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Alternative News, Earth Changes / Wednesday, March 15th, 2017

The world in which WE live today is a product of manipulation, by way of artificial scarcity, imposed poverty, perpetual war, and propagated fear, all of which are rooted in conditioned ignorance.

WE have more than enough food, water and land for all of us. This has been well established by reputable scholars and authorities (sources listed below), so there is no reason each of us cannot live in peace, freedom, security and happiness, and be left to pursue higher ambitions and goals in life. But instead, for thousands and thousands of years the common people have lived in different forms of slavery, while the ruling class have lived off of them like parasites.

But instead WE blame each other for our pain and suffering, when WE should be working together to overcome this unjust system. And make no mistake about it, the only way out of this clever system the so called “elites” have devised, is if WE work together.

For a potential alternative to the system WE have in place, please check out The Venus Project – Global.

You can also learn more at their website here ★

Bear in mind this is just a potential alternative. Over time WE can do better and create better, but for now, WE must at least take the first steps.

How you live your lifestyle and the choices you make is massively important. Learn a bit more here ★

Sources for above claims ★

UN states more than enough food ★

World Banks states enough water (PDF) ★

World not overpopulated ★

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LOVE, ONE Inner Light & a New Earth to EveryONE






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