Awaken the Divine Feminine in microcosm & macrocosm now. by Sarah Isabelle Marie

Spiritual Perspectives / Tuesday, March 10th, 2015



The divine feminine is the goddess is in all traditions, and has been since the beginning of time. These traditions are a mystical, magical, powerful, part of primal Mother Earth. They symbolize balance and healing, renewal and restoration. Sophia is a very ancient form of the Goddess of Wisdom.

All of us have a piece of ourselves in polarity, we exist in the dark as well as the light and during these times of shedding our skin and letting go of the past, the shadow parts of us are calling out to be healed and resurrected, it is either love or a cry for it.

We all dove into the dark, for even the shadow bring with it, it’s gift, and when we begin to see them as a gift, we reveal the hidden blessing that they carry, and that blessing grows into wisdom for our soul. When old wounds arise to the surface, we can either chose to project them onto others by repeating the same subconscious pattern and not discovering the actual causation of that wound and shadow, and thus we repeat the same lesson over and over, until we wake up and begin to look inward.

Or we are conscious on our path, aware of who we are as multi-dimensional beings, as we dance with both the dark and the light, for we are integrators of polarity, and we have chosen to do this great work of alchemy. We came to Earth carrying within our being and consciousness various expression of star lineages and races to bring that divine piece back to this body of Earth, as the intention of creating

Gaia was meant to be a genetic library to contain all of the information of all of the races and species that exists within this uni-verse and beyond, in one body, as her body is a christed body, and we are christed beings, not by any kind of religious term, but by the divinity and 12 strands of DNA that is the make-up of a christed, human divine being.

Many of us may call ourselves an Indigo, Starseed or Crystal Child, and we are, as we agreed to incarnate into the third dimension, bringing and anchoring “home” back onto her body, as through us, being the acupuncture point of Earth, higher and higher frequencies were then able to stabilize and be carried throughout the planetary grid system. One must not look for “the event” out there, but to come to a greater realization that we are the event, we are the shift and the change, and it is occuring through the smallest of molecule within our physical bodies.

We merge with the dark only to have it catapult us into the light, and we go through a process of constant death and re-birth, as we expand our heart and soul and stretch our wings beyond the cocoon, as we fly off with the company of those whom roam with freedom and truth beneath their wings, and we reach out a hand to carry our fellow man, woman and child, for we are never separate, ever. We are one heart, one soul and one body.

Sanctify the Holiness of your Feminine Nature
call down the moon and breathe in the sun
for you are the power and brilliance
of all of these wonders
Gail Swanson

In Love & Service
Tony.’.Celestial Trance Christos


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