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Ascension / Wednesday, October 30th, 2013


That is what I find myself to be doing right now. Contemplating over things in my life that have happened or are happening, within me, around me, outside of me all over the world. Contemplating about my own meaning in this lifetime and my precious being that feels expanding but locked at the same time into this physical body, wanting to get out of this but at the same time wanting to experience this all and to be of service in a true nature, in a spiritual way..

What matters is this: allowing the true nature of your being to BE and that can only be done in complete trust, Love, and surrender. This we can do by allowing, accepting and relaxing..Breathing in and out, experiencing energies, frequencies, life, love, feelings. All experiencing it, acknowledging it, embracing it but not engaging with it, not defining it, not labeling it but to just simply experiencing it and Be just that for a few moments without any attachments whatsoever to it.

We are finding ourselves in a period of shifts where we are led to ourselves in a deep way like never before. This is required for us to find that balance again and to be that balance again where the masculine and feminine energies of your authentic Being are neutral again and ONE. A balance where there are no extremes and where everything just IS. All is an everlasting, infinite source of energy that never ends, it is only ending a certain frequency that can be translated into experiences, creations, manifestations.. it is a becoming of something, of some frequency at that time that does serve you along your own journey. When a certain frequency of being and experiencing ends, we start to be and experience something new: another frequency of energy and we become that.

What I have found to be contemplating on for a long time now is questioning myself: Is this what I want to become and experience, to BE? Is this serving my highest good and that of others? Can I Be something I have always wanted to BE and experience through this path I am walking on right now? When the answer sounds NO to that question, there is a time for change! Time to retract every energy you have been building upon this experience and shift it into what you want to BE and experience in this now. This float of energy will lend you to another way of existing and Being, where you shall encounter other ways of experiencing just that. In order to pre-create we need to be in stillness and define what is important to us at that time.

This is a rebirth process you find yourself going through and it demands the stillness within to go through; like a baby is still and calm, making itself ready to be introduced into this new world, after all the hard work is done (labor) and the easiest way to go through the hard work is to surrender, to trust within and to go with the flow on a still and relaxed way. The more you struggle, the harder the job to get it done. It is the same as birthing the new you and the new paradigm you all have been creating till now.

We have put an intent and focus to get to point in evolution where we each can Be and experience another YOU or part of You in the Oneness that you are and that requires a hard labor to reach to that point! And the easiest way is to completely trust and surrender to your inner Self, to your inner guidance and to the ones that are close to you (Light family, guides) who are “up there” lending a helpinh hand as they have a broader view on this all. So the only way through this is stillness, surrender, love and BEING.

We are definitely in this phase of stillness right now, for a lot of us gatekeepers are surrendering to our own Divinity and Being to again pave the way for others and to lead by example, to take in and to anchor. This all by BEING. Surges of energies, love and flares are coming in BIG time to make us even more aware of our own Divinity and purpose of being here. Again it all points out to BEING as we are here to BE who we are in different expressions and experiences.

Time for a dance with those energies as we swirl away through the gates of our own Being and make the best of it in our own way for our own best an for that of the entire Universe and Collective. Everybody dances in their own way, some like it rough some like it slow.. whatever the dance is that you choose to experience, you are getting to it anyway and without a doubt. Trust yourself, you are allowed to do so and even required to do so as otherwise you will block the natural flow of your dance. You are a beautiful being of Light by heart, so be proud of yourself to be able to manage this all, to shine and to show yourself to the world in every single aspect of your being. You are an expression of God, the Sparkle of Light and Its infinite Love.

Be joy, Be light, Be Love, BE YOU! I Love you, Méline Lafont

Méline Lafont 2012 – 2013, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered and


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