Crises of Capitalism

Economy, Zeitgeist / Saturday, March 9th, 2013

David Harvey


In this RSA Animate, celebrated academic David Harvey looks beyond capitalism towards a new social order. Can we find a more responsible, just, and humane economic system?

This RSA Animate was taken from a lecture given as part of the RSA’s free public lecture programme. The RSA is a 258 year-old charity devoted to driving social progress and spreading world-changing ideas. For more information, visit

Making a Green Solidarity Economy


Growing a Green Economy for All: From Green Jobs to Green Ownership
Deborah B. Warren and Steve Dubb

Is Having Access the New Ownership?
Ali Hart

Solidarity Economics: Strategies for Building New Economies from the Bottom-Up and the Inside-Out
Ethan Miller

Solidarity Economy: Building Alternatives for People and Planet
Papers and Reports from the U.S. Social Forum 2007
Edited by Jenna Allard, Carl Davidson, and Julie Matthaei

Solidarity-based and Co-operative Economy and Ethical Business: Trends, Innovations and Experiences in Europe

by Sonia Buglione and Rainer Schlüter, November 2010 Solidarity Economy Resources

What is the Solidarity Economy?
The concept solidarity economy has diverse origins and varied meanings, all of which revolve around the effort to root economic activity in principles of solidarity, participation, cooperation, and reciprocity as opposed to the competitive individualism characteristic of mainstream capitalist paradigms.

Ethical European Bank

Following the merger of Nef (France), the Banca popolare etica (Italy) and Fiare (Spain), the first alternative ethical bank was launched in 2010 as a European cooperative. The objective is to provide a financial institution dedicated to the growing demand for financing for humanity for the social and solidarity economy.

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