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In our universe, everything is energy. And there is no division in that energy; it is formless, infinitely dense, and available at every point in the universe in unlimited quantities. Therefore, what is consciousness? And what is the origin of consciousness?

If everything is energy then there is no solidity anywhere, and it is from this infinite field of energy that all of creation arises. We have also discussed in black whole dynamics how this energy (the vacuum or space-time manifold) displays dual-torus dynamics which the universe repeats in a fractal pattern across all scales with singularity at the center of each connecting all things.

Yet there is one important principle here that we must consider in light of all this information: we are conscious. We have consciousness, and we in all probability are consciousness, as nothing is physical. Therefore if everything is indivisible energy, all connected at the most fundamental level of creation, then there is no separation between us and anything else in the universe, and thus we must be like what we can from.

In other words, because we are inextricably and unavoidably one with the infinite energy of the unified field, the fact that we are consciousness must mean that we are a mirror image of what we came from, meaning that the universe itself must be conscious too. We have consciousness because we inherited it directly from the field which we are an indivisible extension of.

Max Planck who we have indirectly referred to in previous articles by discussing the smallest vibration of the universe which he discovered, the Planck’s distance, is considered one of the greatest scientists to have lived. After many years of deep study in physics, and in his speech while receiving the Nobel Prize for physics, he observed:

“As a man who has devoted his whole life to the most clear-headed science, the study of matter, I can tell you as the result of my research about atoms this much: there is no matter as such. All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must observe behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.”

As we have explored together, could the dual-torus dynamics (as a result of the presence of singularity within the structure of space-time) be this force that Max Planck speaks of?  And could this simultaneously be the source of the mind (consciousness) that “is the matrix of all matter”?

As we have seen, the structure and dynamics of reality appear to be repeated in a fractal pattern on all scales of the universe resulting in scalar dimensions, or scalar divisions of infinity. And if these dynamics are all the universe does, on various scales, and if they are indeed the dynamics of the universe, if the universe is conscious then we must conclude or at least consider that these black whole dynamics are the origin of consciousness. Or possible more accurately, that they are the dynamics of consciousness.

The Origin of Consciousness

Could the origin of consciousness be the dual-torus dynamics of the vacuum? As we have observed in the nature of mind and our holographic brain it is clear that consciousness (and the mind) is independent of the brain. One simple proof is the fact that a small percentage of the population (about 1%) is conscious during deep anesthesia, some of whom can even remember the conversations carried on by the doctors while they were in surgery.

This would be impossible if consciousness, and thus the mind (because it is a function of consciousness) had its source in the brain because under deep anesthesia practically all higher brain functions are shut down which makes complex tasks such as remembering a conversation an impossibility … if it was a function of the brain to be able to do so.

Black Whole Dual-Torus Dynamics

Is it possible that the origin of consciousness is the perpetual feedback loop between infinite expansion and infinite contraction in the universe? Or that these dual-torus dynamics are in some way the dynamics of consciousness?

If this is true then the only thing that truly exists is consciousness. And at all scales of the universe these dual-torus black whole dynamics create fractal reiterations of the universal consciousness which are holographic expressions of the whole.

If everything is energy, and if this vacuum energy has specific dynamics and a specific structure (which you will soon see), then logically shouldn’t consciousness also arise as a function of the energetic dynamics of creation? Because as we have seen, everything is energy, and consciousness doesn’t arise in the brain, therefore our consciousness must be in some way inherent to the dynamics of the field.

Therefore, according to the HFU model the origin of consciousness and these dual-torus dynamics are inextricably linked. Either consciousness produces these dynamics, or these dual-torus dynamics are the origin of consciousness, or, what is most likely in my mind, is that these dual-torus dynamics are the dynamics of consciousness.

If this is true, then at your center you have a singularity. And the origin of your consciousness is a black whole. You are a fractal expression of the universe because you are consciousness, and if Nassim Haramein’s HFU model is correct, then you and each and every one of us are black wholes. This is the origin of our consciousness, and this is how we are holographic expressions of the universe.

Through each one of us we have available all of the information and energy of the universe. At our center we are singularity and thus we are one with all else in the universe.

This is another suggestion of the scaling law for organized matter which we discussed inBlack Whole Dynamics. A point of interest is that if you graph the frequency vs. radius of the biological resolution of the universe – the microtubules within cells (which oscillate between 1011 – 1014 Hz) – on the graph, not only does it land directly on the line, but it lands almost at the exact center of the line, directly between the largest and smallest resolutions of the black whole in our universe. And keep in mind that the relationship between the mass and radius of the cell, obeys the Schwarzschild condition for a black whole because it lands on the line (Black Whole DVD).

In other words, you are the event horizon of the universe.

We all are. When we look through a microscope, what do we see? Spheres. Atoms, electrons, protons, quarks, cells, and so on. And when we look up to the sky at night through a telescope, what do we see? Spheres. Yet from our scale of observation we are witness to the most magnificent and beautiful unfolding of creation where the vibrancy of life and creativity of the universe is expressed most clearly, right on the even horizon between the two infinities of our universe.

We are the event horizon of the universe, and at our center we have a singularity which connects us to the rest of the universe, our energetic heart center. And it is the contention of the HFU model that the dynamics and origin of consciousness within humans is the dual-torus black whole dynamics occurring in our local field as the result of singularity at our center.

All ancient traditions reiterate that “the universe is within you.” Moreover, they state that when we look within ourselves, such as through meditation, we discover the universe within us, and we discover that we are connected to all things.

As we have seen scientifically, wouldn’t this very phenomenon occur because we have singularity at our center? As we turn our attention inwards through meditation, we collapse towards singularity. And interestingly, through consistent meditation you can actually feel this collapse naturally.

When we turn our attention inwards through meditation, what is the byproduct? Stillness.Inner peace. Energetic abundance, and connectivity with all things. These are the benefits which meditation has been said to produce for thousands of years. Interestingly enough, those are also the qualities of the singularity: stillness, silence, infinite energetic density, and oneness.

If this is true, then not only is everything in the universe which has these dynamics conscious on its own level and at it’s own scale, but the universe itself is not only conscious, it is consciousness.


This article is the third article in a series exploring the Holofractographic Model of the Universe, a promising unified field theory postulated by Nassim Haramein which after many years of suppression by the scientific community is now gaining weight in the scientific community. Visit the table of contents for this series on the page The Holofractographic Universe.


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