Consciousness-Based Subquantum Information Storage and Transport Influences All Physical Events and Objects

New Science, Spiritual Perspectives / Wednesday, August 17th, 2016



Dr. Robert Neil Boyd, Ph. D.1 & Dr. Adrian Klein, Ph. D., MDD 2
1. Princeton Biotechnology, NJ & 2. P.A. Associate, ECAO

Constituents of Continuous Creation

There was never a “big bang”. Empirical physical facts and observations have long ago completely falsified this ecclesiastical faith-based notion. Creation is a localized, ubiquitous, and continuous process, of infinite duration. This is a self-evident fact.

Despite the dogmatic and indoctrinated popularity of “big bang” and “inflationary” relativity-derived cosmologies, the Universe is infinite in volume and duration. Some recent theoretical steps have been made which support this understanding. (See, for example:

When relativity theory is completely removed from all cosmological consideration as a failed hypothesis, and Quantum and SubQuantum considerations are completely relied on, sans relativity, these Continuous Creation facts will become obvious and irrefutable.

Due to decades of contrary evidence and multitudinous strident objections to the notion of an “expanding universe”, the infinite volume Continuous Creation will be admitted as fact, as it will become obvious that space does not and cannot “expand”, when relativity and isotropic uniformity assumptions are thrown out the window. Hoyle, Narlikar, and Bondi are vindicated. We live in a variety of a “Steady State” infinite volume, infinite duration, plasma-electric universe. [ss]
Decades of experimental evidence has accumulated due to multitudes of instrumented attempts to find the faith-based and imaginary “gravity waves”. These vast piles of records, constituting more than 70 years of accumulated experimental evidence have proved, with near absolute certainty, that distance is an absolute (!), and that there are no “gravity waves”. The proof against “gravity waves” is as vast and substantial as the experimental evidence which was used to prove the physical tenets of Quantum Mechanics.

Given that distance is an absolute, this means that area is an absolute, and that volume is an absolute. Given these absolutes, space does not and cannot “bend” nor “expand”. Related imaginings that the Universe must be limited in volume or limited in duration are in the realm of primitive superstitions and faith-based religions. Such imaginings are not supported by the accumulated scientific evidence.

We take the view that the Euclidean dimensions are absolute in terms of distance, area, and volume. Space is thus physically “palpable” and measurable, and is observably occupied by matter, and energy, where both of these kinds of occupants change observably with time. However, many additional relevant factors which inhabit space are not as immediately palpable. What we are used to considering as time, and aging, is not all there is to it.

The Force Due to Time

The effects of the force due to time are palpable only after large spans of times have passed. Observably, everything ages. Due to what? Due to the force of time. The time force is inherent in the aether flux which causes gravitation.
The force due to time was first empirically measured by the astrophysicist Kozyrev, during 30 years of instrumented laboratory experiments and astrophysical observations. [CW-NAK] These measurements indicate that the force due to time is orders of magnitude smaller than the force due to gravitation, which is in turn, 39 orders of magnitude smaller than the force which is due to the electric field. Time density has a direct correspondence to aether density, allowing control of the temporal parameters of physical processes. See:

In the Continuous Creation process, the creation of matter, forces, Life-Forms, and so on, happen ubiquitously through all time. This is the Physical Brahma principle. It is a Universal and localized set of physical processes.
Things are maintained and sustained in their forms and conditions, for spans of time. This is the Physical Vishnu principle.  It is a Universal and localized set of physical processes.

Things inevitably change and decay, over spans of time, until they cease to exist in their original form, and physically dissipate. This is the Physical Shiva principle. This is a Universal and localized set of physical processes.

Brahma (creation), Vishnu (sustenance), and Shiva (change, destruction) are continuous and ubiquitous activities and are actually observable Physical Principles, continuously cycling through endless spans of time, throughout the infinite volume Intelligent Universe. There was never a beginning to these cycles, and there will never be an end to them.

These three principles are observably inevitable, and ubiquitous, as well as localized. Localized creations/destructions of matter are originating based on localized holographic information principles, guided by the Cosmic Harmony principle, and implemented through SubQuantum aether activities and gamma rays. [Le Bon]

The Intelligent Universe

“Everything in the Universe, throughout all its kingdoms, is conscious: i.e., endowed with a consciousness of its own kind and on its own plane of perception. There is but one indivisible and absolute Omniscience and Intelligence in the Universe, and this thrills throughout every atom and infinitesimal point of the whole finite Kosmos which hath no bounds, and which people call space.” ~ H. P. Blavatsky

Local creation processes are all interactively planned out ahead of time, by the Intelligent Universe, along with the Ambient Intelligence, as a background life-creating framework regarding the physical destiny of every created thing, and affecting every form of Consciousness, as described above. [AI]

Yet all Life-Forms operate within this framework out of the Universal Principle of Free Will, as the inherent freedom of all life to do as it chooses, is ubiquitously seen throughout Nature. So, part of existence is pre-destined, and another part is due to choices, preferences, and unique personalities (Uniqueness is another pervasive Universal Principle.), under the overarching principle of the Cosmic Harmony. (Human activities which are lacking in Harmony tend to result in pain and/or suffering.)

However, the Infinite volume Universe, as a Whole, does none of these things. On average, The Whole continues everywhere, is never born, and never ceases to be. Creation is a localized process. The above 3 principles of time and localized creation/sustenance/destruction are physical processes, which are ubiquitous and inherent in space itself. This is self-evident to the empirical observer of Natural processes.

Forces of Consciousness

There are also action-reaction forces which are due to information, Consciousness, and personality (uniqueness), and due to intention, attention, and emotional states. This understanding is already inherent in the Schrodinger equations.

For example, there were instrumented experiments done regarding the interactions between the radiations emitting from Radio Frequency broadcast facilities, and the operators of those facilities, in the late 1990s.
It was instrumentally observed that, as the intentions, attentions, and the emotions of the operators of the E/M broadcasting facilities changed, the radiated pattern of the broadcasting antennas, changed accordingly. Cause and effect. This implies a force is involved.

The same experiments were carried out with complex E/M facilities, and symplectic E/M broadcasting stations. In all cases, the results measured were the same. These results were removed from the arXive at Cornell, less than 3 months after the pre-print was posted there. The results were never published. (We suspect this had to do with the weaponization of microwaves and microwave towers.)

Another set of experiments along similar lines was done in Europe by a coalition of French, English, and German experimenters. Their observations verified those which had been made in the U.S. The experiments also established that a divergence in the quantum field was measurable in the circumstances of RF-Consciousness interactions. The relation between QM and electromagnetic radiations is already fairly well known.??These results imply that the Consciousness factors of attention, intention, and emotions can be directly influenced by RF radiations, in addition to the inverse effect of humans influencing E/M radiations. We keep it in mind that human beings are not the only intelligent Beings who inhabit the Earth, so other things are adversely affected by RF radiations, as well as humans.

Intelligence/Sentience is inherently residing in all space and manifests by degree in the material world, as according to the three principles described above. DNA information is also inherently residing in all space and manifests according to environmental considerations. We will discuss more on this, further on.
Personalities (souls) are, and cause, organizations of information, which can manifest as forces or material forms. The Consciousnesses (personalities) of Quasi-Material forms are often manifested as visible cloud-forms, or as glowing balls of light, which are made from coherent experiential Being-information.
When they decide to become visible, as it suits their purposes, these visible (normally invisible) Glowing-Sphere forms of Consciousness can do so, at will, because they are an organized aether-electric flux-structure which is comprised of multitudes of infinitesimals of Consciousness, which infinitesimals are known as “Bhutatmas”, in the Vedic traditions.

The Vedas refer to these balls of glowing light as “Devas”, which means “Angels of Nature”. Additionally, according to ancient Hebrew traditions, the “natural form” of an Angel, is seen as a glowing ball of light.

Given that the infinitesimal-Bhutatmas are the origination of all material forms, all physical fields, and Consciousness and Life, and given that Devas are made of Bhutatmas, Devas can directly and consciously control the Bhutatmas which comprise their form, just as easily as we can control our biological forms.
Thus, Devas can do many miraculous-appearing things, such as making “crop circles”. And now we have cameras, so we can make videos, films, and tapes and take photographs of them and we can record what they can do. Anyone who has studied Devas for any length of time, has realized that they are very intelligent and aware Beings who have individual personalities and act on their own volition.
When in their optically visible, light emitting Being-Cloud or Being-Sphere appearances, various shapes and colors and kinds of these aether-electric Beings, have been photographed repeatedly. These quasi-physical Angelic Beings are intelligent agents of the Ambient Intelligence’s Life-Support Systems. Here are some samples:


“Orbs” (Devas) photographed in the act of creating a “Crop Circle”.

crop circle orbs

A scientifically validated video of Devas (“Orbs”) in the act of creating a Crop Circle, along with a physical analysis of the process by Dr. Haselhoff, who published a peer-reviewed paper on his findings.

Beingness (Consciousness) is the organizing principle of the quantum information field, converting apparently random incoherent chaotic external information, into coherent integrated, targeted results, manifestations, observables, and experiences. There are no “coincidences”. It is all planned within a framework of free will by the Ambient Intelligence which participates in the Intelligent Universe. Sheldrake’s morphogenic field is a localized unique holographic solidification instance of the non-local Holographic Information-based Intelligent Universe’s designs.??Exploring the Golden Spiral and the Phi Ratio in Physics
The golden ratio is the limit of the ratios of successive terms of the Fibonacci sequence (or any Fibonacci-like sequence), as originally shown by Kepler:

Plato went so far as to call the phi ratio the “key to the physics of the cosmos”.
From the journal Science, dated January 8, 2010:
The golden ratio, which is equal to approximately 1.618, can be found in various aspects of our life, including biology, architecture, and the arts. But only recently was it discovered that this special ratio is also reflected in nanoscales, thanks to researchers from the U.K.’s Oxford University. Their research, examined chains of linked magnetic cobalt niobate (CoNb2O6) particles, only one particle wide, to investigate the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. They applied a magnetic field at right angles to an aligned spin of the magnetic chains to introduce more quantum uncertainty. Following the changes in field direction, the small magnets started to magnetically resonate. “We found a series (scale) of resonant notes: The first two notes show a perfect relationship with each other. Their frequencies (pitch) are in the ratio of 1.618 … which is the golden ratio famous from art and architecture,” said principal researcher Dr. Radu Coldea of Oxford University in a press release. “It reflects a beautiful property of the quantum system—a hidden symmetry.”
Dr. Alan Tennant, who led the research group in Berlin, said: “Such discoveries are leading physicists to speculate that the quantum, atomic scale world may have its own underlying order. Similar surprises may await researchers in other materials in the quantum critical state.”

This result suggests that a Golden Mean Spiral (phi ratio spiral) may be involved with the resonances observed in the above experiment. The Golden Mean Spiral is related to the Fibonacci spiral. The logarithmic spiral of the phi ratio, is known as the Golden Mean Spiral. The difference is that the Fibonacci spiral is a whole number interpretation of the arithmetically impossible Golden Mean spiral, which has no beginning or end. (The Fibonacci spiral has a definite beginning.)
Thus, we are suggesting that an underlying symmetry related to the Golden Ratio may be inherent in space, as an out-bound logarithmic spiraling force which is available, perhaps uniformly, throughout space. Thus, this symmetry may be a template inherently residing in all space, which originates spin. Perhaps this force dissipates logarithmically, or in radiating circles, away from the point of origin.
The phi ratio/Golden Ratio is a spiraling topological fractal force which is inherent in the Universe. Outwardly spiraling from every point, this force not only acts as a blueprint for the formation of physical forms, such as the nautilus shell or the arrangements of sunflower seeds, this outward spiraling point-originated ubiquitous force may be the origination of the spin field, the torsion field, the wrapping-rotation of Birkeland currents about themselves, the origination of the rotational helical component of transverse E/M, the origination of some forms of turbulence in fluids and gases, the origination of several types of “instabilities” in plasmas, and so on.

The Topological Fractal Origination of Rotation

The rotational component of space may originate first in the SubQuantum aether plenum as a topological fractal force that is everywhere present. This produces the realization that the phi-ratio/Golden Ratio may be the origination of many rotating, spinning, and helical, physical activities. It is also one of the primary factors in the creation of turbulence in plastic, fluidic, gaseous, and plasma medias.

The mystery of how the subatomic particles such as the electron can persist in spinning for as long as they exist, may be solved by considering the phi ratio/Fibonacci sequence/Golden Ratio/Golden Spiral as a logarithmic rotational force, which is inherent in the SubQuantum aether. Thus, the aether may be supporting the rotation of all subatomic particles which have the property of spin. This proposition seems make common sense, although it has never been proved experimentally.

We consider that since we live in a 3D space, this is most likely a 3D spiral force, with an equipotential in all directions from any given spacial point. The strength of this hypothesized force is as yet undetermined, but it can probably be measured empirically by properly designed experiments. The math related to this is already well developed in terms of 3D spiral forms.
Intersections of circles, in 2D, form a resonance basis which looks like another remarkable crop circle formation, related to the Flower of Life diagram:

Such forms are based on, and arising from, intersecting circles. [See: ] This suggests that intersecting circles may be a basis element of this proposed topological phi-force.
We also want to examine a 3D variety of the Golden Spiral, which is a structure which represents a combination of two well-known sacred geometry shapes: the Golden Mean (phi) spiral and the Fibonacci spiral. This form first appeared as a crop circle. (People never thought of it.) This shape is known as the “Hackpen Hill Formation”. It appeared in an English wheat field in 1999.

This may be related to non-geodesic biharmonic curves in the Heisenberg group Heis3 which characterize Mannheim curves in terms of their biharmonic partner curves in Heis3.
[“Heisenberg Group & Mannheim Curves”, E. Turhan, T. Körp?nar, H. N. Núñez-Yépez, J. Lopez-Bonilla, Prespacetime Journal, Vol 7, No 3 (2016)]

Here is a 3D spiral model of an “Anu”, a subatomic vortex as envisioned by Bessant and Ledbetter:

Perhaps the Golden Spiral and the Anu are related.

We do not consider the electron as a “point charge”.  We contemplate an electron as an extensive and measurable vortex in the SubQuantum aether, which contains internal substructures made from yet smaller particles, which Fabricius has determined may be Kolmogorov vortices, which are vortices in the SubQuantum aether, which would appear as beads on the strings of the Anu representation. The internal substructures may be required to give the electron vortex-particle a modicum of stability. And something is causing the whirlpool in the aether to keep spinning. The electron may not be a classical Helmholtz-type vortex, but something far more complicated. We are still in the process of exploring the electron vortex-particle.

Is this a valid model for a force intrinsic to space, or is it a model of an elementary vortex-particle? Could this be a fractal basis for a larger reality? [Posta G.; Spectral asymptotics for variational fractals, Zeit. Anal. Anw.17, 417-430 (1998)]

Where all spinning particles, such as the electron, are considered to have an “intrinsic spin”, questions still arise regarding what is it that keeps the electron spinning, in spite of calculations that it should quickly lose all its spin energy due to emissions of radiation as it changes direction away from a straight line, for example. Although the given electron may drop or rise through the valence shells of an atom, through energy losses or gains, its spin appears to remain constant. Yet, no one ever asks the question, what causes this intrinsic spin, in the first place? All we have are descriptions of what spin does, not what causes it.
Here is a video presentation regarding the phi ratio/Golden Ratio/Fibonacci sequence:

This is related to many interesting things, such as the studies of the inherent rotational component of the Universe as first realized by Keely back in the 1880s. Keely produced machines that were controlled and activated by human creative intentions, and which produced free energy of many varieties, mainly hydraulic, mechanical, and electrical. Subatomic particle spin may the result of an out-bound spiraling force (Golden Spiral) which inherently resides in every point in space, due to the fact that the aether plenum occupies every point in space. This is mathematically described in terms of the Fibonacci sequence and the Golden Ratio, phi. In addition there are indications that intersecting circles are involved as illustrated above.

Many factors complicate our understanding of what space is. Up, down, front, back, and sideways, are not all there is to space. The SubQuantum aether plenum which occupies all space, has many inherent properties and is innately conditioned by the three above Physical Time Principles, as well being unbounded and infinite in volume and extent. The other Realities, Realms, and Dimensions and their relevance to this particular version of Reality, will be addressed in a later paper.

Time and gravitation propagate originating in the SubQuantum aether and pervade all of space. Consciousness is inherent in the Bhutatmas, which comprise the SQ aether, and which creatures propagate and agglomerate. Experiential information is inherent in all matter, fields, forces, Consciousness, and Life-forms.
Experiential information accumulates as memories in all material objects, and also radiates from all material objects, and is absorbed constantly from the entire of the infinite universe, where information radiation and absorbsion events propagate with velocities ranging from zero to infinity.

As mentioned above, the Consciousness factors of attention, intention, and the emotional states originate from the unique individual coherent Being and propagate both locally and non-locally. Consciousness factors are also absorbed non-locally, especially when the attention of the individual entity coheres any portion or variety of the informational environment.

Time and the SubQuantum Aether Plenum

Time propagates with an infinite velocity and is embedded in infinite velocity infinitesimal-originated force known as gravitation, both of which are caused by flows of the infinite velocity SubQuantum aether infinitesimals, as per the model published by the Marquis de LaPlace in 1853, as independently verified by Boyd, circa 2002. [A History of Aether and Electricity, E. T. Whittaker] [Project Greenglow Archives] This principle is universal and supports Mach’s hypothesis that the infinite universe is connected instantly everywhere, in terms of time and gravitation. [Mach’s principle]

The force due to time is orders of magnitude smaller than the force due to gravitation, which is orders of magnitude smaller than the force due to the electric field.

Newton’s concept of “universal time” is correct. Newton’s “universal space” is correct, except that space is observed as being anisotropic, rather than isotropic, due to all goings on in it. [Newton]

Space is an active and occupied plenum, not a “vacuum”. The plenum is filled with entities of all sizes, down to the infinitely small, comprising a SubQuantum aether mainly comprised of infinitesimals. The media has properties which vary according to scale, yet the media can be observed as having a gestalt of physical properties when observed in large volumes.

Similar to the way the ocean is on Earth, the media has bulk properties, when examined as a whole, and myriads of properties and activities which are observable at the microscopic scales. When viewed from the beach, the ocean appears to be a body of water with waves running on the surface, but one quickly realizes that there are very powerful currents, and many other activities, moving multiple directions under the surface.

The salt water of the ocean, is not merely salt water but is a very complex sort of jell, with many atomic elements and complex molecules suspended in it, as well as many microscopic life-forms. The Eikonal equation is used to examine the behaviors of waves internal to the ocean. Similarly, the Eikonal applies to the interstellar media, which is a plasma ocean, which has similar gradations of granularity and is similarly, a mixed media, with localized bulk properties.

Aether resonance  mass-resonance.

Related to such studies, Tesla found experimentally, that explosive discharges of electricity, approaching the ideal of the Dirac delta function (the infinitely fast rise of an infinitely high voltage), cause the dissociation of electrons into their component aether particles, which then stream away from the discharge site in superluminal ever-expanding shells, dissipating at the rate of 1/r.

Similar processes are occurring all the time in the plasma bodies of the stars, resulting in aether emanations from the various stellar bodies. It is possible that localized electrical processes can also occur in interstellar space, which can also result in subquantum particle fluxes.

Stellar and interstellar plasma processes involving subatomic particle dissociations as the result of high dv/dt charge separation events in stellar and interstellar plasmas can be the origin of this constant in-streaming of subquantum particles which can easily attain superluminal velocities by such plasma dissociation events.
When these anisotropic superluminal subquantum entities encounter pre-existing matter, they are refracted and slowed down by interactions with the pre-existing matter. The reaction which occurs is experienced by matter as the pressing-down force we call gravitation, which is not constant, but occurs in the manner of stochastic mass-density waves composed of aether.

Tesla realized through experiment that certain of these incoming aether flux “waves” arrived with unfailing regularity. He realized that the instances where he obtained zero output readings in his instruments, were those cases where his applied test pulses were 180 degrees out of phase with the incoming aether waves, and of course, strongest when his test pulses were applied in-phase with the incoming flux peaks.

This situation provided evidence that aether flux from interstellar space is not a constant and smooth value, but varies with time, as does gravitation. He realized that the Earth, as a massive whole, was modulating parts of the aether flux. He discovered a large number of various periodicities within the aether fluxes. He found the sources of all these various flux rates had several causes.

Tesla found that space-sourced aether pulses entered the Earth at rates apparently related to electrical-aether plasma processes occurring in the deepest reaches of outer space, where many such interstellar aether processes generated aether pulsations having nothing to do with Earth.

Other repetition rates had to do with processes in space involving electrical and material properties of the interstellar medium itself. Yet, there existed a class of pulse rates definitely related to the nearby sun and to the Earth as a resistive mass. Tesla found that the Earth’s rocky crust represented a resistance to the otherwise smooth passage of aether flux pulsations through interstellar space.
Tesla found that the resistance of the Earth’s crust to the passage of aether, caused a local intensification of the aether flux to occur. He observed that a self-magnifying, self-collimating, property occurred, when the aether fluxes encountered the massive body of the planet.

The so-resisted aether then self-focused into the locally resistive medium comprising the planet, resulting in locally intense aether flux bombardments in the resistive media, which resulted in locally explosive emissions of showers of subatomic particles. One of the principle emissions was numbers of electrons.
Electrons would spontaneously appear in the matter of the planetary body due to the resistivity of existing matter (an organized static form of the aether) to the aether flux. The resulting electrons acted as an aether “contaminant” which would choke off the normally smooth and unencumbered aether flows.

In other words, the process of the conversion of aether particles, into electrons, due to the resistivity of the Earth’s crust, acted to further retard the aether flows, in addition to the resistances inherent in the materials of the Earth’s crust.
On the terrestrial scale, the results of these processes were observed to be enormous in scope. Tesla found, for example, that these processes were responsible for the molten core of the planet, and for the constant excesses of electrons which give the planet a constant net negative charge.

Tesla also found a direct correlation between the local aether resistivity of the earth’s crust and the local rate of lightning discharges, in regions which were notable for locally prodigious lightning activities. [1]

The 3 Euclidean dimensions are normally viewed as merely the background space which everything else occupies, and in which everything else happens. Space itself, is a given, and cannot be created, nor destroyed, nor “bent”. Distance is an absolute, inherent in the absoluteness of the three Euclidean dimensions.

Distance cannot be created, nor destroyed, nor “bent”. Decades of experimental data accumulated in the LIGO experiments, and in dozens of additional previous attempts to detect hypothetical “gravity waves” have empirically proven this proposition: Distance is absolute.

DNA Information is an Information Pattern Inherent in the SubQuantum Aether

As we mentioned earlier, DNA may be an informational structure inherent in the ubiquitous SubQuantum aether. DNA experiments performed by Luc Montagnier (Nobel Prize Laureate in Biology) imply that DNA information is resident in every location in the Universe.  In a set of experiments, test tubes were filled with pure deionized water. The pure water group was hermetically sealed. Then the other half of the test tubes, which were also filled with nothing but pure water, had a strand of DNA added to them, then were hermetically sealed. Then they were set side by side in pairs and left immersed in a 17 Hz, 300 microvolt radiant E/M field for many hours.

When the E/M source was turned off, all the tubes were sent to the DNA lab for DNA testing. DNA was found in all the tubes, not just those which had DNA strands added to them. How did that happen?

Clearly, the physical Brahma principle, inherent in the SQ aether, was involved in creating DNA in the test tubes, from out of the aether-inherent DNA information “stencil” which pervades all of space. Such processes are also related to the Creative Void, here defined as being the Absolutely Infinitely Small, which is everywhere present and informs the infinitesimal Bhutatmas, which then create the activities and material forms of the observable universe, which by now has been imaged down to as small as 10e -95 cm, and out to more than a billion light years, in the visible extent of the large. Although it cannot be physically proved, we are of the opinion that we are living in between the Infinitely Large Cosmos, and the Infinitely Small, where we consider both as absolutes.

We have discovered that, contrary to “evolution” dogmas, the DNA manifests the kinds of life best suited to the various environmental factors of the given time and place. [Boyd, Garjajev]

This is facilitated by the Ambient Intelligence, which coordinates all the environmental factors which result in a successful life-form. DNA does not “evolve”. The DNA has all the possible variations of all possible successful life-forms, already inherent in it. At the same time, DNA information is ubiquitous. So if a tardive needs to show up there, it appears there. Some have historically stated that life-forms appear spontaneously, in various circumstances. [Lavoisier]

It has been observed that new life-forms appear spontaneously everywhere on the planet. According to studies done by the Dept. of the Interior, some 300 new species of plants animals and insects appear in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park, on a yearly basis. Some of them proliferate, but many of them only last for only one life cycle, and then vanish. It is as though experiments are constantly being performed by the Ambient Intelligence regarding which properties and abilities and forms of new life best fit in harmony with the environmental circumstances of today.

The above considerations are moving us towards a Grade 6 Projective Grassman and Lie algebra analysis of non-local interactions of information-bearing infinitesimals, among the dimensionalities referred to above.

Topological Thermodynamics and SubQuantum Kolmogorov Turbulence

Since the Pfaff dimensions are derived from the Grassman algebra, all this ties in to topological thermodynamics as expressed by R.M. Kiehn, as well. [See this very important slide presentation by Prof. Kiehn: ]

It also ties into the SubQuantum considerations of Kolmogorov turbulence which we have physically proved as a derivation of Kolmogorov’s studies, which results in Kolmogorov turbulences in the SQ aether, producing vortices at the level of 10e-58 m. We call these creatures Kolmogorov vortices (of course). [Fabricius]
Imaging SubQuantum Entities

Boyd designed 6 different methods for imaging SubQuantum entities, comprising a SubQuantum Microscope. Valentini of Italy developed yet a 7th approach. [] Boyd published the most promising approach in the Project Greenglow Archives (a UK-based research group), based on quantum interference patterns. During the next year, that approach was analyzed by a very high-end computer physics-modeling system in Germany, with the primary work done by Dr. Berndt Binder. Proof-of-principle was verified by Binder.

During the next year, the design was constructed at a University in Serbia, funded by the government of Serbia. During 2009, the project leader of the facility in Serbia announced that they had imaged entities as small as 10e -95 cm, well below the Planck length of 10e -33 cm. SubQuantum entities have been instrumentally imaged, and thus they are not merely theoretical entities, but empirical fact. The aether is confirmed.

Consciousness Information Transport and the Quantum Information Field

Eidetic Consciousness Information is transported by all the fields and forces, and by the non-local infinite velocity quantum field which is implemented mechanically by the SubQuantum Plenum which is comprised of entities ranging from infinitesimals, up to the Planck length, which traverse infinite absolute volumes and absolute distances with up to an infinite velocity. [Decades of LIGO data have proved that distance is an absolute.]

In agreement with the Vedic literature we can call the infinitesimals, “Bhutatmas” which are defined as the smallest unit of Consciousness, and at the same time, the smallest unit of matter. Activities and agglomerations of the Bhutatmas are the origination of everything else, including all forces and fields, all matter, all Consciousness, and Life itself.

There is also a relatively static portion of the aether which forms a visible “atmosphere” which surrounds all material forms, optically visible down to the electron in size. (If you will examine the edges of any object, you will be able to observe a fog along the edge of the object. Typically the “fog” is black, but it can appear white, under certain conditions.) The static portion of the aether is entrained by the motions of existing matter/masses, as has been proved experimentally. [Aspden]

Propagation velocities in the static portions of the aether are minimal and the local infinitesimals tend remain attached to pre-exiting matter, unless disturbed by some manner of perturbation, whereupon the infinitesimals and “inertons” [Krasnolohovets], which have been imaged as forming the atmosphere of the electron, are disbursed into the Plenum with velocities up to an infinite velocity. All infinitesimals carry within them, memories of everything they have ever experienced, in the form of environmental influences and Consciousness-related factors.

The information transported is comprised of scalar-originated, zero magnitude (quantum potential), multi-dimensional, analog, experiential information (qualia). The various fields and forces, and the motional portions of SubQuantum aether also convey Consciousness-Originated information factors, such as emotions, experiential information, personality, states of Being, Attention, Intention, and so on.

When information is conveyed by the vehicle of a given field, the information density conveyed by that field, falls off as 1/r. Directed information acts similarly to coherent laser light, with beam minimal divergence. Directed information is coherent information, cohered through informational resonances between the sender and the target. Cohered information has almost a zero divergence between the two end-points. Directed and bi-directionally cohered experiential information density has been observed to fall off as approximately the cube root of r, 1/r -3. ??Obviously, the propagation velocity of a field has direct bearing on the propagation velocity of the information conveyed by that field. Information propagation can have any velocity, ranging from zero velocity, to an infinite velocity. The speed of light is just a small slot in the numbers of different propagation velocities of experiential information which are allowed, and observed.

Universal omnipresent non-local, and localized information, is not found in Nature in any binary, or digital form, in either the static or motional portions of the SubQuantum infinitesimal aether. Experiential eidetic information is always analog, and, as with all analog-to-digital conversions (A/D), analog information is lost during any A/D process. More rapid A/D sampling rates, result in lower losses of analog information.??All the diverse the kinds of information which are conveyed by infinitesimals and SubQuantum particle flows which are comprising the aether, are associated with all the known fields and forces, such as the non-local quantum information field. Information flows which are arising in matter-matter, matter-energy, energy-energy, and Being-Being interactions, are not subject to binary information limitations, nor are they subject to binary information density restrictions, such as Shannon’s Law.
Mathematical treatments

SubQuantum Information storage and information transports are not involved with any metric. Due to this fact, many of the standard mathematical approaches used in common mathematical physics studies, cannot be used, especially where such mathematical approaches require a metric and/or must know “which way is up”.

This situation excludes the quaternions, the Clifford algebras, the Caley algebra, and all related approaches. At this time, we are of the opinion that an infinitesimal n-body problem is the right approach. This approach is perfect for the Lie algebras of infinitesimals, since we must consider masses down to the almost infinitely small, the infinitesimal masses.

Then, to treat the infinite velocity variety of information transporting infinitesimals, the motional portion of the SubQuantum aether, a projective version of the Grassman algebra allows for these infinite velocity propagations, without any requirement for a metric, and no requirement for orthogonality, as required in the Clifford algebras, and related algebras, such as the Caley algebra. Nor does the Grassman algebra need to know “which way is up”. (This allows us to avoid such obfuscating complications as Hilbert space.) ??The Grassman algebra is perfect for infinite velocity situations, which are addressed by a Projective version of the Grassman algebra. Since the Grassman algebra is a graded algebra, it allows an approach similar to those which rely on the Clifford algebras, and can be used to treat the 6 dimensions which were originally contained in the Maxwell equations, properly. ??The Projective Grassman algebra allows us to perform analysis of infinite velocity SubQuantum systems. In infinite velocity systems, there are no “light cones”, nor are there any “null vectors”. Infinite velocity (non-local) considerations are properly treated by projective algebras. However, all relativistic considerations are completely removed from this kind of analysis. More on all this will come later.
[A. Berezin, The Method of Second Quantization, Academic Press, (1966)] [D.J. Candlin (1956). “On Sums over Trajectories for Systems With Fermi Statistics”. Nuovo Cimento 4: 231.]

Quantum Phase-States of the Quantum Potential

Combining the Projective Grassman algebra with the Lie algebras aligns us with Tony Smith’s D-4, D-5, E-6, E-7, E-8 Lie algebra-based physics, and allows us to properly treat SubQuantum systems of infinite velocity infinitesimals, as well as to model the static and semi-static varieties of information which are involved in the Quantum Phase States of Quantum Matter. Quantum phase states range from gas-like to fluid-like to plastic, to solid, to crystalline, and are considered to be static varieties of the SubQuantum infinitesimal aether, relative to the quantum field.

The 5 quantum phase-states may have some relation to the 5 varieties of aether as astrophysically observed by Mishin, and Kozyrev. Whether the quantum phase states are directly related to the 5 phase states of the aether, is not clear at this time. More on all this will come in a later exposition.??The Schrodinger equation allows us to consider @ / @t, the rate of change with respect to time, but does not allow us to consider changes in the pace of time (The pace of time is a variant.), with respect to changes in velocity, for example. Variations in the pace of time are caused by delta grad E actions, which simultaneously cause changes in the speed of transverse E/M propagations, changes in the force due to gravitation, changes in the pace of time, changes of inertial mass, and divergences in the quantum potential, as well as changing the permittivity and permeability of the “vacuum” SQ plenum, for the duration of the event, throughout the influenced volume.??Rest energy of matter is not an invariant either, so there are many complications here that have never been addressed before. Indeed rest mass, written as Mu, is
Mu = (M_e^2 – p^2) ^1/2, ??where mass/energy,   M_e = (Mu^2+ p^2) ^1/2,??is dependent on the aether flux density through the volume of the mass, per unit time, as is inertial mass. Inertial mass can of course be another variant, complicated again by aether fluxes through the volume of the inertial mass, which aether flux densities are stochastic over large spans of time. ??Once we leave the comfort of the “known” physics, all manner of complications are upon us, which, interestingly enough, lead to a much more natural and intuitively satisfying understanding of the inner workings of the Universe. At the same time, the results which arise from SubQuantum analysis produce results which are easy to comprehend, from a top-down perspective (which is actually a bottom-up perspective). This simplifies understanding the Macro-Universe (cosmology), as well as the micro-universe (nano-scale and smaller).

This approach has unified all the sciences under one umbrella: the activities and agglomerations of SubQuantum aether and its origination of the non-local quantum information field, the quantum potential, non-local and localized versions of quantum “entanglement”, and so on. [our ZG pubs]

Uniqueness (Personality) is Ubiquitous

No two snowflakes are alike. Every snowflake is unique. Why is that? Uniqueness is an often neglected, but essential element of the physics. There is a tendency for the intellect to create continuity and uniformity, even where such uniformity does not exist. One example of this tendency, which has unduly influenced modern physics, is the tendency to view the vacuum as a linear isotropic medium, which has identical properties at each location, and in every direction.
Astrophysical observations show this view is incorrect. The vacuum is a non-linear media, and is anisotropic. For instance, see:
An important finding:

Non-linearities not only include this above observation of spatial anisotropy and local variations in particle densities, but there are extant theories of non-linear, stochastic, and condition-variable metrics. In addition, there are constant variations, with time, at any point in space, in the intensities and frequencies of the various electromagnetic radiations which pass through that given point. Indeed, the gravitational theory described by relativity has a non-linear basis. Quantum theory also requires that spatial anisotropies must exist in order for the quantum theory to be correctly predictive. This is the Heisenberg Uncertainty relation, which has limited domains of applicability, but seems to hold in astrophysical considerations that are not involving infinite velocity propagations. [Dehmelt, Boyd]

Further, consider Zitterbewegung and the zero point quantum fluctuations of the vacuum at the order of 10^-66 cm^-2 (See “Gravitation” Misner, Thorne, and Wheeler at page 480). Topological physics also point at non-linearities and spatial anisotropies. (For example, see: )

The combination of these observations leads us to understand that any point in space must be considered as unique, for various physical reasons. Of further and large importance to this understanding is the fact of the memory of the vacuum shown by Garjajev, et. al., at:

Poponin’s model of the vacuum’s memory shows that this memory function behaves as the Hamiltonian of a loosely coupled (anharmonic) N-dimensional system of non-linear oscillators. This description results from empirical observations in a series of experiments, first done at Lebedev University in Russia.

In these experiments, the vacuum retained electromagnetic copies of that which had occupied the volume, for up to 30 days after the material was removed! This informs us again of nonuniformity, because such memories must be unique in each given volume, with variations over time. The fact that the SQ aether is the retainer of such information is almost beyond question.

It is likely that the personality of the human being is imprinted in the vacuum memory by the consciousness of the human being. This possibility is enhanced when considering that the emotional condition of the operators of symplectic E/M transmission facilities directly alters the instrumented radiated patterns of the symplectic antenna, as mentioned earlier. [See: Emoto]

We consider chaos theory and organization theory, and find further evidences of uniqueness. As we observe the Natural world around us, we discover that each living entity is observably possessed of this property of Uniqueness.

When a human being is born into the world the child immediately evidences preferences by way of color, style, and so on, choosing among various items they are presented, unique to that individual. We observe no two human faces, fingerprints, etc., are the same. We find from various personality studies that the various forms of life are all possessed of personality. The fact of Uniqueness is inescapable.

Uniqueness is inherent in Reality at all scales, and cannot be avoided. Even mass-produced items such as automobile parts, incur the effects of the inherent Uniqueness factors which are built into all space and all matter. For example, auto parts which are produced on Wednesday will not fit with corresponding parts made on Thursday. (This fact is well known in the auto industry and is well accounted for, by this time.)

Almost anyone who has driven automobiles for many years will agree that cars develop personalities, which become more noticeable as the car ages. (And this is not merely due to mechanical and electrical wear factors.) As a rule, the more accurate are the tolerances required for the parts, the more blatantly obvious is the difference between “identical” parts, made on different days.

Part of what causes this is the fact that the Universe is exceedingly anisotropic, in both temporal and volumetric considerations, where these volumetric anisotropies are clearly shown in astrophysical studies, such as those mentioned above.
Another primary cause is the SubQuantum information field, which gives space a localized personality, with a signature which changes with time.

Another cause has been traced to sub-light informational radiations emanating from stellar and galactic bodies, which have been called “Odic radiations” or “Od”. Due to Odic radiations, the positions of the planets and stars have direct, but subtle, influences, on the informational environment of the earth. [Reichenbach]
Another cause is that the “inertons” [Krasnoholovets] and SubQuantum particles which comprise the atmosphere of all material forms, take on information from other information-bearing particles in the static portion of the aether, which forms the ambient informational environment, along with motional portions of the aether, which convey information from interstellar space, and from the implicate order [Bohm].

The personalities of auto parts change day to day, in undeniable ways. Fortunately for the industry, the primary personality influences occur during the manufacturing process and capture the informational signatures and variants, which were ambient during the making of the part, especially if the part underwent a phase transition from plasticity to solid. Then each part made on that day, holds that information in stasis, for many years thereafter.

We suspect that the uniqueness of snowflakes is due to similar environmental informational factors which change at every time and in every place, due to the influx of information-bearing SubQuantum particles which are the cause of gravitation, and are ubiquitous.

These personality factors become embedded in the water at the time water droplet undergoes the phase transition from fluid to crystalline solid, thus resulting an information capture, similar to what happens during the manufacture of car parts.

Because the informational influences are different at every location and vary with each passing moment, every snowflake turns out as unique. Studies of snowflake shapes might eventually become an important instrumentation device for detecting various informational factors present in the ambient environment, at a given time and place.

Astrophysical and Geophysical Large-Volume “Cells” with Personalities

As described above, it is well known that interstellar space is exceedingly anisotropic in many regards, including informationally.

“Space is filled with a network of currents which transfer energy and momentum over large or very large distances. The currents often pinch to filamentary or surface currents. The latter are likely to give space, as also interstellar and intergalactic space, a cellular structure.” ~Hannes Alfvén, Nobel Prize Laureate. [H. Alfven, Cosmic Plasma. Reidel: New York, 1981]

Personality cells in interstellar plasmas can produce personality signatures in cells of land, as has been studied extensively in Russia over the course of several decades, using instrumentation such as the Russian-made Aether Flux Density Meter (AFDM), plant-based instruments, and gifted intuitives. [Bergstrom, Arne: Physical Review 26: 720 (1955).] [Frolov]

Indeed, the slowing of the aether fluxes by interactions with electrons, in particular, results in the formation of additional electrons, where electrons are modeled as whirlpools composed of subquantum aether particles. All these processes involve the SubQuantum aether and act to convey information interactively, in the manner of the quantum information field.??Non-local, and local, Consciousness information transferences have been in common use for centuries, as exemplified by Cherokee daily life-support practices. See:

Local and Non-local Information Storage and Transport

Dr. Huping Hu, MD and Dr. Maoxin Wu, MD, performed an astounding set of experiments involving information transferences. In the first experiment, volunteers sat in a dental chair and were strapped in. Prior to this, in preparation a large transparent container of anesthetic, of a type used in major surgery was placed on a table.  Next to that container was placed a transparent container filled with pure water. An ordinary flashlight (Maglitetm) was aimed so that light went through the anesthetic and passed also, through the container of water, along the same line. The flashlight was kept turned on for a moderate span of time, then turned off.

Then the volunteers who sat in the dental chair were asked to drink a glass of the water that had been “treated” by the light from the flashlight, after having passed through the anesthetic. Within minutes the volunteer would pass out. By all normal tests for the effectiveness of anesthetic, these persons were clinically anesthetized, from drinking the water.

The light from the flashlight, on encountering the container of anesthetic, copied information from the anesthetic and carried it along where the information of the anesthetic was deposited in the water. Volunteers who drank the water all became clinically anesthetized.

In another remarkable experiment, the pH of a solution was directly and non-chemically changed by information transferred from an identical set-up, located many miles away from the local set-up. Remote changes of pH were charted.

Another experiment caused temperature variations during remote manipulations of water at a remote site which had become quantum entangled with the water at the local measuring site. Remote information-controlled changes of local water temperature were charted.

In the most remarkable experimental result, water which had been quantum entangled was sent to local and remote test sites, some 2000 miles apart. When the water at the remote site was manipulated by boiling and freezing water, local variations in mass density and weight were measured and catalogued.

These amazing results have had little media attention, although a paper regarding these experiments has been published in Progress in Physics, and is available here:

During 2015 a set of experiments involving light from a Class IIIa 500 mw red Laser Diode pointer were performed, where information from various substances was picked up by the laser light and conveyed into the human body by way of a simple aluminum reflector attached to the light emitting end of the laser such that the open end of the cone pointed in the same direction as the laser light. It was found that the “dosage” of whatever was being captured by the laser light and reflected into the person’s bloodstream by the laser light passing through the skin, was related to time exposure and the person’s unique body chemistry.

Except, medications and herbs introduced into the body by the laser light reflecting off the substance, and then off the conical reflector, then into the skin, exhibited no side effects, no drug interactions, and no after-effects. The Ambient Intelligence is directly involved in this process and prevents any untoward or harmful information from being inserted into the light stream. This has promise as an adjutant treatment for various physical ailments. Boyd released this treatment modality to the science community in 2015, without compensation, for potentially rapid public benefits.

A commercially available laser treatment package is available which relies on laser light passing through a transparent container which has been filled with a medication solution in water. See the commercial product line illustrated here:

Finally a Cat Allergy Treatment That Works – The Allergy Kit

For another remarkable result, this simple apparatus has demonstrated stopping heart attacks and strokes within seconds, based on information transports and directly involving the Ambient Intelligence. These results arise from bending a copper wire wrapped in a loop and secured around a rock. This effect can be used on oneself, or selected others, and cannot be used to harm another life. It has been tested to an effective range of 2000 miles, and appears to operate non-locally:

The Operational Mechanics of Morphogenic Fields

The SubQuantum aether conveys holographic information originating from the Intelligent Universe to mold the Environmentally Interactive Morphogenic Fields, which produce Life-Forms.

Sheldrake’s morphogenic field is primarily made from the static portion of the information-bearing SubQuantum aether. Information is imprinted on the surrounding physical matter by a process which involves informational coherence of holographically informationally encoded SQ infinitesimals.

There is a volume comprising a sphere of influence which is the plant seed’s informational hologram, which holographic information imprints the aether atmosphere which interpenetrates the physical matter of the seed and the surrounding environment, informationally conditioning the static portions of the aether in the materials that are surrounding the seed in the immediate environment.

This was described earlier as the plastic (semi-fluid) Quantum Phase-State, which is describing Quantum Matter, in one of the several stages of SubQuantum information manifesting a material form. [Also see: Tiller regarding informational conditioning of environments.]

There is an interaction between the static aether-space informed by the seed, and the Ambient Intelligence, such that optimal environmental support is provided for that seed under those circumstances, in that location, relative to the life forms that will have interactions with that region in the future, weather planning, and so on.

The interaction between the seed information and the Ambient Intelligence coheres the morphogenic field information such that the future of the plant in its mature form is part of the conditioned volume which surrounds the plant as it grows towards maturity.

There is an interaction between the static aether-space informed by the seed, and the Ambient Intelligence, such that optimal environmental support is provided for that seed under those circumstances, in that location, relative to the life forms that will have interactions with that region in the future, weather planning, and so on. ??The planning stage includes plant-specific relevant considerations such as the availability of supporting bacteria, earth worms, lighting, mineral availability, pollinating insect availability, weather planning factors, and climate planning. All these factors are reflected in the hologram of the plant-to-be, and are contained in its holographic information-cohered morphogenic planning stencil.??Local factors of the informational environment and the local Ambient Intelligence are more relevant to the localized informational coherence provided to the planning stage of the growth of the plant-to-be, than are the environmental factors imposed by the Cosmic Harmony/Intelligent Universe portion of the localized quantum plastic-phase state, information field. There is a hierarchical relation which goes from microscopic to macroscopic, and the other way around, where both flows are, at the same time, made from bi-directional flows of SQ-conveyed information. [Thornhill: ]??As described by Tiller, the Maxwell equations are involved in this process, in terms of the original aether foundations of the Maxwell equations, as described by Maxwell, but not in exactly the form of the mathematical relations described by Tiller, who wants to involve a hyperspace component to describe the process of creating a “conditioned space”, by information “conditioning” the space. [See: ]

Instead, we are involving the static portion of the SQ aether in the form of an information-driven quantum matter phase-state, analogous to a semi-fluid (plastic) matter phase-state. This quantum semi-fluid (plastic) phase acts in the manner of the analogous physical form of matter, controlled by informational coherence (caused by various resonances), which is originating from the plant seed and to environmental considerations which act as unique modifications of the seed information, which are imposed on the individual plant-to-be, by the Ambient Intelligence. ??The Quantum Phase-States of Quantum Matter are stages in the precipitation of “observables”. Quantum Phase-States are stages of increasing negentropy (increasing organization) in the quantum field. This understanding is directly related to Stapp’s original “Quantum matter” expressions and Boyd’s “Quantum Phase-States” as an extension of Stapp’s Quantum Matter.??For example, a selected color can be transmitted from a sending Being and received experientially by another being, through the faculty of intention-directed attention, along with the color, on the part of the sender, which information is then received as a direct experience of the receiving being, through the faculty of Attention, as that color which was transmitted. Intention-attention combinations can be directed with a “look here” emphasis, so as to gain the Attention of the targeted Observer (Experiencer).??Information flows are not experienced as random or chaotic, but are dependent upon resonance factors existing between the source and the destination points. Experiential (eidetic) information can be directed, or non-directed. It can be local, or non-local. It can be locally stored, or transient. All the above discussion applies to personality cells of the land and to such entities as mountains. Everything has personality, including mountains and clouds. This applies from the infinitesimal Bhutatmas, to galaxies, to clusters of galaxies, to the infinitely large.??As a general rule, SQ information density falls off as 1/r from the origin, unless directed by the intender to a specific target, through the attainment of a resonance with the personality, emotional states, states of Being, or informational resonance, with the target selected. Consciousness resonances result in a bi-directional flux of information-bearing infinitesimals, which can actually become visible to the unaided eye in certain situations, visible as black threads during the day, or a white bi-directional radiance, at night. This white radiance was known as “Aolea” by several European groups of medieval scholars who were involved with studying Consciousness in

Nature, in the manner of Goethe. [Vassilatos]

Limitations of the Mind in Interacting with an Intelligent Universe
The Intelligent Universe designs and constantly intends, all the factors required to produce and support life and Consciousness, in all forms, everywhere there is a place. In these activities and intentions, the Cosmic Harmony Principle is the overarching theme, which pervades all things from the cosmic intergalactic scale, to your back yard. Every breeze, every snowflake, every sunny day, every rainy day, are all part of the planning and execution of a Life-Sustaining Harmonious environment, in which all of Nature constantly participates. All forms of Consciousness are given Free Will, within the context of Harmony-Life considerations.

The intellect, the analytical mind, is the origination of narcissism and ego. The analytical mind is composed of, and based on, the past. When the attention is not on the past, one is Living in the present moment and is experiencing directly all the senses and sensitivities, in a process known as “Living”. When the attention is on the past, sensitivities and sensory data diminish to insignificance or vanish altogether. This is the result of intellectual abstractions, based on the accumulated past. The historically indoctrinated analytical mind is the cause of psychological pain and suffering, and is the origin of most mistakes. The faculty of attention is the rudder of what one experiences as their reality.??Intellectually indoctrinated human beings on this planet have become the un-Natural, always thinking, an exception to the Life-Sustaining Universal Harmony Principle. This has occurred as a result of the desires of intellectually-originated narcissistic un-Natural human intentions to have societal “prestige”, societal “power” and un-Natural forms of “wealth”. Such ego-centered analytical intentions are the originating cause of wars and all human-originated disasters. Such un-Natural destructive behaviors are easily seen to be a failed paradigm. ??The trend of human behavior on this planet, needs to revert towards the Natural Harmony, as is constantly being Created by design, in the activities of the Life Support provided by the Ambient intelligence and the Intelligent Universe. The Indigenous Peoples know this full well, as they have never left the Natural Harmony Principles in pursuit of ephemeral “prestige” baubles and symbolic “advantages”. ??Nor do Indigenous Peoples pursue behaviors and goals which directly interfere with the Natural Life Support Systems which are inherent to this planet, by design, in the Intelligent Universe. The understandings of the Indigenous Peoples are the right understandings about how to live in Harmony with the Harmonious Universe. ??Free will is inviolable, in the Nature Ways. Yet, all of Nature is involved in the Cosmic Harmony, at all times, while at the same time, they have perfect freedom to follow their individual inclinations and choices.??This general rule holds true throughout Nature, except where unbalanced, competitive, and indoctrinated-to-be narcissistic, and insane, humans, ignorantly and incorrectly pursue deviant life-destructive behaviors. Such behaviors are blatantly contradictory to the Cosmic Harmony Principle and the processes of the Natural Environment which is constantly creating Life-Support, for all varieties of Consciousness.

Technologies aimed at destroying life, are exactly the opposite of what technologies should be aimed at, which is Supporting Life. Harmony-Life in all forms, is the underlying theme of All Reality.

As part of the way Life is designed, everything has to eat something to live. But God did not make, and does not make, “machine gun bushes” or “tank trees” as any part of the Natural Environment. ??People do that, out of an indoctrinated insanity which separates them from the Harmony Principle, and Nature, and the Divine, by way of abstract intellectual prejudice-creating conditioning, imposed on the population. ??This populace-conditioning process is caused by the portions of society that want egocentric “advantages”, and “rank” and “prestige”, at the expense of others; who psychopathically care nothing about the suffering nor death of any living being which might in any way impede their obtaining of their shallow and selfish “gratifications”.

The destructive dissoluting principle called Shiva, can never “conquer” the principles of Brahma (creation) and Vishnu (sustenance). There can be local imbalances, but over time, harmony and balance among the 3 Universal Cosmic Principles is inevitably and irrevocably restored. That is the way the universe is designed, and how it operates, and nothing can change it, except locally, for small spans of time.

There is nothing “random” about these processes in Cosmic scheme of things, which are designed and guided, in the overview, by the Intelligent Universe. When the time comes, Balance among the 3 Principles is always restored. Clearly it is time to rebalance and restore our world, and ourselves, to Natural Harmony. An inevitable return to Nature’s Harmony is in progress. The Tao always wins.


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