Culmination Point: theoretical to applied mastery

Galactics, Spiritual Perspectives / Saturday, June 27th, 2015

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by Lauren C. Gorgo

Since the beginning of 2012, when the ensoulment process began in earnest, those at the helm of human and planetary ascension have been tirelessly working toward the embodiment of divinity. During this deeply challenging window of time the Pleiadians have opened us up to so much new information regarding our transition into 5th dimensional, new human prototypes…and yet, until now, it has been a mostly cognitive experience.

2015 on the other hand, brought us to a whole new higher/deeper level of embodiment never before felt/experienced…catalyzed by the March equinox-blood moon-eclipse passage during Passover/Easter season…and now our transfiguration is fully underway, as a present-moment, in-the-flesh experience.

The difference in our experience of this process pre & post 2015 is profound…and from what I am hearing, the second half of this year is going to make that profundity obvious to even the most unaware.

Now we find ourselves freshly on the other side of the solstice, what I am hearing called a major culmination point,and the galactics tell me this was a grand finale of sorts…that we are releasing ourselves from our old, linear-based life template and fear-based patterns, that which will make our 5D lightbody template finally become a felt experience.

It’s become pretty clear that ascension/descension is no longer a process of predicting what’s to come, but a process of what IS occurring in our present moment…as we experience it.  In some ways embodying has proven way more challenging than I personally anticipated, but in other ways it is perfectly as challenging as it needs to be for us to move into such groundbreaking territory….and for something so far-reaching, miraculous even, to be accepted (by the mind) as a tangible reality.

As the seasons shift and we move into a time of major life change, some of us are finding ourselves at a point of absolution…some of us are still in the grips of fear…some of us are right between the two realizing that there is nothing left to hold onto but faith, yet still hesitating to make that final leap thru (ego) death.

Regardless of where you find yourself, we are all facing a pile-up of past choices, living out the consequences of some final cycles of miscreation until we are able to free ourselves and move into the months of applied mastery that await us this season.  I’ve said this before, but experiencing a living death is the hardest work possible in a human living our fears has nothing over transcending them. Moving beyond our limitations…while FEELing them so intensely…requires the kind of courage that only the GOD in us can overcome.  And that’s the point.

We have been thru the ringer and realize so literally now that nothing outside of ourselves could have truly prepared any of us for this moment because faith in the unknown + trusting in our divinity to guide us here = the only way out of human suffering.

Faith is physics…opening ourselves to a higher outcome changes the vibrational properties of our energy to allow for new physical potentials.  Often times the blind faith required to ascend feels like walking the proverbial plank in the dead of night, but once we reach the end of it we realize it’s really just our jumping off point into the sea of limitless possibilities. When we have the faith (physics) to move forward without a solid understanding of the future (that we already created), only then can we move beyond the patterns of our past making.  Faith opens space, expands our possibilities for new experience where fear closes us in, keeps us small and bound to the familiar…even when it’s uncomfortable as hell.

This season, the unseens say that many of us will come face to face with the results of our convictions…little by little, we will grasp the enormity of our release from duality and see, with physical eyes, where our bold and courageous leaps of faith landed us.

The challenges we’ve been thru, especially during the fascinating and wildly potent Mercury retrograde, were to afford us this now opportunity that we are still awakening to.   Last month, those who were prepared we were asked to fully and completely surrender the small (ego) self to the authentic/divine/true Self…to finally feel and free the pain of those core (limiting) be-lie-fs so that we can solidify, ground and integrate our higher choices once and for all…those new neural pathways we have been painstakingly carving out years. Eons even.

And this level of surrender is/has been deeply cellular…we are/have been hollowing out all the old DNA programs (of limitation) in each of our cells to make room for our divinity to enter.  We have been calling up those hidden places of emotional pain in our physical bodies so readily and at such an alarming pace that we have no choice but to allow them to be so.  These passages are for the lionhearted, no doubt, but the beauty in this fierceness is how ripe these moments are for finality.  It’s really remarkable to witness, discomfort and all….this is mastery level work, and it feels it.

We are absolutely facing our selves at an unprecedented rate, but each time we have the courage to be BIGGER than our fears, to transcend the lower mind and it’s creations, we move deeper into alignment with our divine blueprint…our universal (adam kadmon) template…that which houses the patterning of our perfection, the schematic for our lightbody plan. From what I am hearing, our success in transcending the lower world will be determined the next few months as each of us are offered real-life opportunities to move fully and completely beyond the polarity of emotional reaction (love/fear) to the neutrality of heart-centered action (LOVE).

Our heart-centered action will be such a boon for the world, and for those of you reading this who have emptied your vessels enough to activate the light of your soul, in physical form, the time has come to step fully into yourself and be the beacon that you came here to be.  You know who you are and I assure you that it is safe now and that you will be supported.  In the past, when we opened ourselves up to be vulnerable in a world that was not ready for our LOVE, we were met with the harshness of (mostly our own) unresolved energies.

That’s over now and we can see the proof all around us as so many people find the courage to be openly transparent about their truth. The time has come to speak out loud…to share our collective voice as ONE that demands the universal virtues of LOVE:  tolerance, acceptance, shared respect for other and all living things on this planet.

It may be scary to put yourself out there again, but if you are being called forth it’s because you have done the inner work required to make this leap into mastery. Rest assured, father GOD has returned on this planet and is helping each of us to find the courage to be counted, so turn on your heart-light and shine forth like the diamond soul you came here to be.

The tide is turning and in about two-three weeks time our lives will begin to pivot from merging to e-merging.  The scenery shifts as the second half of this year presents to us the backdrop needed to recreate reality based on the truth of who we truly, divinely, authentically are…that which indubitably serves the higher plan.  All that’s required is the courage to BE…unapologetically YOU.

Grace awaits us those who embrace their greatness.  ©Expect Miracles, Inc. 2015 All rights reserved. 

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