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Spiritual Perspectives / Tuesday, August 18th, 2015




Message from Archangel Metatron
received by Julie Miller
August 12, 2015


When the ego is permitted to roam uncontrollably, oftentimes you find yourself making trifle matters mountainous.
Errors that come from the words that dribble from your mouth or written in a form of a comment, is often exaggerated, bloated and far from your pure and natural self.

How often are shallow excuses used to explain the reasons and whys you have not followed through on something? The ego that is always hungry and thirsty for attention often disguises itself inside one of your excuses or complaints.

It is important to realize and to recognize that the words you express are actually demonstrations of your attitude, your level of understanding, your interpretation and your values. Your emotions and feelings are affected by any of these when they are imbalanced and no longer in harmony with your heart. Indulging in the temptation to judge or to criticize others only reflects how you are thinking of yourself.

If your actions, words and choices reflect only our little, egoic self, the self that requires to be the center of attention, then you end up creating a roiling nest of negative emotions and feelings.

Use your Light-filled energy to fill every instance regardless of its size to work through and beyond the drama of your over-stimulated mind. Use your Light-filled energy to do random acts of kindness and helpfulness without anticipating or expecting any form of reward.

When you come forth shining from the pure Light that inside of you, waiting to be discovered, you are sharing the most treasured part of yourself…your LOVE and when you share unconditional love in all things and with all people, your little egoic self cannot compete. Love, sweet, love is the cure and healer of all afflictions that cause misunderstanding and separation.

The more aware you become of what is going on inside of you, the more you will know what you want, what changes are needed, and how to prioritize what is most important.

Coming from a place of pure love does not mean you have perfected your Self, it just means you’ve accepted ALL of your faults and strengths as a continuous creation of your whole and complete you.

I AM Metatron, the Archangel through Julie Miller


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