First we played the game of separation…. now we play the game of unity… can we play the of unity as well as we played the game of separation? Can we see everyone in the world, as one big family, along with our entire universe, as one big family.


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