Bob Fickes ~ Our Individual Personality and the Inner Master

Spiritual Perspectives / Tuesday, April 14th, 2015

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Our individual personality in this life is like a wave that has focused on this outer world for so long, that it forgot it was just the ocean playing as a wave on the surface. In reality our individual personality is just the Ocean expressing itself through this life. Our Inner Master and our true nature is really the Infinite Ocean of Consciousness. Our individual personality is only the wave on the surface. Because we cannot experience the Inner Master directly, we might think that it doesn’t exist. We think we are hopeless and limited without anything or anyone to help us. But the Inner Master is fully aware of what we are thinking and doing at all times. The Inner Master is our true nature and wants to help us in every way that it can.

At this time on Earth we have gone down the path of karma for so long that the entire world is in danger. But as the danger is building up, the solution is also rising with greater love and power than anytime in history. More people are on the Path to Enlightenment than any time in the history of the world. The light is getting brighter and the doorways between the dimensions are opening. There is more Cosmic Love coming into the Earth than any time in history. The Inner Master is waking up in many people around the globe and will soon be manifesting Enlightenment in all of those people. This is a remarkable time!

Once the Inner Master breaks through the outer shell of perception, the individual personality merges with the Inner Master and we gain Enlightenment. Enlightenment means permanent and Eternal Consciousness. Consciousness goes on forever and there is no more death to our awareness even when our body has died. The wave appears on the surface and then disappears, but the ocean goes on forever. All Masters never die they just disappear into the Infinite but remain Eternally Awake.

Ascended Masters can project their light body into the Earth dimension at any time so we can see them. Both the Master Jesus and Mother Mary have made physical appearances that many people have witnessed and were verified by the Church. Masters are always here behind the scenes helping us in every way they can. They are not allowed to interfere with our life or remove our karmic lessons, but they can help us to see what we need to see to clear the karma and discover new tools that we can use to improve our life. Masters are only tutors that help us to learn for our self.


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