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Spiritual Perspectives / Saturday, August 20th, 2016

Sun Beings


At some point in the near future the Sun will be changing its color spectrums going from yellow to full orange, and this will change the Sun’s corona.  There are vortex’s inside the sun that look like fire spirals which spin and rotate in funnels, this is what causes the emission of solar storms and ejects the CME’s to come out from the sun since the extra energies are released out in space.

There are ethereal light beings that live within the sun and their life force energy is connected to the fire vortex’s that power up the Sun’s corona.

The Star Traveler met one of the light beings that lives in the Sun.  This light beings name is Varia and she said that at some point the sun will emit a large energy burst from one of the CME’s and this process will send electromagnetic waves to Earth that will literally super charge those already evolving at rapid speeds and will evolve our DNA 100 fold.  Varia mentioned not to be afraid of this event and to harness these energies as they help to evolve the body physically to new molecular levels.

Human beings harnessing the energy of the electromagnetic waves being emitted by the sun, these waves change the molecular structure of the body and DNA so beings can rapidly start to evolve in building their light bodies.

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