Connecting with your Higher Self, the source of your truth and light: Council of Angels, Pleiadian Council, and Archangel Michael

Ascension, Galactics / Friday, February 22nd, 2013

Daniel B. Holeman

Greetings from the Council of Angels, Pleiadian Council, and Archangel Michael

We wish to speak to you today of finding your own inner truth and connecting to your higher self and Source of all love and light. There is much disinformation that you will come upon in your internet travels and we want to share with you a very simple way of the discerning your truth.
It is of great importance at this time that each person spend time practicing energy techniques of meditation, connecting with the Higher Self, and meditation, so that you may stay tuned into your own inner source of wisdom and guidance. There are many “channeled” messages on the internet, many websites relating to galactic information and so forth, and many discreditors and disclaimers of who is speaking which truth. It can all become extremely confusing, especially to those of you who are just beginning to delve into this field of information.

In the universe, multi-verse and beyond, there has always been Light and Dark. The light always pervades in the end because it emanates from the Source of all Source, the Light of all Light. There exists in the universe benevolent beings, and not so benevolent beings.

There also exists within your being, a larger part of you, that is connected to this Source and this Light, and this Love. This Source of Light is Love. You were created by this Source of Light in Love. You are a multifaceted spiritual being having a human experience. You come from the Light, and to the Light you shall eventually return after your many sojourns.

The part of you that is connected to this Source of Love, Light, and All, is your Higher Self. This Higher Self is a mirror image and emanation from the Source of all love and light. Your higher self encompasses your ENTIRE BEING and is the source of All of your good, your knowledge, information on your soul origins, your mission in life, your pre-birth agreements, and most of all your Truth. Through your connection with your higher self, you will be reconnected with Source, Love, and Light, and reconnected with the Higher Part of your Self that is a part of Source.

Many, many people are unaware of this but the time is NOW for this awareness and for all to know of the importance of reconnecting with their higher selves. By reconnecting with this part of You, you will find all the truth you need, about many things; not only about yourself as a human being at this time on this planet, but about your origins as a soul, and about the Truths of some of the things that are occurring in your world at this time.

We encourage each of you to reconnect with your higher self . There are many techniques for doing this, many energy guides that will assist you. If you are strongly connected to your higher self, this also awakens your intuition, and you will automatically turn away from any information that is not true for you; you will automatically and easily be able to discern who is speaking truth and who is not. This will all be important in the coming days. As way of example only, this channel experienced the “Reconnection” technique which is now being taught all over the world. This began to awaken her dormant DNA and Chakras, and reconnected her strongly with her Higher Self and Council of Angels. Her Council of Angels  is the council which was there for her soul in the most loving way before her birth into this life on earth; this loving council briefed her on many aspects of the life into which she was going, including her life mission, and in the arrangement of her pre-birth contracts, and more. When she had her “Reconnection” (1), it connected her with us, her higher self and council of angels, in a very strong way, and began to awaken her memory of her mission and pre-birth contracts. We are not endorsing this or any other method, we simply are saying this is the avenue she chose to reconnect with her higher sources. As you begin to explore this, you will find the right avenues for you.

She also began connecting with other loving energy guides who assisted her in some energy techniques to reconnect her with the lost knowledge of her soul and her mission. You too can reconnect with all of your lost knowledge and mission, and with your higher self. We encourage you to find energy practices that align you with your highest good. When something resonates with you and feels good, then it is for your highest good. The way to discern is through your instincts and feelings. If you have a “good” feeling about it, then you are on the right path. If something does not “feel right” (or “sound right”), then do not follow that path, simply continue your search. This is also the way to discern which information on the internet is for your benefit and which is not. Simply tune into whether it rings true for you and whether it feels good; or if it does not, then look elsewhere. The philosophy of “take what you like and leave the rest” is a good one to follow, and to “follow your heart” and “trust your instincts”. These are always good practices to follow. Each of you have within you your connection to your own truth, your own Higher Self, and your connection to Source. You are connected to these whether you are aware of it or not. It is simply your AWARENESS, as with all else, that will bring it to your attention, or not.

All of you have a true mission here, a spiritual mission, a galactic mission, that is of the greatest importance. You are ALL important and all a part of this shift into the Golden Age upon the New Earth. As your awareness and spiritual abilities begin to increase during these times of the accelerating influx of energies, you will all begin to naturally tune into your higher self. Truth and awareness always has a way of manifesting, in one way or another. You are all beginning to find your truth, connect to your higher selves, and connect to Source and to the loving uplifting energies of the higher dimensions. As we ascend into the higher dimensions, duality slips away, along with negativity and its derivatives. All dimensions are pathways to source ~ the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, dimensions are those of duality, the 4th dimension begins to transcend that duality…….leading up to the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and beyond, into the 9th, 10, 11th, 12th, and finally ALL THAT IS, you see these dimensions are like energy vortex waves leading back to source, all are emanations from the Source, and the closer to source, the closer to LOVE AND LIGHT, and the less negativity can exist…so as we lift our consciousness ever higher, we return to the realms of love and light from whence we came and to which we shall eventually return. Soon we will all be vibrating and pulsing in synchronized harmony with the higher dimensional frequencies which are now locking into mother earth’s crystalline grid and beginning to emanate from her celestial body. You too are being elevated and aligned and synchronized and harmonized with these higher dimensional frequency energies, within which negativity cannot exist.

Connect with your higher self and Source daily, find energy and meditation techniques that resonate with you for your highest good, Meditate upon your connection with your Higher Self, which is bathed in the love and light of the creator Source, this source of light and love from whence you came and to which we shall all return one day. Bathe in the light of love emanating from the higher dimensions of the angels as we lovingly surround you in our unconditional love and light.

We are the Council of Angels, Pleiadian Council, and Archangel Michael. We send you many blessings of love and light to surround you at this time and we support you most lovingly in finding and connecting to your inner light and truth.

Until next time, wishing you soft light and much love.

Thank you Council of Angels, Pleiadian Council, and Archangel Michael

Channeled by Goldenlight, © The Golden Light Channel. Please include this copyright and credit at top without alteration when reposting this message.
originally channeled 12-1-12, reposted 2-21-13


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Connecting with your Higher Self, the source of your truth and light: Council of Angels, Pleiadian Council, and Archangel Michael

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