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Ascension / Saturday, August 29th, 2015

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By Wendy Ann Zellea

By now, many Lightworkers have become aware that they are living in a new energetic hologram, which began in 2013. Increasing numbers of people, experiencing this new energy, are bringing through messages containing information that will make the transition, into this uncharted territory, easier for others. Some channels seem to be saying similar things, but in different ways. There are reasons that a particular theme is brought through in many forms at the same time. Each of these messages has its own distinct pattern and essential value to the rapidly unfolding Ascension Process.

Beliefs that no longer serve, have been lingering around for hundreds and, in some cases, thousands of years. By holding on to these irrelevant doctrines, it makes it more difficult to create new ones. Operating systems are updated on computers on a regular basis, yet religions and customs that are archaic and no longer relevant, are still maintained and practiced. Very often, what many hold to be true is inaccurate, obscure, and based on misinterpreted translations of ancient texts. In addition, almost all accepted wisdom is based on ideas that were developed ages ago. Are contemporary humans incapable of wisdom? It is believed that the present culture is the most advanced state that humans have achieved; yet, it is dominated by systems based on ideas that are archaic. Much has changed in the world and now new ideas and beliefs are required that reflect the emerging consciousness. In the New Era, Lightworkers will grow into a fantastic reality, as awareness of their place in the universe expands.

Channeled messages come through the Higher Self, with the purpose of bringing new information that can be used to create updated belief systems. In order for this to happen, the message must pass from the Higher Self through the physical self, so it can be written or spoken. The person channeling must strive to maintain the utmost Light Quotient possible, so that the impeccability of the message is maintained and the essence preserved. There is no room for personal interpretation of a channeled message, for what is truly being brought forth are codes. Every letter in every language has a vibration. Each combination of letters that make up each word creates another unique vibration. The combination of all the vibrations make up the codes inherent within the language of the channeled message. The manner in which the message is presented can take many forms and it is possible to bring the same codes through, expressed in similar, yet unique, ways. There are times when different people channel the same information. Sometimes the codes are intended to be available to as many recipients as possible and other times, to just certain ones. Therefore, it is possible that a particular message is channeled by a person who is in communication with large numbers of people or another who perhaps is in contact with a smaller group, that are meant to receive a more advanced version of the code. Whatever the scenario, it is all as designed. The codes, which are the essence of the channeled message, are intended to be preserved, but the language and syntax may be varied. When this happens, inspiration is possible for those who hear or read the magical information that is being brought through.

The process of Ascension is not a contest. There is no comparing the level of enlightenment of one person to the next. The more enlightened a person is, the less they will feel the need to measure their progress. After all, enlightenment is only a measure the amount of Light a person is holding in their energy body and it varies from person to person. In any event, there is no judgment, for each person is on a unique personal journey.

The distribution of Light in each person also varies. For example, they might be holding a greater amount of Light in one portion of their energy body, than in another. Therefore, it is still possible to experience imbalances. They may have a highly vibrating Divine Feminine aspect and the Divine Masculine could be struggling. In many cases, the person may require the particular codes that are coming through in a message, for it is primarily the energy that is encoded in the message, than it is the words themselves

The responsibility of a channel is to receive information from the Higher Realms and transmit it to the Third Dimension. It is that simple. Many times, a person brings the same information through more than once. This is an important part of channeling, because timing is everything. The same message may take on new meaning at different times. This is why the wisdom of the Ancients still has relevance. “Look Within,” a quote that has surfaced many times, through the ages, has taken on a different meaning in the New Era, when it was realized that all Cosmic knowledge is recorded in the DNA of every individual. There is a powerful code in the phrase, Look Within.

The primary purpose of codes is to enhance and reprogram the DNA of those who are exposed to the messages, so that the Light Body of each Lightworkers will be compatible with the energy of the New Era. The same way that a computer receives upgrades to the operating system, Lightworkers are becoming more able to process higher vibrations of Light.

Fortunately, new information, pertinent to the evolving consciousness of humanity is being downloaded, or channeled and made available to everyone through the Earthly Light Beings who have devoted themselves to being channels. Just as the ancients had wisdom and knowledge, that was essential in their time, the New Era has an impeccable source of guidance being made available to those open to receiving it. The wisdom of antiquity is beautiful and spiritually invigorating and very well might have been channeled from the same Higher Beings that are currently sending pertinent information through the channels of the age. Ancient and traditional concepts, which are relevant today, have been preserved and assimilated into the New Era. Now the impossible must be imagined as possible, stepping beyond the apparent, to integrate miracles into ordinary reality. Only by doing so can Lightworkers advance beyond the mundane existence that the world has experienced for thousands of years.

Embrace the information that is being channeled. Step beyond science and the accepted spiritual and intellectual belief systems that have enveloped humans in the Third Dimension. Realize that you are much more than anyone ever thought they could be. Discover the messages that resonate with you, embrace them and feel your self gracefully rising to new heights in this process of Conscious Human Evolution.


Wendy Ann Zellea is the author of many books and numerous articles on Spiritual Growth. As an emissary of the Divine Feminine, she brings forth forth Ascension Messages from the Higher Realms.
SAVING ATLANTIS is her first New Era novel and the first book in an upcoming series to follow.
Wendy is a regular contributor to the Sedona Journal of Emergence and a featured author at Earth-Keeper events.



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