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Cosmic Consciousness is an ultra high state of illumination in the human Mind that is beyond that of “self-awareness,” and “ego-awareness.”  In the attainment of Cosmic Consciousness, the human Mind has entered a state of Knowledge instead of mere beliefs, a state of “I know,” instead of “I believe.” This state of Mind is beyond that of the sense reasoning in that it has attained an awareness of the Universe and its relation to being and a recognition of the Oneness in all things that is not easily shared with others who have not personally experienced this state of Mind.   The attainment of Cosmic illumination will cause an individual to seek solitude from the multitude, and isolation from the noisy world of mental pollution. 

In the state of Cosmic Consciousness has an individual developed a keen awareness of his own mental states and activities and that of others around him or her.  This individual is aware of a very distinct “I” personality that empowers the individual with a powerful expression of the “I am” that is not swayed or moved by the external impressions of the trifling mental states of others. This individual stands on a “rock solid” foundation that is not easily understood by the common mind.  Cosmic Consciousness is void of the “superficial” ego.

The existence of the conscious “I” and the “Subconscious Mind” on the Mental Plane is a manifestation of the seventh Hermetic principle, the Principle of Gender.  Every human, male and female, is composed of the Masculine and Feminine aspect of Mind on the Mental Plane.  Each male has its female element, and each female has its male element of Mental Gender from which the creation of all thoughts proceed.  The “I” being the masculine aspect of Mind, and the Subconscious Mind being the feminine.  The Principle of Gender manifests itself as male and female in all species of Life and Being that makes the sexual reproduction and multiplication of the species possible on the Great Physical Plane.  The phenomena of this Principle can be found in all three great groups of Life manifestation; the Spiritual, Mental, and Physical Planes of Life and Being. 

On the Physical Plane, its role is recognized as sexual reproduction, while on the higher planes it takes on higher, more  subtler functions of Mental and Spiritual Gender.  Its role is always in the direction of reproduction, generation and regeneration.  The Masculine and Feminine principles are always present and active in all phases of phenomena and every plane of Life.    An understanding in the manifesting power of this Principle, will give us a greater understanding of ourselves and an awareness of the enormous latent power awaiting to be tapped.

In the Spiritual developed individual, the person who becomes aware of, and recognizes the conscious “I,” or the “I am” within, will be able to exert its will upon the subconscious mind with definite causation and purpose.  The recognition and awareness of the “I” will enable a person to expand his or her mind into regions of consciousness that is unthinkable to the societal conditioned thinking process of the world community. 

True Spiritual, or Mental development, enables the sharpening of the five bodily senses, enhancing the richness of Life as our minds are allowed to expand into advanced Spiritual knowledge.  Knowledge that will enable the proper use of the five wonderful bodily senses as they report to us the external world from which we derive information to store in the memory banks of the brain to create a knowledge base of experience.  The greater the Conscious awareness, the more acute the bodily senses become.  At the same time, the lesser the Conscious awareness (non-material sixth sense), the less acute the five bodily senses become and much of our external world would not even be acknowledged.  This difference of mental states is most likely the cause of debate between religious and scientific circles.

The “I” Consciousness in each human is the true “Higher Self.” The “Higher Self” of each human exists as a constant moving whirlpoolof Cosmic Consciousness, or an eddy in the INFINITE SPIRIT of “THE ALL,” which manifests LIFE in all of us and all living entities of the lower and higher planes.  The “I” within all of us as being apart of the Mind but not separated exists in all of us and is the instrument of the conscious “I.”  It is Eternal and indestructible and mortality and Immortality is not an issue in it’s existence.  There is no force in existence capable of destroying the “I.”  This “I” or “Higher Self” is the SOUL of the Soul and is holographically connected to THE ALL, giving the powerful “I” the Image of its CREATOR.  All of us are created in the image of GOD ( ALL THAT IS ) without any exceptions or exclusions and none can escape its OMNIPRESENT INFINITE LIVING MIND.  The ALL being the Ruler of all fate, or destiny, in all peoples, nations, governments, religious institutions, suns, worlds, galaxies, planes, dimensions, and Universes.   All are subject to its Wills and Efforts, and is the LAW that keeps all things in relationship to their SOURCE.  There is no “existence” outside of THE ALL.

When the “I” is consciously recognized within ourselves, the “Will” of the “I” is powerfully exerted upon the Subconscious Mind, giving the Subconscious Mind purpose and a sense of direction in LIFE.  The Mind is the instrument by which the conscious “I” pries open the many deep, and hidden secrets of Nature. 

To cause advancement, each individual would have to initiate the effort in learning the deep secrets of their nature, setting aside all the trifling efforts of self-condemnation, low self esteem, and hurts in their daily living that is caused by allowing the ignorant brainwashing of societal conditioning and self inflicted wounds. All the brainwashing, and imagined hurts that we experience in our lives are lessons to overcome these obstacles and to learn, and recognize the powerful “I.”  

Only the person who created the negative state of Mind can eliminate this by making a fundamental change in the way they think and what is held in their thoughts and to allow themselves the Spiritual education that is needed in for advancement.  There is no red carpet treatment or royal road in accomplishing this.  It takes a will, a desire, diligent effort, and perseverance in cultivating this knowledge.  The resulting rewards of this attainment will far exceed the greatest worldly rewards known to humanity.

Most people fail to recognize this reality and they will unconsciously and painfully race through Life from cradle to grave and not even experience a momentary glimpse of this great Truth.

The “I,” when recognized in a conscious and deliberate manner, will enable a person to accomplish things in Life that is limited only to his or her own imagination.  The  accomplishments of educators, scientists, engineers, and leaders, who make up the smaller percentage of the world population, have to a degree recognized this “I” within themselves, mostly in an unconscious manner, nevertheless, many have accomplished successful professional careers.  They have accomplished a mental focus on a subject (or object), that escaped the ability of most people, giving them a sense of direction and a meaningful purpose in society.  Every human is capable of accomplishing this, if they only will learn to focus and concentrate on one subject at a time.

When the will of the “I” is utilized and exerted in an unrecognized and unconscious manner, it becomes misused and abused, bringing misery to the individual and others around him or her.  Often, is this reality seen in the work place between people and where persons are in a position of authority, such as supervisors, managers, directors, etc., who bring misery to themselves and to their workers because of the powerful will of the unrecognized “I” or “I am.”  This aspect will cause a lack of harmony in an individual corporate, or company structure and at times bring chaos to the organization when enough of these type of individuals are employed in one place.  Teamwork becomes a very laboring effort as competition between employees becomes its theme causing discontent and thus reducing the efficiency of a corporate environment.  There is strength in number, either positive or negative.  The realm of SPIRIT affects all levels of our society.

When the human Mind learns to become focused on a single object or subject at a time, without wandering, excluding all other objects/subjects waiting in line, the Mind is capable of gathering previously unknown energy and information about a given subject or object.  The entire world of that person seems to revolve in such a manner that it would bring them information from the unknownregions of the Mind.  This is true meditation, to gather information about the unknown while being in a focused meditative state of Mind.   Each true meditation should bring a person information that will cause his or her Mind to expand with Knowledge, especially, when the focal point of concentration is that of SPIRIT.   A person who learns to master this mental art will find that the proper books will manifest into their Life and bring to them the missing puzzles of LIFE.  Books that will draw the attention of an individual on a given subject, and when the new knowledge is applied to the individual’s Mind, it is allowed to expand further upon the subject by allowing the Mind to gather additional information and increasing the knowledge base, causing further advancement for others as well. 

The mental art of concentration by employing the exertion of the willand creating desire upon a given subject or object is very rare because the lazy human mind is content with wandering triflingly through Life.  The untrained average human Mind is constantly rapidly wandering from one subject/object to another and is unable to focus on a single subject because of the constant carousel ofexternal impressions of objects from the surrounding material world.  The untrained mind is constantly jumping from one subject/object to another, like the jumping around of a wild monkey, never able to pause for a moment, to concentrate, and focalize long enough to allow the Mind to gather information about a given subject or object.  This is what thinking is.  To allow the Mind to gather information about the unknown.  When this is disallowed, a person will wander aimlessly through Life and maintaining an ignorant state of Mind.

Wandering aimlessly through Life is a dangerous mental state to maintain because of the possible danger of other minds with stronger wills and efforts to manipulate the person who has not taken responsibility in the discipline and control of their own mind.  A person who has no control of their own wandering mind, has no control in Life’s destiny because of the lack of focus and direction in Life.   It can be compared to a rudderless ship that is constantly tossed by the rise and fall of the waves from the powerful ocean.

When the Mind becomes trained and learns to concentrate and focalize on a single object or subject at a time, that state of Mind will bring the individual Universal Knowledge and Wisdom. This is how genius is created by applying the mental art of concentration and focalizing on any worthwhile subject.   The famous theories and hypothesis come into being such as Einstein’s theory of relativity, man’s ability to fly through the air, space travel, etc., by applying the mental art of concentration.  It is an undending mental aspect of the human mind as it continues to expand and gathers more and more information about all known and unknown subjects and objects, constantly causing change and advancement in Spirituality and technology.  Unbiased, Spiritual Wisdom enables the proper use of technology and is the catalyst for its increasingly rapid advancement.  It maybe difficult, at the moment, to conceive that Spirituality and technology go hand in hand, but the lack of Spiritual Wisdom will dampen the infinite possibilities because of a limited, diminutive belief system.

Technology ends where the mortal barrier begins, then, it becomes a necessity to look into the realm of SPIRIT in order to continue human evolution.  Without the continuous advancement of evolution, this civilization will become dissolved and perish off the face of the earth, like the many previous civilizations before us.  The mortal barrier begins when science and technology will reach the limitation of the atomic and sub-atomic particles and a quantum leap into the realm of the Waveform (SPIRIT) becomes a necessity in order to continue upward progress.

When a person learns to find a quiet moment in their lives to be able to become mentally focused and centered on their profession, job, Spirituality, whatever the endeavor, they will find the answers and renewed energy to solve problems and create new knowledge and ideas. 

When a person (no matter who) learns to focus and concentrate on SPIRIT, their Mind will gather from their Cosmic Consciousness, the deepest secrets of the Universe, as to how it is composed, by what means, and to what end.   But, the enigma of the deepest inner secret Nature of THE ALL, or GOD, will always remain unknowable to us by reason of its INFINITE stature to which no human qualities can, or should, ever be ascribed.

There is more on the subject of the powerful “I” consciousness the “I Am,” the “Higher Self,” which is, each one of us.

— J. R. Seydel


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