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New Science / Sunday, November 29th, 2015

Galaxy Man

“Shut up and calculate”

… OR …


No, be still and contemplate. The new physics, QBism offers a way to put yourself in the picture.

Personally, I choose to believe that I can make my own reality if only I can remove from me the conditioning of this culture.

Ought we believe that a chance as a probability is actually completely determined? For instance that any particular chance really is on a “bell curve” of “normal distribution” of random outcomes… that in fact there is no real chance occurrence. This seems so consistent that once educated, most believe there is underlying deterministic law governing individual occurrences of an event.

So, chance is regarded as inconsistent with causal determinism and with physical or mechanical determinism.

In his lecture at Zurich in 1922, Erwin Schrödinger argued that the evidence did not justify our assumptions that physical laws were deterministic and strictly causal. Schrödinger taught that there is fundamental chance in the universe:

Indeterminism in Physics
“Fifty years ago it was simply a matter of taste or philosophic prejudice whether the preference was given to determinism or indeterminism. The former was favored by ancient custom, or possibly by an a priori belief. In favor of the latter it could be urged that this ancient habit demonstrably rested on the actual laws which we observe functioning in our surroundings. As soon, however, as the great majority or possibly all of these laws are seen to be of a statistical nature, they cease to provide a rational argument for the retention of determinism.

If nature is more complicated than a game of chess, a belief to which one tends to incline, then a physical system cannot be determined by a finite number of observations. But in practice a finite number of observations is all that we can make. All that is left to determinism is to believe that an infinite accumulation of observations would in principle enable it completely to determine the system. Such was the standpoint and view of classical physics, which latter certainly had a right to see what it could make of it. But the opposite standpoint has an equal justification: we are not compelled to assume that an infinite number of observations, which cannot in any case be carried out in practice, would suffice to give us a complete determination.”

Quantum Physics Debunks Materialism?

Materialism has been dead for decades now and recent research only reconfirms this and goes even further, as this video will show. It ends with a brief introduction to the Cosmic Conscious Argument for God’s existence.

RE: Indeterminism in Physics, Erwin Schrödinger presented this paper on the 16th June, 1931 to the Congress of A Society for Philosophical Instruction in Berlin. Pierre-Simon Laplace (1749–1827) was probably first to propose a calculus of probabilities as universal law that determine the motions of everything of astronomical objects to atomic particles.

We are about possibilities… perspectives, observations, deductions, reason, and more possibilities. Is it a maze? No, I think not. It is a dream. It is akin to multiple personality disorder (dissociation – dissociative identity disorder). Getting in touch with reality requires spiritual progress. Any information provided here is offered for entertainment purposes only. Discernment is always required.


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