Changing in Times of Accelerating Change

Spiritual Perspectives, Zeitgeist / Sunday, September 20th, 2015


by Zen Gardner

Things change more than we think. Way more and in more ways, especially at this time of an exponentially accelerating awakening. But even when we’re aware of the underlying reality of constant change, we often reference new changes by our memory and perception of old changes and previous reference points.

The point is, we’re prone to judge change by points of attachment. That cannot be very accurate. Nor is it fully conscious.

I was shocked to realize how attached I am to my various “points of view” while I thought I really wasn’t. But that’s how the mind is wired, a passive reality lurking for activation that we need to be aware of.

The Subtle Reflex

Everything’s shifting and in shifting ways. As well as in a shifting perception of change. Quite the combination. What I realized for myself is that what I’ve been comparing to was an emotional imprint most of all. I was looking back to different periods of time in my life in comparison to what I’m going through now and how they affected me. I was conjuring up old impressions in contrast with a current experience.

I was doing this for whatever reason. Understanding, nostalgia, encouragement, measurement of some sort perhaps. There’s so much that flows through our minds as we seek meaning and definition.

But it really struck me realizing how I subconsciously use old imprints to gauge comparative changes. Not necessarily bad in itself as there’s no doubt something to learn, but I shouldn’t compare to times in my life when I was relatively unconscious. It happens less and less thankfully but it happens nonetheless. And in these times it’s all the more imperative to let go of such reflective-based thinking.

Our Vibrational Environment Has Changed

On top of that, these current vibrational changes are completely new, as am I. Recalling old imprints only reinforces my attachment to them. Perceiving in relation to an old perceived set point will only let me see so far. It’s sort of like comparing apples to oranges when it comes to perception shifts. They don’t compare and nothing useful can be derived from such an exercise.

Another analogy might be a rock climber who won’t fully let go of his gear attached to the lower rungs he made in his ascent. He’ll only get so far. As you go higher your perspective shifts phenomenally, but the climber won’t get to those really inspiring views without letting go of those lower footholds that got the searcher started.

Psychically these memory reference points are embedded in emotions and memory clusters. Very similar to the crystalline knots a massage therapist works out of muscle tissue that then have to be flushed from the system. Something to be aware of and unafraid to release.

Memory can be an anchor if we don’t treat it consciously.

Letting Go in a Shifting Reality..or Not

It’s all good…if we let go into this shifting reality. A lot of people are fighting it. I’ve been hearing this happening to folks from many sources for some time. We knew the shift was hitting, but as we get further into it and our noses are closer to the details it starts getting very personal.

I should hope so. But when it hits it can be a real stinker at first making folks doubt their experiences leading up to it – until we get a conscious handle on it.

Again it hails back to the mountain analogy where it’s easy to see the full mountain range from afar but up close to the big climb and vast range of mountains confronting us you get all caught up in the foothills and the real climbing work begins as you bear down on the climb ahead.

A total change of mind and perspective takes place.

It’s really ultimately a lifestyle shift. Or it should be. That’s what grabs the stubborn souls by the throat. If someone doesn’t budge and they keep refusing to acknowledge the evident Truths around them and then yield to those Truths by consciously making the needed changes in their lives according to their new found sense of reality it can be pretty tough. These include disengaging from the system more, letting go of unfruitful and hindering relationships, adopting a healthier lifestyle both physically and mentally, and preparing spiritually and practically for the upcoming economic and social storm.

As well as entering into the information fray to spread the awakening in any way possible. Without activation the awakening has not yet hit home.

Those who refuse to see this will not be peaceful people nor happy campers. You can spot them by their stress levels, and a fundamentally angry, confrontational attitude. They also vigorously put down anyone pointing out these evident Truths being made manifest.

You know who they are. Hopefully this will help spot them faster and better, as we don’t need to be subjected to their demeaning behavior or low vibrational interference. It’s pointless and energy sapping.

Defying the Control System

There’s really no reason not to disengage from the matrix, at least in stages. Those imaginary handcuffs of the mind are weaker than cooked spaghetti. It’s the habitual fear programming that keeps people from doing the obvious. The restrictions are all in the mind.

That’s the design, to paralyze humanity. It’s time to bust out. It’s simply a decision.

One of the real toughies has to do with relationships. There are many couples who have diametrically opposed attitudes and perspectives, leaving very lonely and isolated individuals feeling lost in spiritually unfulfilling situations that wear on them quite heavily. People do wake up all the time, but that type of situation I find particularly saddening and I know it’s taxing on both the individuals as well as our collective consciousness.

There’s no blanket solution, everyone has to go according to how they’re led. But if you’re in one of those relationships, always do everything you can to keep strengthening your spiritual convictions and conscious awakening which brings wisdom and most of all loving conviction. Some local meet up groups can be very encouraging for personal strengthening. The internet of course is the meeting place for most of us. I’m very blessed with an amazing partner who has gone through much of the same stages of awakening as myself and we now share every nuance together and can really talk about anything and everything.

I’ve also developed many wonderful relationships via the internet that’s an expanding, amazing community of awake, aware and loving souls that I’m so very privileged to know. I know that’s the case with many other people.

Our individual email communities are the seed and fruit of the awakening. Keep those going and move on to blogging and community activism in the form suited for you. Our united pulling together is creating a maelstrom of creativity and an amazing information explosion.

Keep on sowing and keep on growing!

A Time of Change and a Time to Choose

Overall, it’s a challenge, especially for those caught in compromised situations. Reach out to those in need. Don’t necessarily meddle, but be there for their encouragement and a listening ear.  Just letting someone know you understand and care is so very powerful. As things take shape in people’s lives more choices present themselves and as consciousness raises we’ll all know what to do, or not to do.

The awakening cannot be thwarted.

More often than not ours is to simply defy the system programming…disobey, disconnect and disengage from anything they throw at us. And love and support those awakening around us.

The rest will follow. It’s ours to simply respond.

No man ever steps in the same river twice. For it is not the same river, and it is not the same man.

There is nothing permanent except change.

– Heraclitus

Much love, Zen


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