Ancient Science / Sunday, December 20th, 2015

cubic fractal


The Gift of the Cube is its ability to fill space entirely without gaps.
That is why crystals atomic structure are cubic as they store memory efficiently.
As the Cube Of Space tessellates itself in 3-dimensions, an oddity occurs, as the onion-like layers increase, the cubes appear to embed themselves one within the other,
bordering on a 4th dimensional reality that which we call Fractal (when the inside is the same as the outside), which implies that a higher level and a more sophisticated form of memory packing is ensured, a landscape where every cubic cell is in geometric connection with every other cubic cell, forming not just a fractal cube but a Fractal City.

cubes packed

A cube is an infinite number of squares… A tesseract is an infinite number of cubes Arutha Lukas 


earth cube


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