Buddha’s Secret Teaching

Ascension / Sunday, August 17th, 2014

To be human is not easy! But Buddha found a secret that can help everyone to be more graceful and happy. He called this teaching the Three Jewels!

The first and most important Jewel is your Buddha Nature. It is not the Buddha outside. It is your own Silent and Infinite Consciousness known as Ku. You can only find this Silent Consciousness deep inside during meditation. It is your ground state, your most simple consciousness without any other distracting thoughts or understanding: just peaceful simplicity of awareness. Be quiet and let go of everything. In this simple state of silence you find your Inner Peace. This is the real Buddha.

The second most important Jewel is Dharma. Dharma is not a code of behavior. We find our Dharma when we go with the flow! Silent Ku wakes up and begins to flow with infinite energy and bliss. Dharma is energy in harmony with the universe. I would say that Dharma is your own Shakti also known as your Ki power. Listen to your heart! Go with your inner feelings, move with the energy of your heart, and trust the universe. This is the real Dharma.

The third most precious Jewel is Sangha or spiritual community. Your Sangha are all of your friends who are on the spiritual path! They give you support when you need it. They remind you to choose the spiritual way instead of the common way of mindless habit. The real Sangha are your closest friends who are there for you when you need them.

It is such a simple teaching!

No thinking! Be silently alert deep inside.

No control! Go with the flow and follow your heart’s most precious feelings.

No ego! Be with your friends and open your heart.

If you can master this, you will become a Buddha and find infinite joy and infinite success in everything you do. No more, no less! Just this!





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