Ayahuasca – Guide to Good Practice

Entheogens / Sunday, December 7th, 2014




To further promote the discussion about ethics, responsibility, safety, the work frame in which these plants are used and best practices for people who organize and conduct sessions, ICEERS would like to contribute a second version of a document that is open for suggestions and improvements, intended to serve as a guide for the implementation of safety measures. Our vision is that one day these tools can be used by all of those who could benefit from them, in a safe and responsible setting. To facilitate this possibility, advancing the debate on best practices is a key objective.

The attached document is a compilation of good practices related to contexts in which ayahuasca is used. It may be of value for people who organize and lead ayahuasca sessions, but also for participants of these sessions, so that they have better criteria to foresee the safety and responsibility of the place where they intend to take ayahuasca. For contributions and suggestions please contact us (aya @ iceers.org)

English > Download the document here: Ayahuasca-Good_Practice_Guide_ICEERS2014.pdf

Español > Descarga archivo aquí: Ayahuasca-Guia_Buenas_Practicas_ICEERS2014.pdf


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