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Ascension, Spiritual Perspectives / Saturday, October 17th, 2015



The profile of the Template is steadily growing as an authentic and powerful path of transcendence because it is changing lives and initiating phenomenal physical, mental and emotional transformation.

There is no difference between the unwritten laws of synergy that lie at the heart of the shamanic dynamic and the higher physics of creation.

Because the transformation initiated by the reconnection of Human bio-circuitry is realized through alchemically coded ceremony, an undeniably shamanic model of transcendence, those who require scientific credentials to validate the integrity of a process and the authority of those presenting it are often unable to give the Template credence. This is changing!

The western mind validates experience through intellectual analysis.

Physics acknowledges the dynamics of frequency and resonance but does not direct the man to look in the mirror to access the fulcrum point at which this dynamic has entrained him to adhere to programs that sabotage his life, his race and his planet.

As the psycho-social, chemical, biological, economic, political, electromagnetic, genetic and religious manipulation and degradation of Human consciousness is revealed through news, film and literature, it has become transparent that the decay of this planet’s governing systems and the suffering and desperation of its people are symptomatic of a greater genesis of entropy that encompasses Humanity’s true origins, history and the modification of its blueprint.

Consequently, included within the evaluation of a solution for the escalating crisis, ‘being green’ and focusing on our carbon footprint is not enough. The recognition of the need to EMBODY the change that will extricate Humanity from the grip of the ecocidal tendencies which are primarily stimulated by the manipulation of consciousness is essential.

The transformation required is far more personal. Try spending one day without the assistance of something that has been manufactured and you will open a vault into the extent of our addiction to the synthetic matrix. The crisis we face is not political or economic. It is not psychological. Our disconnection from the Tao, from the fountainhead of divine sustenance that would allow for a state of needlessness rather than the enslavement to the endless catalogue of needs which drives the consumer machine is at the core of our predicament. No matter how much funding is poured into the manufacture of technologies that compensate for our addictions, rather than eradicate them, we will continue to consume – and die.



There are now more scientifically orientated individuals attending Template Ceremonies. They, more than most, are appreciating the connection between the reconnection of circuitry and the transformation of the field, and are acknowledging the shamanic nature of the transformation this sets in motion. They are overriding the need to consider the distain of their peers who cannot reconcile physics and spirituality as the same principles of implicate order and are impressed and inspired by the transformation which they and their families and friends are experiencing.

The passage through this intense transformative shamanic odyssey is not going to be uneventful or effortless. Many of you have understood this and are surrendering to your process…and even so it can be at times unbearable. If you can continue to return to the understanding that we are individually and collectively overriding eons of Human behavioral entrainment and genetic manipulation you will be able to become the observer of your process, appreciating that it is intensely personal in so far as it is taking place through your incarnate experience of this life and knowing you chose that in order to be an agent of change.

The difference in how people deal with this awakening process is often the difference between the person who thinks they have taken on a presence on Earth in order to buy the full packaged program plus holidays, and the person who has realized that they have come to birth the new paradigm… to be honored and excited by the prospect…AND to motivate themselves to assist others. This is not to say that they are not here to marvel at this wondrous world of exquisite beauty and to find space and peace in which to enjoy it. But at a time of intense Human and planetary transformation if you are not somehow a part of the solution, you may find you are becoming part of the problem. Motivating yourself to be an agent of meaningful change is to merge with the elemental momentum of the forces of creation that are sweeping through our solar system, translated through the light of the Sun. To identify with this level of purpose and act upon it is to raise your awareness into an expanded sense of self that will allow you to move through your personal process of transition more easily.

‘We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned…so as to have the life that is waiting for us.
The old skin must be shed before the new one can come. ‘         Joseph Campbell

The Template is a model of transformation and transcendence that is exceptionally dynamic and authentic and, in most cases, immediate…it does what it says on the tin. Unfortunately some have not read the label.

We and the Ambassadors are getting letters of concern from those who are feeling the waves of anxiety that wash over them to varying degrees. Some of you may be experiencing those waves at the moment you awaken. Congratulations, you are coming out of denial. Those who are not experiencing the turbulence of transformation can ask themselves: is this because A) I am such an enlightened evolved being that I have already integrated everything necessary to transcend this reality? B) I am not ready to come out of denial?


What is required when coming out of denial is to settle within the stage of transition…a place where the known has been ripped away and there is not yet a stable arena to replace it with. The ground beneath you is buckling…there may be nothing to hold onto…except yourself. Faith and trust will deliver you to stable ground. You have to surrender to your process – to your own wisdom. Don’t fight it, looking around desperately for someone to blame. Don’t block it or slow it down or make it wrong. Breath it through, speed it up…flush it out with the light of the Sun and the love in your heart. Don’t peer into it and dissect it. That’s an endless game.

You cannot be in trust because you are safe but because you are invincible…

but because you are the self that exists beyond the mortal lie.

We are always so honored when we walk into a group of people gathered together to experience the Template. We treasure and respect the commitment you make to attend. Some travel great distances and use funds they barely have, in order to do so. But what amazes us the most is your trust. It is difficult to contain all that intense information, and sometimes, when you go back to your lives, often without anyone to explain it all to, you are left wondering what on Earth happened! And why do you feel so isolated and frightened? When I write these newsletters full of stuff you need to do and should do, I am aware of what you are going through and how damn difficult it is. The only way I can help you is to point you in the right direction. So again I will remind you…

Find out what you just did! Read and study the dynamic of transcendence in the Template Workbook, Worldbridger, CDs and DVDs. When you come to grips with the function of a circuit you will be able to appreciate the amount of service that circuit is able to provide you with in your process and you will be inspired to get out of your own way and surrender…to yourself.

a)   Purify. Your body is a good place to start.

b)   Track yourself. To what degree are you exposed to and buying into the psycho-social, chemical, electromagnetic, political, economic and RELIGIOUS manipulation of your consciousness?

c)   Stop feeding the fear by eating meat. Whenever you are tempted to do so take a moment to remind yourself what it is to be alive and what the animal you are eating has lost.

d)   Ask yourself, are you assisting others to transcend? It’s not enough to forgive…you need to GIVE of yourself.

e)   Sun gaze. The light code transmission of the Sun will bring you back, via its transmission of the Source code, into your identity as a fractal aspect of Divine Consciousness, designed to give and receive love in all that you do. While sun gazing become aware of your breath, breathing deeply and saying to yourself or out loud – I am a conscious conduit of life eternal. Do this even when you are not sun gazing. At any time during the day or night become mindful of your breath, acknowledging each breath is a gift… a bridge to consciousness. Activate your circuitry through this awareness.

Practicing the things that bring us to the fulcrum point of understanding who we really are, and the potential of where we are headed, will calm your fear and bring you into your heart.

The core fear that is coming to the surface as a result of the cleanse initiated by circuitry reconnection is your past perception of the separation of death. If you strip down the sensation of panic you are going through you will find that this sense is being stimulated by your separation from the knowledge, understanding and acceptance of your divine immortal nature. The reason this is happening is because you have come out of the denial, on a deep level, that you are functioning in a mortal realm. Yes, you have known for as long as you were old enough to grasp the concept that death lay ahead of you and would take those whom you love, but this is different. Your definition of where death will lead you has been dissolved through the redefinition of God and the dissolution of the myths that have kept you from the truth of creation through the lies of religion. The new understanding of your immortal nature is in the process of downloading through the more intense fields of electromagnetic data connected via the ceremonies. This Source code information is finding ways to integrate its program into your bio-computer. This requires not only the dissolution of previous entrainment, mentally and emotionally, but also the physical support of this immortal program through the revitalization of the endocrine system that manufactures the biochemical signaling agents. All the various fractal systems are in the process of upgrading to accommodate a wider spectrum of light information in holonomic unison. What you are mostly experiencing is the cleanse. I can report that for several people (Jiva and myself included) there have been periods during which they have been overcome with the physical and emotional experience of their immortality; a sudden overwhelming wave of bliss and an embodied realization that they are a part of an eternal flow of life that does not begin or end washes over them. This is occurring as a result of the deprogramming that takes place when old patterns of belief are released through the reconnection to the true matrix of creation via circuitry. We will go into this and more in an upcoming newsletter on the 9th Ceremony.

The more real you become, the more unreal the world around you is revealed to be.

You are being driven into the hidden recesses of your fearless self to discover the innate keys to your liberation…to tap into the wellspring of your own courage and strength, a place in which it will soon no longer be enough to visit: you must begin to live there in every breath. The pact you have made with yourself is non-negotiable, your sense of self that was reliant upon the ordering of your environment to meet your addictive needs is faltering. The mask between yourself and the eternal is slipping. Your very presence at a Template Ceremony is an indication that you have made a sacred and unbreakable contract with your transcendent self.

Whilst unpacking yet another storage unit in yet another country I came across a project I began 18 years ago, to rewrite the runes from the perspective of what I was learning as a result of my exposure to the Template. We had only one ceremony then.

The Rune Hagalaz: Disruption.

The boundaries of your reality buckle beneath the weight of something it can no longer contain within the perimeters set by an outmoded belief system and limited sense of self, defined by the immaturity you are leaving behind. The seams of life tear to accommodate, as something new and ancient insists upon its birth. On a cellular level, codes are firing genetic information as existing codes that maintained a cellular denial of a greater identity until the time was ripe graciously give way. Your disguise falters as your masks slip and you find yourself well and truly deluded. You are coming out of denial.

This was written in 1995, 18 years ago. It is as true for Ceremony 1 as it is for the 8th.

The Rune of the Spiritual Warrior opens with:

The courage needed to crusade against the many injustices of this world age pale against the commitment needed to face one’s own shadow.

It’s a bummer, but that’s how it works.

Much love,

Juliet & Jiva




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